Wednesday, February 20th, Day 169, Self-Acceptance

Wednesday, February 20th, Day 169, Self-Acceptance



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
My husband went out with me for a walk this morning.  He is consuming less wine and is doing much better.  I am encouraged.  My prayers are being answered.

Images and Memorization

For the last six blog entries, I attached images.  I plan to continue doing that.   When coloring pictures, I like to use my logo colors.  Last night, I used Kevin Horsley’s numerical memory technique to memorize my logo color numbers, something I had not been able to do before.  I put the six code words in The Journal next to the six numbers and attached an absurd picture from Google Images that would help me remember the code words.
I am glad I have been able to make use of Kevin’s memorization technique.  It requires some practice, but it gets easier with repeated use.  He used the technique to memorize pi to a huge number of decimal places.  I have found practical uses.  I memorized my bank account number using four code words, and some time later I made a deposit, without even looking up the number.  The technique gave me the confidence to do that.


The weather has been very cold, so I have not taken the errand trip I planned yet.  I did talk to the man who lives on my floor who goes to the rec center.  He invited me to come with him.  I know, it probably looks like I am looking for an excuse to not drive, and I am.  If I beat myself up about it though, I am even less likely to go.

Self-Image, Self-Worth, and Self-Acceptance

I have been thinking more about self-esteem, self-image, self-worth, and self-acceptance.  Attaining joyful vibrance is probably not likely if these things are not addressed.  My friend Jacque suffered a very sad childhood.  Her father was an alcoholic, her mother abandoned her, and her step-mother was very cruel.  She discovered her self-worth through studying the Bible, where she found Christ and experienced His love.  She later memorized whole chapters of the Bible and still recites them at age 87.
If your religious background emphasizes a lot of rules and punishments, you may have trouble experiencing the outpouring of love Jacque did.  Finding a group of people who understand God’s grace can change your perspective.  Understanding God’s grace can improve your self-acceptance, once you know that God has forgiven you and accepts you.
Thursday Morning


I am getting good at maintaining my weight, but the scale has not budged down very much.  I weigh 56.3 kilograms.  My main focus now is getting my entire food and supplement intake logged into Cronometer.  Yesterday, I ate 101% of the RDA of potassium.  My average potassium intake for completed days since January 7th is now 96% of the RDA–the highest it has ever been.
Let me see how that has affected my blood pressure.
My blood pressure is 126/88.  That is still okay, especially considering I have not medicated it since February 16th.  I could still work at getting my sodium intake down.  It was 3239 mg yesterday.
So how do you keep your mind from telling itself that you are worth nothing?   How do you keep yourself from believing that?  This is quite a conundrum because I have fallen into this trap over and over again.

Affirmation for Self-Acceptance

I selected a new affirmation this morning, which I am putting in JV Life Tracker to be accountable to myself to do twice daily.  “I am happy with the way that I am!”  I sang the affirmation to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic,” while doing the dishes.  That generated my energy.

Neapolitan Shake

This morning, I made a chocolate-strawberry-vanilla shake, like I planned Saturday, and my old Vitamix handled it just fine.
222 g
whole unsweetened organic frozen strawberries
120 g
organic firm tofu
36 g
Orgain organic chocolate fudge vegetable protein
7 g
raw cacao powder
7 g
psyllium husks
2 g
white stevia powder
1 g
natural vanilla powder
Combine in Vitamix, add water to desired consistency, and blend until smooth.
The shake was very creamy and delicious, a good blend of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.  My husband liked it too.  It brought back happy memories.



Affirmation Path To Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth

I am happy with the way I am!  I am happy with the way I am!
You may argue that it is not good to be happy with the way you are.  I think it is.  Being happy with the way you are can help you overcome your inertia, as you feel your self-acceptance working for you, getting you moving.  If you are moving, your Success Mechanism will get you going in the right direction as you correct your mistakes along the way.  You do not have to have perfect direction from the start.  If you are simply moving, you can be happy with that.
As you move along, your Success Mechanism helps you progress towards your goals.  Happiness lies along the path, not just at the end of it.  Being on the path to your goals and moving along, gives you hope, a confident expectation of some future good.  If you value happiness (and I think most of us do) and affirm that being the way you are makes you happy, you feel self-esteem because you provide value to yourself (and probably others as well), just being who you are.  Knowledge of your progress, especially if you chart it, works its way into your self-image, and you feel consistent self-worth as you continue to affirm “I am happy with the way I am!”
Does it all work, just like that?  I challenge you to try it.
Do not make the mistake of thinking that making yourself unhappy about the way you are is going to propel you towards you goals.  That can derail you and even make you depressed.  You need to be happy with the way you are.  Your self-acceptance can make you a winner.


Self-acceptance is not the same as complacency.  When you are self-accepting, you are moving rather than stagnant.  Self-acceptance is the opposite of self-loathing.  Hatred, when directed towards yourself, makes you an enemy of yourself.  Be a friend instead and encourage yourself by noticing what you are already doing that is working.  If nothing is working so far, point out your potential for doing things that work.  Look towards the next target.  Gaze at your vision board(s).  Score your top activities in JV Life Tracker.  Do EFT tapping.  Update your meals in Cronometer to see how nutritiously you are eating.  Relax yourself in meditation.
Then go scrub that bathroom, prepare that meal, or run those errands, etc.  Get moving, but do it from a position of self-acceptance rather than self-loathing.  Hating yourself will paralyze you.  It will not make you very good company either.
Sometimes when we get behind in our plans, even though everything has worked out so far, we start hating ourselves for not being on schedule.  How often have you heard someone say, “I just cannot get anything done!”  Learn to give yourself credit for what you do, instead of thinking of what you have not done so far.
I set a goal to run some errands a few days ago and have yet to do them.  If I start feeling bad about not having them done, it is going to paralyze me into not doing them.  I need to activate myself when the time is right to go.  Right now I am working on my blog, so I will do that instead.  I do not need to be feeling bad about those errands, which are fairly low in priority.

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