Tuesday, September 11th, Day Seven, Magnesium

Tuesday, September 11th, Day Seven, Magnesium



Seventeen years after it happened, all is calm.  I have lost 5.6 pounds so far.  I have now lost not only what I gained since my wedding, I have also lost about half of what I gained between the time I came to Colorado and my wedding.
Wow! I feel a sense of achievement already.   On my small frame, 5.6 pounds is a lot.  I am so glad that instead of reading another diet book at this time, I started writing a diet book of my own.
I am drinking a significant amount of water.  I understand that is a good thing to do first thing in the morning.


I think I will start the day with my gratitude practice.  Here is my “morning directions and goals” template.
morning directions and goals
5-10 things i am grateful for:
1.  Life itself
2. My 5.6 pound weight loss in only one week
3. My faithful parents
4. My loving, admiring husband
5. Our refrigerator and cupboards full of nutritious, delicious food and helpful supplements
6. My healthy gums (they have not always been so)
7. Love itself
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
How can I be even happier and express joy?
mood and energy
How can I be even happier?
Great, except for a sore back and neck.
reason it’s important
next action(s)
I got my husband in to remove his stitches.
Health, Service, Relationship
I made a “gorgeous” soup that my husband absolutely loved.
Health, Creative cookery, Service, Love
Keep on cookin’.
I lost 5.6 pounds in one week.
Health, Health coaching, Appearance
Keep going!
My dental hygienist said my gums are healthy.
Health, Appearance
Keep mixing Roman chamomile, tea tree, lavender, and myrrh essential oil in toothpaste.  Co-enzyme Q10 is probably helping too.
I have a great start on a book and blog posts.  They are even a tad humorous and I believe will really help a searching soul.
Health coaching, Writing, Service, Talents
Keep writing every day and begin posting on blog soon.  Consider taking some pictures too!
I meditated each day this past week.
Health, Spirituality, Mental Health
Keep meditating daily!
It is very satisfying to the soul to list accomplishments.  I think I will skip my Top Five list for now.  My “next action(s)” essentially are my Top Five.


Meditation is important to my success.  It trains the brain.
So, what meditation is that right one for me today?  I could meditate without a guide and just set a timer for so many minutes, maybe ten.  I could look for a new meditation.  I think I will do the Just For Today meditation by Tom Evans.  It is exactly ten minutes and has some wonderful advice.
There.  That was peaceful.  One piece of advice is to learn a new skill each day or do something new.  He also suggested leaving your mark on the world, leaving a “bread crumb” trail for others to follow.  I pray these entries will leave a few bread crumbs for you to find your way to success in losing weight, while improving your mood and energy.  If you find success in some other area as well, that would also give me happiness and satisfaction.  I assume that you will find these entries helpful and feel happy in advance.


I want to go to the mailboxes, get the mail, and buy a greeting card for Dad.  I am not sure how much money to take, but $10 should certainly cover it.  I got some cash at Wal-Mart Thursday, while I was ordering my husband’s eyeglasses.
I got the greeting card and sent it off.  It was a cute one with a sea turtle.  I reminded Dad of when we all went to the aquarium in Draper, Utah.  I also reminded Dad of when he drove me to work as a teenager, so I could work the lunch hour at McDonald’s.  That was quite an act of commitment, only one of many.  Dad is dedicated.  In my mind, he is perfect.  I asked my husband the other night if he told his children bedtime stories.  He said he did not.  His father did not do it either.  But Dad did.  He is a wonderful Dad.
Yesterday was Mom and Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary.  I called Mom last night to wish her Happy Anniversary.


I sang my own spontaneous song, My Home, Colorado, while making breakfast.  I ate 354 calories of:
  • half an avocado (46 g)
  • half a Coleman organic spinach sausage
  • one large fried egg
  • a large (189 g) pear
It is Zone balanced (that is the ratio of protein to carbohydrate is between 0.5 and 1.0) with 50% of the calories from fat.  I prefer most of my meals to be about 50% fat, or perhaps a little more.  If I eat about 70% or more fat though, I can get nauseous once the carbohydrate burns off.  I am going to have a few supplements to go with that.


First of all, I forgot my thyroid medication first thing this morning.  Thyroid medication is designed to be consumed on an empty stomach, but this time I am going to take it anyway.


Then I will take garcinia cambogia.  That should be consumed before a meal, but what can I do about that now?  I think it will work anyway.
km Mineral Supplement
Then I will take my km Mineral Supplement.  I do not think it necessarily helps me lose weight, but it increases my energy level.  I noticed this morning I was very spry while walking to the mailboxes and back, twice.  My mood was good too, and I greeted everyone along the way.  The km supplement, I believe, is keeping my blood pressure in the normal range without medication.
According to some Web sites, km contains magnesium, and I have long thought the “m” in km stood for magnesium, but magnesium is not listed on the label.  So I do not know.  Since it contains calcium, it balances my calcium/magnesium indicator too far to the calcium side.  I could take magnesium glycinate to fix it.  There.  Just one 100 mg pill was all it took to bring that back into a good range.
I took 1,600 mg of magnesium oxide last night instead of the 2,000 mg I typically take.  The magnesium oxide, which works well for constipation, was sufficient for me this morning.  I recently bought some 400 mg pills instead of the 500 mg I usually use, using a different brand.  Five capsules would not fit in my pill containers.  So I decided to use four instead, thinking, “Maybe that will work.”
Hopefully you do not need as much magnesium as I take.  I had a colonoscopy when I was 49.  The doctor drew me a picture of my colon.  It winded around and around.  He said something like, “If you’re slow.  That’s probably why.”  I struggled with constipation for years and years, with multiple emergency room visits and enemas.  Soon after I started taking magnesium every night, the problem softened.  There are many solutions to constipation.  Most of them cost quite a lot.  Magnesium is a cost-effective solution, giving me what the body needs anyway.
Supplement Cocktail
Now, I will take the rest of the energy cocktail I described Sunday.  I have to take it close to a meal or the niacin (100 mg) in the B-Right will cause flushing.
I had a loose bowel movement just now, so that magnesium glycinate probably was not necessary.  The km supplement probably does have magnesium.  Maybe I can write Univera and ask about it.  Let me see if I can find their email address.  There.  I found it: customercare@univera.com.  I wrote them a brief note, asking about magnesium.  [I got an automatic response, but no follow-up response to this question.]
I do not think I have found the perfect supplement schedule yet because I do not feel perfectly at peace.




