Vision Ventures – Day 10 – Vibractivity

“Right now, I am attempting to balance my life back to more creativity, though that is challenging during a period of crisis.  Since rehab center visits are limited by COVID to one hour, I will have more free time for the next few weeks.  Vibractivity allows me to quantify my efforts.”
KaeLyn Morrill
Friday night, my husband exclaimed that he wanted to “go to the hospital.”  After months of trying to get him medical treatment for his persistent cough, I jumped at the chance and called 9-1-1.
We are lucky I did.  Doctors found blood clots in his lungs and legs, which could have been fatal.  My husband is now in the hospital, getting them treated.  His inactivity is to blame.  Today, I watched him undergo physical therapy.  We plan to send him to rehabilitation when he gets out.  Fortunately, he is responding well to the medications.


The added stress is spiking my appetite again.
It will not be long, and I will be in the hospital undergoing neuro-surgery to remove a cyst behind my left eye.  I will be in a different hospital than my husband in another city.
Last night, my neighbors invited me to dinner and paid for it.  We had fun.  My neighbor’s wife came over yesterday morning and helped redecorate my condo.  She remade my bed with new sheets, comforter, pillows, and shams.  It is beautiful.

Tuesday Morning

This morning I am walking again.  I aired out the condo, showered, and got some breakfast.  Should I visit my husband while my hair is still wet?  Our cosmetologist is coming this afternoon.  Will I have time to visit my husband before she comes?

Thursday Afternoon


Rehab Center

The week has gone by in a whir.  My husband is now in a rehabilitation center, connected with the retirement complex where we used to live.  I have not yet visited him today.  That will come later.

Decorator Condo

Our maid is here now, vacuuming.  Our condo looks more like a designer apartment since my neighbor redecorated it.  We also aired it out so that it smells less like a poorly-run nursing home.

Grocery Shopping

This morning, I grocery shopped with my neighbors.  My neighbor’s wife wanted me to get out more.  I signed up for a rewards card at the store, which I can use with Instacart.
The Instacart groceries arrived seconds ago.  Our maid has enough time to put them away.   Nearly done, she is doing a great job.  The groceries are done, and I have signed up for care services after my surgery.  I am ready to plan a visit to my husband.
I signed up to come at 5:00 PM for an hour.  Thankfully, that will not be my whole day or even my whole evening.

Love Versus Creativity

On March sixteenth, I resumed my Vibractivity (vibrant activity) log.  I am not yet covering 100% of my time with it.  However, I am making progress and have been happier and less anxious since restarting.  I plan to balance my love activities with creative ones.  When I spend a lot of time with my husband and friends, I have less time for my writing and programming.  I want to give each of my values adequate time daily.
Recently, love has received a great deal more attention.  Right now, I am attempting to balance my life back to more creativity, though that is challenging during a period of crisis.  Since rehab center visits are limited by COVID to one hour, I will have more free time for the next few weeks.  Vibractivity allows me to quantify my efforts.
The maid has gone home.  Everything is clean.

Sunday Morning

My husband is getting along okay in rehab.  Yesterday, the nurse commented favorably about him.  He is not trying to resist.  He wants to “get better.”
As for myself, I am struggling.  My house is clean, but I have not gotten control of my eating.  I suspect that the cyst behind my eyes is affecting the hypothalamus to increase my appetite.  Whether that will get better after the surgery, I do not know.  My surgeon said the operation could keep it from getting worse.
My weight gain has leveled off, so that is good.  It has been going up and down in circles for four weeks.  Though my anxiety level is high, I am not suffering from depression or mania, so there is no need for hospital treatment except for the surgery.

What Can I Do?

What can I do?  I have often been relapsing into distraction–ruminating about the past, wasting time.  I tried to remember someone’s name, spending way too long attempting to recall it.  Finally, while working on my blog, the name came to me.  Now that I know it, big deal.  I noted it in my journal and continued with my blog.
I plan to visit the neighbors this afternoon after seeing my husband.  I spent time with them yesterday and wondered if they wanted to do that two days in a row.  They said to stop being so concerned about how much of their time I am taking.
Now I have dressed, but since my clothes do not fit well, it is not very joy-producing.  It is nearly time to leave to see my husband.  I hope he is feeling well today.

Monday Afternoon


Beautiful Morning

This morning, I got the car lubed and received a chiropractic adjustment.  I walked from the automotive place to the chiropractor’s office and back.  The weather was beautiful.


After returning home, I worked on my Vibractivity log some more.  This time I assigned points to minerals for activities that accomplish any of the below:
1.        Express gratitude
2.        Cultivate optimism
3.        Avoid over-thinking and social comparison
4.        Practice acts of kindness
5.        Nurture social relationships
6.        Develop strategies for coping
7.        Learn to forgive
8.        Increase flow experiences      
9.        Savor life’s joys
10.        Commit to your goals
11.        Practice religion and spirituality      
12.        Take care of your body


I then ran a Trend report and assigned each mineral’s target to the average of all completed days.  That is a starting point.  As I add these minerals to more activity (food) records, I may adjust the targets.
You may wonder how I got twelve minerals in Cronometer.  I got fourteen!  In Cronometer Settings, under Targets, under the Minerals tab, I selected all.  I may think of additional activities that engender happiness and use up to fourteen nutrients.
Now I can see at-a-glance what types of activities I have done or not done from the above list.  Psychological research proves that these twelve pursuits increase happiness levels.  (See The How Of Happiness by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky.)

Happiness Formula

Sonja does not give a specific formula for how much of each activity you need.  However, you can design one using Vibractivity (Cronometer to track pastimes rather than food).  That is what I am starting to do.  The item I am weakest in is “Increase flow experiences.”  I can increase flow while working on my blog, so that is an excellent place to start.  I think doing so will increase my satisfaction level, as long as I still nurture social relationships (and the other activities listed above.)


Will this work?  Vibractivity already has an amazingly positive effect on my happiness level as I use it to connect with my values.  Adding happiness activities is a bit more complex, but not much.  I predict it will work out great.  Now that’s optimism.  Perhaps I can add optimism to working on my Vision Ventures blog!  Done.  It was that easy.


Today is the best day since last Monday.  Next week, I will have surgery.  I am finally dealing with the anxiety.
My husband is in rehab.  He is “getting better.”  I pray for the best.
I have two goals with Vibractivity now:  connect with my values and do activities that engender happiness.  My neighbors are encouraging me to follow a schedule.  Perhaps, I can work that in as well.
Compared to Sunday, I am more optimistic.  My expectations of rehab are not “through the roof.”  However, I believe something positive will come of it.  My husband is in a good place.  He may not be entirely happy, but he is compliant with the caregivers’ instructions.
Even if a cannot lose weight before the surgery, Lord, please enable me to do so afterward.  Please, remind me to get things done that have been piling up during my past weeks of anxiety.  With the kindness of my neighbor, the condo currently looks nice.  Please, assist me in making further improvements.  Please, bless my readers to understand my description of Vibractivity if they want to try it themselves.

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