Day 692, The PERMA Happiness Model

Transitioning lowered my JV Life Tracker scores and my mood.  Saturday afternoon, I reviewed the PERMA Happiness Model that is gradually lifting me up during a trying time.  Continue with this blog entry to examine the model yourself.
While transitioning, I lost my balance on the fourth day, after the second missed dose of Imipramine.  I hit my head against the walls of our condo.  To get around, I started using my husband’s walker.  I called Mom.  She said to call the doctor.  I left a message with the nurses, and one called back.  She said she would get in touch with my doctor and call back.  I am waiting for the call.
I generated a mindmap of what to do today in my Aspirations spiral notebook.  First, how was I to take the library book back that is due today?  I called my neighbor and left a voice message.  She called back and said she would return the item mentioned above and a video.  Praise her.
Then I started the laundry—a massive batch of washcloths.  I like having so many.  I ordered 60 from, and we have 24 from a previous order.  There are even more uses for them now.

Friday Afternoon

Early in the afternoon, my neighbor came for my library material.  In the heat, she returned them to the library for me.  Terri, one of the nurses, called back and said to continue the taper as planned.  Our cosmetologist arrived with her chihuahua.  She manicured my husband’s fingernails and toenails and shaved him.  My nails she cut and polished too.  Before she left, she also lifted the patio chair the wind had knocked over, and showed me how to Clorox the washcloths.  (We laundered them a second time.)
My balance seems to be a bit better.  However, I have not tested it much.  Looking at my JV Life Tracker scores, they have gone down a bit since this transition period started.  However, they are not as low as April and early May.  Maybe, I can sail through this period.
Last night, though, I had a sugar binge.  The air-conditioner company gave us a dozen cookies as a thank you gift.  I ate half a dozen last night and finished the second half this morning.  Last night, I also ate the brownies my neighbor gave me.  “Shame on you,” she said after I told her I ate them.  I do not feel shame as much as disgust.  I was planning to give the cookies to my step-son and his family–maybe the brownies too.  I did not need them.  However, I am a sugar addict, and now I must deal with my addiction again.
The best way to deal with sugar addiction is not to have sugar available.  I was reading a library book last night, and it said something about cookies.  That triggered me.  I hope I am not triggering you.
What can I do to get myself back on track?  I am still suffering a balance issue.  However, I am still writing.  That is probably a good thing.
After folding washcloths, I am a bit fatigued.  There are so many; I am not sure where to put them all away.  I need to reorganize the linen closet.  I am not up to doing that right now.

Saturday Morning

This morning I learned that I gained a lot of weight (1.5 kg) from the sugar binge–more remorse.  I can get back into my routine.  That will help.
Let me do my gratitude practice.
Preparing For My Day
5-10 things I am grateful for:
comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
What limiting belief can I question today?
Okay, considering I am in a medication transition.
Okay, considering I am in a medication transition.
I posted 7 blog entries so far in July 2020.
I scored JV Life Tracker every day since June 7, 2020 (41 days), averaging 168 points daily.
I have 100% on all five activities for my Top 5 since June 7, 2020.
That helps!
With my balance still off, I have decided not to go to the library this morning.   If I fell, the walk would not be worth it.  Tomorrow may be a challenge too.  By Tuesday, I will have made the transition from one medicine to another, however, and likely everything will be fine.
In the meantime, I will walk around the condo.
My blood pressure is up this morning, probably from the low potassium/high sugar intake yesterday.  Sugar messes everything up.  I intend to overcome my sugar addiction again, pronto.
Seconds ago, I spent 12 minutes on the Denneroll, a device my chiropractor gave me to eliminate the subluxations in my neck.  It is not comfortable.  However, it is bearable for a time.  I used my new Android to time it.  After 90 days of his chiropractic treatment, we had reduced my neck subluxations from 5 in 7 vertebrae to 2 in 7.  We have not yet evaluated it for the last six months of treatment.  That will happen before long.  Wish me the best.

Saturday Afternoon

Minutes ago, I received an Instacart delivery of some items we missed during our last shopping experience.  The new Android has the Instacart app on it and provided notification of when the shopper was arriving.  The gave me enough time to get my shoes on, so I could greet her at the main door of the building.  It worked out perfectly.  Okay, maybe it was not perfect.  I forgot to put on my mask.
I am feeling better than I did this morning when I was a little down.  Let me share the PERMA happiness model.  Click on the picture to see an enlargement.  
This PERMA happiness model is expanded to apply to me.  Tailor the model to your needs.  I aim to experience Positive Emotions.  Today, I did activities of gratitude, generosity, and mindfulness.  Presently, I am attempting to create flow by focusing on my blog.  For creativity, I am trying new techniques.  This way, I am amplifying my Engagement.  To build my Relationships, I called Jacque, my tried and true friend, this morning.  A devout woman, she is recovering from a stroke but was still able to say a prayer for the two of us over the phone.  For Meaning and Purpose, I am reviewing this happiness model and reflecting on my friend’s prayer.  For Achievement, I am checking on my JV Life Tracker and Top 5 scores and savoring a small win–getting the Denneroll done.
This can be an easy model to follow.  Does it guarantee happiness?  I do not know yet.  It seems to be helping today during my medication transition.


Dear Lord,
Lord, I pray for Jacque.  At 88, she will not likely recover quickly.  Bless her with peace.
The happiness model I retrieved today is worth some attention.  I found it in Randy Taran’s Emotional Advantage, a book I recommend to all my readers.  It provides strategies for dealing with all emotions, positive and negative.
Lord, I regret eating the cookies.  Now, I have more weight to lose.  However, I am not going to let that get me down.  I have come this far, and I intend to keep going.  I have:
  1. 279 blog entries published on
  2. JV Life Tracker published on Google Play
  3. Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood! available to anyone who wants to download it
  4. KaeLyn’s Korner Kitchen on Amazon
  5. Scarlet Night on Amazon
  6. the prequel to Scarlet Night, Lisa’s Light and Hope, for free on this blog
  7. Emotional Wisdom also for free on this blog
I want to do, even more, Lord.  You have advised me to write, and so I will, as long as I am able.  You guide me along the right paths, as promised in Psalm 23, and I will follow.  Make me lie down in green pastures, Lord.  Set a table before me in the presence of my enemies.  Let my cup overflow.
Bless my readers also.
P.S. The featured image shows my niece and me a few years ago.
If you would like to join me on this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.  If you wish to download a FREE copy of my ebook (with no need to enter your name or email), click on the book below.

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