What is the Key to Outstanding Mood and Energy?

What is the Key to Outstanding Mood and Energy?

Let me start by telling you what it isn’t. If we are down in the dumps, our thoughts follow how we’re feeling. That’s called emotional reasoning, which is one of the deadliest things you can do while trying to improve your mood and energy.

Feelings are not the Truth

Feelings are not the truth. They follow our thoughts. Thoughts are first.  Then feelings.  The thought-feeling-thought-feeling cycle can become a vicious loop. We must elevate our thoughts above our feelings. Our feelings started with a thought, even though we may not remember that.

Meditating Can Help Us Improve Our Mood and Energy

So what is the way to break out of the loop?  Meditation can help. By reducing the frequency of our brain waves to alpha waves and getting us to focus consciously on our breathing, meditation can help us abstract our thoughts so we are not harmed by them.  Meditation can help relieve anxiety and depression, both of which are caused by harmful thoughts. Even five and a half minutes a day of meditation can be very helpful. You can record a custom guided meditation for yourself, or if you work with me, I can record one for you.

An excellent book is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. He describes the mind-body communication that embodies the above cycle and provides meditations to break out of it.

Rooting Out Cognitive Distortions

Once we lift our thoughts, our mood and energy start to follow. Giving ourselves distorted meanings for the events in our lives can sap our energy. Rooting out distortions can restore our good feelings and energy. One useful tool for rooting out distortions is on Facebook. It’s called Woebot. Woebot is a robot cognitive psychologist which will give you ample practice in rooting out cognitive distortions.  Are you not into AI?  You can refer to Dr. David Burns’ book, Feeling Good for the material upon which Woebot is based.

Cataloging Automatic Thoughts

Below is a table where you can catalog your automatic thoughts and supply rational responses. Don’t discount the power of your automatic thoughts. They lead to feelings and moods. A useful place to set up the table is in The Journal, a Windows program which is highly recommended for anyone who needs journaling as a form of therapy.  Enter your:
  • situations
  • emotions
  • automatic thoughts
  • cognitive distortions
  • rational responses
  • outcomes
into The Journal, and your rows will expand to fit your material. Even doing this once can greatly help you recognize cognitive distortions in your automatic thoughts and get them rooted out.
Daily Record of Dysfunctional Thoughts
Briefly describe the actual event leading to the unpleasant mood.
1. Specify sad/anxious/angry, etc.
2. Rate degree of emotion 1-100%.
Automatic Thoughts
Write the automatic thought(s) that accompany the emotions(s).
Cognitive Distortions
Identify the distortion(s) present in each automatic thought.
Rational Response
Write rational response(s) to the automatic thoughts.
Specify and rate subsequent emotions, 0-100%.

Avoiding Fortune Telling

One insidious cognitive distortion is fortune telling. When we’re down, we’re often convinced the future will turn out badly, when in fact we do not know the future. We have a negative feeling based on a thought which is so strong it may become a belief.  Our belief is strengthened further by our negative feelings which we then feel must be the truth. In fact, the feeling is not the truth. If we remember that, we can break the belief and change it to a more rational thought.

Avoiding All-Or-Nothing Thinking

Another cognitive distortion is “all-or-nothing” thinking where we often use the words ‘always’ or ‘never,’ which can again lead to negative feelings and strengthen beliefs that have no resemblance to reality.  ‘Always’ and ‘never’ generally don’t apply in real life. Many kinds of irrational thinking can drive down our feelings.

Using Medication and Supplements

What about medication?  Medication and supplements can help. A combination of cognitive and chemical support works best in resolving bad moods. Medications and supplements improve the balance of neurotransmitters. I use l-tryptophan, l-tyrosine, and taurine in pursuit of a happier, more motivated, more energetic, more relaxed mood.

A more thorough description of how amino acids improve the balance of neurotransmitters is described in my book Joyful Vibrance: Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood.  It is available as a free download for registering in my social network Joyful Vibrance Net.

Taking Action

Action can make all the difference.  Moving alone can lift our thoughts and energy. Try a creative dance like the Hawaiian dancer above. Choose energetic, uplifting music to accompany your moves. A useful tool for tracking our daily actions is JV Life Tracker. I use it virtually every day. Over time it has helped me complete major projects and keep on track with numerous smaller goals. This has improved my overall life satisfaction and the baseline of my mood and energy. I designed and programmed the app, so be sure to leave me feedback for future improvements.

Finding a Fitness Buddy

You may also want to find a fitness buddy or accountability partner on Joyful Vibrance Net. A fitness buddy can motivate you to be more active (activity alone lifts your mood and energy). A buddy also provides social companionship that relieves the feelings of loneliness that can drive down our moods. As an incentive I am offering new members two powerful gifts just for the work involved in registering:  1) health coaching by me personally for 14 days and 2) a free copy of my book Joyful Vibrance: Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood.  Take advantage of these tools, and you will be on the path to enhanced mood and energy and a transformed life.

Leaving My Testimony

Let me add my testimony. I have schizoaffective disorder which is on the spectrum between bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Because of the symptoms of my illness and my medications, I have had some major mood and energy challenges. Though I haven’t reached a state of perfection in my mood, I am generally more capable and functional than I was in the past. My feelings still take a dive sometimes, but I am not disabled by them.

I can see the feelings for what they are, the product of negative thinking. They do not portend the future unless I believe them. More and more, I am not believing my negative feelings. I can bring myself back up again through the tools I’ve mentioned. It takes work, but I am getting a greater understanding of how the mind and body work together. I believe I have the knowledge to help you. Let’s work together.

I offer you my blessings for your mood and energy.  May you have joyful vibrance!

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