Wednesday, December 12th, Day Ninety-Nine, So Many Things

Wednesday, December 12th, Day Ninety-Nine, So Many Things



This is my first morning in our new condo. We do not even have the Internet connected yet.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.


Yesterday, Local Moving LLC moved our possessions from our retirement community to our new condo. It appears they did a great job. They left our laundry soap, dish rag, paper towels, and a few other sundry items in our prior residence, but they packed and moved 99.9% of our things. We turned in our keys to the move-out coordinator. Almost immediately, the management removed my husband’s name plate from our front door. We also lost our ability to charge anything on my husband’s account in the club house.


We slept on the floor again last night, in the living room. Mattress Firm will be delivering our new Simmons plush Beauty Rest bed today.


It looks like the boxes have not been labeled very well, and they have not all been put in the correct rooms. I cannot find my bathroom scales or very many of the bathroom things. Oh, I found them. They were in the bathroom. My faith in the movers is restored. I am not so sure about my faith in myself. My weight is way high. We ate out twice yesterday, and as usual I cleaned my plate.
I am at Day Ninety-Nine, and my weight is higher than Day One. I could count myself a failure, but let me look at what I have accomplished lately.


I influenced my husband to purchase a condo, and we have moved into it. My name is even on the title.
I have helped my husband recover from a serious fall through the emergency room, hospital, and rehab center.
We have moved out of our expensive retirement complex into more affordable housing.
I have traveled back to Utah for my father’s funeral and burial and returned safely.
I have kept a blog since September 5th, almost every day.
I have made a new wonderful friend in Jacque.
I have renewed my most significant friendships in Utah.
I have visited with most of my family.
I have helped my husband reconnect with his son.
I have learned how to use Lyft and am no longer dependent on my car.
We have emptied out our residence of all our things and turned in our keys at the retirement complex.
We got a new 50” TV and now have a wall mount for it.
All of this is far more than I dreamed of doing three months ago.

Recreation and Mailbox

There are four recreation centers nearby. I understand that one will give you a membership just for living in this condo complex. I will have to find out more about that. I also need to figure out exactly where our mailbox is.
More Things To Do
My husband is sleeping right now. I would do a bit more unpacking, but it is still very early, and that might disturb him. I have not been able to sleep much. A huge list of things I need to do is racing through my mind. Soon I will make another to do list. I got everything on my November 28th and November 30th to do lists done already.

Morning Prayer

Let me say a prayer:
Dear Lord,
Gratitude for So Many Things?
I am so grateful I am here. I am so grateful for this laptop computer. We have accomplished the move. I even have my bathroom scales where I need them. Lord, we have so many things we do not have room enough for them all. Are the windows of heaven open or not? My husband loves me. As he said to someone yesterday, we probably waited too long to get married. Both of us are grateful however that we have a long history together. When things get rough, we know that we have made it through tough times in the past.
Internet and Bed
Lord, fill me with inspiration about the best way to proceed from this point. It seems that getting a bed to sleep in and getting the Internet hooked up are two high priorities. We have those things scheduled today. We will both sleep better once we have a bed. I have a queen set of sheets Mom gave me in my suitcase that is scheduled to arrive today via UPS. It is my understanding that UPS delivery people can get in the building, so they will put my boxes and suitcase right by my door. Comcast will arrive this afternoon. I am not sure just what they will be doing, but I can let them in to do their thing. They have probably been in the building before, so it will likely be no big deal. Once the Internet is connected, I can do things like shopping, my food diary, guided meditations, email, blogging, and banking. I will re-activate my virus protection for this computer as soon as I am connected to the Internet.
Jacque said the first things are to unpack are the bathrooms and kitchen. I have the bathroom mostly unpacked. When my husband wakes up, I can resume my efforts in the kitchen and finish up the bathrooms. I need to find a knife to help me open the boxes. I think my pocket knife is in a suitcase, which is buried behind a lot of boxes. I like to keep my pocket knife in my purse, but I took it out in order to get through airport security. I have some kitchen knives packed somewhere, but in which box? I need a knife to get in the boxes that have the knives. You are not going to believe this! I just found the kitchen knives.
Perfect Weather for Moving
Lord, thank you for that. What should I do next? Before, I continue, I want to thank you for the glorious weather we had yesterday. I could hardly believe it was December. It was perfect: warm, clear, calm, and sunny. I actually got overheated. The movers loved the weather.
Thank you again. Amen.


I just took a walk through the first floor hallway. I found a newspaper outside at the front door. It had a number on it, so I walked it up to the fourth floor to deliver it. My husband is still sleeping away. I packed a pedometer in my things that will be arriving today. That will help me gauge how far I am walking. My first walk was rather short.
I am starting to feel sleepy. Maybe I can get some additional sleep.

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