Wednesday, January 23rd, Day 141, The Game of Cronometer

Wednesday, January 23rd, Day 141, The Game of Cronometer



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
Today I started to see that Cronometer is really an exciting game.


My weight dropped 0.4 pounds from yesterday (to 124.4 pounds).  I did a great job of using Cronometer yesterday.  I stayed within my calorie budget.  My food composition was also favorable.  Now I just need to stay the course.  I was hungry last night before I went to bed.  However, my hunger was not the overpowering hunger that forces me to eat.  I was able to get to sleep okay.

Reflections on Yesterday

I have been up for about 80 minutes, and my husband is still asleep.  I am at peace. Yesterday was a breakthrough day.  I am not the sort of person who will brutally insist on her way at all times.  I am not like that.  However, it is important to at least be able to say no.

JV Life Tracker

I just scored 9 points in JV Life Tracker for yesterday.  The day before I got 12 points.
I have now posted my blog every day for a solid week.  I am starting to think about promoting my blog.   I have written 190,511 words so far in this book/blog/journey.  It is too big to fit into a paperback, so maybe instead of becoming a book, it is just going to be a blog.


My husband vomited again this morning.  I spent some time cleaning up the mess.  Fortunately, I was able to catch most of it with the bathroom waste paper basket.  Unfortunately, the basket was not lined with a trash bag!  Now my husband is resting.  I gave him some fresh clothes, and he just put on his sweat pants.  Wow!  What a job I have signed up for!


I ate 431 calories for breakfast.  If that could hold me until lunch, that would be great.  However, my track record says no.  I usually need more than 500 calories between breakfast and lunch, probably because I typically wake up early in the morning.  We will see how it goes today.  The change in my food composition (to 50% fat, 30% carbs, 20% protein) may make it easier for me to control my appetite.


It is 9:18 AM.  Maybe I can do a meditation before my husband calls me again.
I managed to get through my meditation without interruption.  I have decided to let go of playing the piano beautifully.

Singing and Dancing

Maybe I could change my meditation recording to say something about singing and dancing.  I danced briefly for my husband this morning.


If I felt like I could leave the condo right now, I would take a walk in the hallway.  Instead, let me keep tabs on how my husband is doing for the next while.  I may be an overly attentive wife, but I know that is one thing my husband likes about me.  When I ask him if there is anything I can do for him, he usually says, “Stay close.”  He does not even like me to shut the door of this office while I am working in here.


I probably should get groceries ordered.  There.  I ordered groceries without bothering my husband about them.  I usually have him approve each item.  I ordered the deli meats he likes, but cut back on the amount because last time, we had more than needed.
I am still feeling rather glum.


Right now, I am reluctant to even get in the shower.  Let me go check on my husband.  He is probably asleep.
He was either asleep or trying hard to be that way.  I had a 152-gram drink of V8 juice.  I can probably get a shower now.  Sometimes I ask myself, what is my confidence level that my husband will not need me for the next 25 minutes?  I am about 95% confident.  I think I will bet on a shower.
However, if the groceries come early like they did the other day, there will be a problem.  I had better wait until after they come.  My hair is starting to look like I already had a shower!  It will have to wait.
[I waited and was able to shower later in the day.]


I found out today that raising my sodium levels will lower my lithium levels and vice versa.  If I have a really low sodium intake, my serum lithium level will go up, and I presume that could even contribute to feeling nauseous.  The best strategy is to keep my sodium intake the same day after day to avoid fluctuating my lithium level, which is best left constant.  That still leaves me wondering:   what is the best sodium intake for me?  I know using too little is uncomfortable.
Cronometer recommends an intake of at least 1300 milligrams and no more than 2400 milligrams.  According to Cronometer, my average daily intake for the past 15 days is just less than 3,000 milligrams, and that is probably under-reported.
1300 is probably way too low for me.  I probably need at least 2,000 milligrams, but that is just a guess.  Is 3,000 milligrams about right?  Or am I eating too many TV dinners, too much V8, and too much deli meat–foods that are high in sodium?


I understand that potassium intake should be high if sodium intake is high.  For the same period, my average daily potassium intake is 3831 milligrams, making my potassium/sodium ratio okay (according to Cronometer), but a little low.  3831 milligrams is less than the RDA for potassium, but it is still hard to achieve.  If you have ever tracked it yourself, you will probably find that to be true.
So what is magically going to give me all the energy I need and help me feel great?  If you are a dietician, perhaps you know the answer to that question.  Maybe you do not.  The lithium intake makes the puzzle a bit more of a conundrum.  Getting enough potassium seems to help my energy level and my blood pressure, so I think I should definitely keep working to get enough.  I have a great potassium supplement, km Mineral Supplement, but it is a little expensive and taking too much of it at once can make me feel sick.  So even working on my potassium intake is a balancing act.  I love potassium-rich foods, but most of them are high in carbs, so I have to fit them into the carbohydrate portion of my diet.

Setting Cronometer

I think I am going to custom-set Cronometer to make 2400 mg of sodium be 100% of my needs and make it go red if I get more than 2900 mg.  If you are a dietician, you may balk at my doing this because sodium has been vilified for years.  However, low sodium is just as dangerous, as many people are finding out.

Keeping Tabs

Now of course, this is a guess.  For more data, it would probably be useful to resume my practice of taking my blood pressure daily to see how it responds to this.  I may also want to gauge my energy and electrolyte levels from Cronometer from the day before.  Let me make a table.
BP sys
BP dia
Energy AM
Energy Afternoon
Energy Evening

Thursday Morning

It looks like my sodium for yesterday was a bit high, and my blood pressure is too.  I took a half pill of blood pressure medication this morning.  I will keep tabs on this table for the coming months.  I have not measured my blood pressure in a while.
Even Better Weight
The good news is that I lost 1.1 pounds since yesterday!  I ate 45 calories under budget.  My budget is set for me to lose .5 pounds a week.  I now weigh 123.3 pounds.

My Game

So now, Cronometer is the game I play.  Minding the calorie budget is probably the most important object of the game for weight loss.  However, macro-nutrient composition matters too, even though I do not have to be exactly on the projected numbers.  Balancing the four balance indicators can help my overall health, so I always watch them.  Yesterday, I got enough fiber, and I think that helped me eliminate comfortably.  Getting all the nutrients in the appropriate ranges is an object of the game too, though I missed a couple.  I ate too much sodium, even for my relaxed requirements.  I aim to get even better at Cronometer and play to win.
This may be the first time I have considered Cronometer to be a game, rather than just a tool.  Games are what people get passionate about.  Logging food and exercise and checking the numbers is actually playing a game.  Selecting food choices and amounts that improve the numbers is key.  Balancing competing goals is also a strategy.  There is not just one score; there are many scores in Cronometer.  Learning how much attention to give each score is part of getting successful at the game.


I just took my energy supplement cocktail.  I resumed taking it a week ago.  I am out of lutein and zeaxanthin, but they are on order and will arrive early next week.


I took a walk in the hallway this morning.  I visited with a couple of the neighbors.  They are talking to me more freely now.  That is encouraging.  I do not know that they consider me friends yet, but I will keep working on that.  The important thing is for me to be their friend.

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