Wednesday, October 3rd, Day Twenty-Nine, Meeting with the Management

Wednesday, October 3rd, Day Twenty-Nine, Meeting with the Management



Welcome to Day 29!  This is the travel log of our exciting journey.
The morning has dawned, I posted yesterday’s log, and I feel more rested than I have in several days.  I thanked my husband for giving me the gift of sleep and said I should give him a prize.
The prize was a kiss, along with a thank you.  He has accommodated my needs, and he does not even have his sleeping meds delivered yet.


We had our meeting with the management.  According to them, my husband is only allowed to have me as a guest for up to 30 days.  After that, in order to stay here, I must become a resident.  However, I cannot become a resident because I must be 62 or older, and I am almost 57.  They do not know of any exceptions in their covenants to allow for our situation.  They are going to research an alternate living plan for us in Grand Junction.
My husband is emotionally distraught over the situation.  I am too.  I want to stay here very badly.  Somehow though, this will work out for our good.  If we stay here, it is going to be very costly.  We may be able to work out a more economical situation in Grand Junction.
How do we get through all the stress of moving?  How can I keep this blog going during the move?   How do I deal with my freeway anxiety?  It is still possible they will grant us an exception.  However, we cannot count on it.  We are waiting to hear more.
In the meantime, let me think of what to do.  I ordered some items from Natural Grocers this morning.  I set the delivery to 2:00 PM, as we will be back by then from the Medical Center.  Now my husband is too emotionally worked up to get his labs done.  I just cancelled and re-did the order, setting it to deliver within an hour.
What can I do to feel better?  My first inclination is to eat, but that is emotional, stress eating–not good.  I think we will know by this afternoon what is going on.




We have to move out.  The director checked with his lawyer, and there are no exceptions.  They will not allow residents under 62 years of age.
My husband is totally distraught and crying.   I am not feeling too good about it either.  If you have followed this travel log, you know that my desire is not to move.  I want to stay here.  I thought it was just a matter of money.
I have been trying to arrange shuttle service to Grand Junction, but so far I have not found anything.  The travel agent at AAA was most helpful, but I followed up on both of her leads and there is no service or no longer any service to Grand Junction from here.
What should I do?  I may have to brave the freeway after all.  You can see the lengths to which I will go to avoid driving on the freeway, especially with my disabled husband in tow.  Maybe I should try that NLP idea for driving anxiety after all.  I am seeing my counselor tomorrow.  Perhaps she can take me through a guided visualization of a successful outcome.  Whenever I try to imagine it, I just think the worst.


I called a Grand Junction realtor I have been in contact with before.  He sent some property listings.  He is ready for us to go there, so he can show them.  He said properties are turning over faster than they were last summer.
What should I do about my Cadillac?  I debated over the options before and decided my best option was to bring it here, but getting two vehicles to Grand Junction could be a hassle with only one driver.  My husband thought we should still bring it here.  I need to think it over more.
If I need to go back to Utah, having my Cadillac would allow me to go and take some of my things such as my computer, but leaving my husband is not an option I want to pursue.



Speaking of a computer, I may be without one for a while, which could make it impossible to carry on this travel log.  I need a laptop, so I can carry on.  I may be able to use my USB drive and use a hotel computer.  Would that work?  Or is it time to buy a laptop?  My husband does not like me to be far from him.  The hotel computer would be too far away.
Costco has an HP Pavillion with 512 GB SSD and 16 GB memory for $1,000.  It can take three weeks to get.  Our trip will probably be sooner than that.
Maybe I can work with PC-Laptops to get something.  The only thing is that I cannot really use their warranty anymore, because I am so far away from their store.  They will not have that much hardware for that much money, and I may not get it any sooner.
I could get something used, but I shy away from used computers.  I almost bought a used MacBook once, but the used price was almost as much as the new price, and it was two or three years old, which makes a huge difference with a computer.
I am looking at some cheap computers.  They do not offer much in storage.  I may want to run The Journal on the computer rather than just off a USB.  I think I will need more than 4 GB of memory too.  How can I get a computer fast?
I am looking ACS in our town.  They have some refurbished systems, with 2 GB RAM.  That will not be enough.
There are too many options to consider today.


Perhaps the best option is to take a break on this travel log, while we are traveling.  That sounds ironic.  Rather, I could take notes by hand and enter them into The Journal once I have a computer.  I could possibly keep them in Evernote on my Android.
I could try using Google Docs and arrange the entries on my Google Drive.  I could even edit them on my Android.
Using a manual system in my “Be Strong and Courageous” journal may work out the best.
Just now, I ate beyond my calorie budget and it is not even 4:30 PM yet.  My husband and I are stressed out.

The Law

I thought of calling a lawyer to plead our case, and even googled a possibility, but we are small fry against a big fish.  Our property owner controls a lot of money and is very influential.  I do not think we would have a prayer trying to resolve this legally.  [My husband does not want to fight legally anyway.]
I prayed last night that there would be a “favorable outcome” to this situation.  There can be.  Staying here would require a large expenditure of my husband’s principal.  In Grand Junction, we can likely get by without doing that, even if we have to spend some money to move everything.
What is the best way for me to cope?  My husband does not want me to go back to Utah.  He is very adamant about staying with me.
I told him he was making Adam’s choice.  I am Eve, getting kicked out, and he is choosing to leave also, so we can stay together.
I want to stay with him too, even though it has been very challenging so far.  Fortunately I am not as tired today, and my husband’s sleeping meds arrived from the local pharmacy.

Another Possibility

We just called my husband’s son, the one who arranged for him to be here originally.  He said he would look for other options for us in the Denver area.  That may be better than Grand Junction.  It would be more expensive, but we would not have to travel so much.


My husband fell again in the bathroom and had to go to the emergency room at the hospital.  I stayed with him for hours, then left him to get some sleep.  He refused some of his treatment, so they said they would keep him until he sobers up.

Morning October Fourth

What an incredibly stressful day it was yesterday!  I could not keep myself from eating some leftover food before I fell asleep last night.

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