Wednesday, December 26th, Day 113, Christmas

Wednesday, December 26th, Day 113, Christmas



Now that it is the morning after Christmas I can pause and reflect on how grateful I am that my husband and I are together again.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.


I finally have a few minutes to catch up my blog this morning. We had a beautiful, intimate Christmas day with lots of good food, music, and Bible readings. We did not have gifts to exchange, but this condo is a huge Christmas gift from my husband to us. My husband said it was the best Christmas Day he had had in a very long time.


My weight is at 124.9 pounds. I want to re-commit to my weight loss plans, keeping them in balance with the other challenges in my life.

Too Many People Sided with Me in Leaving my Husband

Through my recent experience, I noticed how many people sided with me in leaving my husband. It is all too tempting to give up on a marriage. However, to do so would have been very costly for me, financially and emotionally. I decided to give my marriage another chance, maybe many more chances, even though there is risk involved. There is some danger the same problem could occur again, but perhaps I could do the same thing again. Leaving the condo when I did was probably the best thing to do. My husband was pretty stirred up against me, even though he does not remember that.
The incident cost me some time and peace of mind and inconvenienced my friend Jacque during her busy Christmas holiday. I am going to give her a gold coin to hopefully help compensate for her generosity. She said she enjoyed the time I spent with her, and I think she did, but my three-and-a-half day stay required an enormous expenditure of energy from her, which added to the stress she already had around the Christmas holidays.


I am finishing a breakfast of almond/coconut milk, turkey breast, V8 juice, fresh apple and carrots, and a dried fig. I logged my meal in Cronometer.
I finished breakfast and cleaning the kitchen. I got dressed and called Jacque. She said I could come at 1:00 PM. I am looking forward to my visit.

Thursday Morning


Visit with Jacque

Jacque graciously accepted my gift. We had a wonderful visit yesterday. She gave me a teacup and a box of green tea.

More Sleeping on the Floor

I had some of the usual challenges last night. We slept on the floor again.

Need to Break My Sugar Addiction Again

It is still not quite 6:00 AM. I have a few more minutes to breathe before my husband wakes up. My weight went up again yesterday, so I am a bit disappointed in myself. I need to break my sugar addiction again. Our neighbor gave us a box of cookies for Christmas. I appreciate her generosity, but the cookies are not worth the calories. Just a few might have been okay, but she presented a 20-ounce box of assorted sugar cookies.

Plans for Today

Today I need to get through the laundry and the mail. I renewed my license for my online fitness buddy matching community
I am sipping on gingered lemonade and eating carrots.


Last night, I searched everywhere for the set of keys I had with me at Jacque’s. Fortunately, my husband was very understanding and did not get angry that I had lost our keys. He said, “We’ll fix it.” After much frantic searching, I found them in a pocket of a jacket I had forgotten I had worn after returning home.

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