What is the Secret to Feeling Less Nausea When I am Burning Fat?

What is the Secret to Feeling Less Nausea When I am Burning Fat?
When my carbs, including glycogen stores, and dietary protein wear off and all I have onboard is dietary or body fat, I feel nausea. What is the secret to feeling less nausea when I am burning fat? It could just be the “keto flu,” but is that supposed to last after several months on a high fat diet?


Fat burning can make me dehydrated. Drinking water relieves numerous ailments and can certainly be the first line of defense before trying any other remedy. However, water alone may not completely relieve my nausea.


Could it be that my body is trying to burn essential fat? Perhaps the answer is simply to eat. However, eating enough to relieve nausea can sometimes result in enough calorie intake to cause weight gain the next day. Sometimes I resort to eating carbs which relieves nausea, but that takes me out of fat burning mode. There must be a better way.


When I take acetyl-l-carnitine while fat burning, it relieves some of the nausea. Acetyl-l-carnitine crosses the blood brain barrier and fills the brain with a relieving feeling.  L-carnitine shuttles long chain fatty acids to the mitochondria, the power factories of the cells, making energy from fat more available. The brain relieving effect of acetyl-l-carnitine can wear off fairly quickly however. I could use something more lasting.


Using lipase, a digestive enzyme, while fat burning can reduce nausea. Dr. Joseph Mercola suggests this remedy. Lipase breaks down fat in adipose cells into fatty acids and glycerol, making body and dietary fat available for burning.


Ginger may reduce the nausea. It seems to help.

Moderate Diets

It could be that a ketogenic diet just doesn’t agree with me. Fat burning is a priority for me, but carbs are a quicker source of energy and needed for anaerobic activity. I don’t believe all carbs should be crowded out of the diet. I understand that too strict an adherence to a high fat diet can ultimately cause lean body mass wasting through the reaction chain of gluconeogenesis. This would not be a good thing for me.

The pendulum of popular opinion has swung from eating almost all carbs (Pritikin and Ornish) to eating almost all fat (ketogenic). I have used the Pritikin and ketogenic diets, but each was hard to stick with. A moderate approach such as the Zone diet has worked for me for over twenty years. Over that time I gradually increased my fat intake from 30% to about 50% of calories. That may work better for me than pushing fat consumption up to 70% of calories or more. I’m still working on finding the “perfect” diet. If you have ideas about comfortable fat burning for energy, feel free to post your comments.

 -KaeLyn Morrill
Certified Health Coach and Software Engineer

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