Then again, it is close to lunch time, and I could just be hungry.  Maybe another walk would do me good.  My husband is sleeping.  He got up to eat breakfast but is down again.  I am rubbing my back.  It is sore from helping my husband up and to the bathroom and back repeatedly.  I am being careful not to take much of his weight, and he is careful about that too, but sometimes I have had to.
Okay, so is it hunger or just the need to move?  Or am I tired and need a a nap?  Maybe I just need water.  Water can cure thousands of ills.  Water can cure things we think we need a pill for like headaches, for instance.
I just had a half a white pita bread from the Garbanzo Mediterranean.  It is bringing me around.  I also had some cold water.  So in this case, it looks like I needed food and water.  The desire to nap has gone away.  Now I might have some chicken breast with that.  There.  I did.  I noticed my omega 6/omega 3 ratio is getting rather high, so I took fish oil and vitamin E.  My omega 6/omega 3 ratio dropped from 18.105 to 1.148 (which is in the ideal range).  That is a drastic reduction, and I only took three capsules.  I buy pharmaceutical fish oil from A-M B-Well Inc., https://www.ambwellinc.ca in Canada.  Sometimes, I have to pay a 3% foreign exchange rate.  It is Well worth it.
Housekeeping is coming in Friday at 1:00 PM for one and a half hours.  We are planning to clean up the mess in the master bedroom, vacuum the floors, and scrub the bathroom.
Strangely, I feel kind of hungry, and I just ate.  This may be happening because I did not have any vegetables for lunch.  I could have that vegetable soup from yesterday.  There.  I did.  I feel much more satisfied.  Now my husband wants me to heat some vegetable soup for him.


I just ordered a full-spectrum black floor lamp from FirstStreet.  Our bedroom has no light except from the windows and doorways. I had two of these full-spectrum lamps in Utah.  One died after almost 20 years.  The other one is still alive, though sleeping at the moment, while I am gone.  (Smile.)  I definitely did not want to order an LED, which is terrible for your eyes, so I am glad I did not.
I ordered food from the Flyin’ Bee for dinner.  My husband prefers that I do the ordering.  It will probably be here by 5:00 PM.  That is almost three hours from now.  I will do my best to eat nothing and drink only water until then.
It is now 2:47 PM, still over two hours until dinner.  A glass of water cut down my headache.  The window washers are outside with their heavy equipment.  Maybe that is contributing to my discomfort.  I have the hiccups too.
My phone is not working, so I am calling Verizon to fix it.  Done.  That is so much less stress when I have extra phone lines.
Now it is 3:43 PM.  I cleaned the kitchen and got more water to drink.  I refilled the Berkey countertop water filter.

Wash Cloths

I ordered 24 white, commercial-type wash cloths from Wal-Mart.  I gave out wash cloths to my health coaching clients.
A wash cloth can be used to do a hot towel scrub.  I need to start doing the ritual as part of my wellness program.  I talked about it in my book Joyful Vibrance, Volume I
I need a wash cloth to shampoo my eyes and remove the blepharitis crusting.  I got blepharitis a decade ago from my husband.  He needs to clean his eyes too.
I need a wash cloth to wash my face at night.  I use Lira Ice Benzo2 scrub to prevent pimples and black heads, which requires a white wash cloth because the benzol peroxide will bleach a colored wash cloth.  The Lira scrub does a pretty good job.  The main key to great skin though is a great diet.  I have a few flat scars from blemishes long ago that can be covered with makeup, but other than that my face looks great.
I need a wash cloth to hot pack my eye.  My ophthalmologist said I need to do this for my Meibomian glands, which are in my eyelids.
I also need a wash cloth to sponge bathe my husband.
I look forward to having adequate wash cloths here.  Cleanliness and hygiene are very critical to any wellness regimen.


It is now 4:08 PM, and I must admit I am very hungry.  I could have a 100-calorie snack, but who knows how many calories the pork chops will have?  I want to allow myself to actually eat my dinner, and I have 606 calories left in my calorie budget.  My husband just called for a snack of wine and cheese.  I tried to talk him into waiting until dinner.  He said he would split the cheese with me.  I got a 10-gram piece.  I hope that will do me until dinner.
It is not like me to go without my 3:00 PM snack, but I think that snack sabotages my diet, particularly when I am trying to lose weight.  If I am just trying to maintain my weight, it is not that big of a deal.  Though it may be safe to snack once or twice a day, continuous snacking will ruin any diet.  The human body is designed to fast between meals.  Fasting increases the amount of glucagon that is released from the pancreas.  Glucagon releases food components in the body so they can be used to make energy.  Insulin, which is released when carbohydrates or even protein is consumed, is a storage hormone.  It tells the body to store food components, and they cannot be burned for energy yet.  Insulin can literally lock fat in a fat cell.




Dinner arrived.  It was fried breaded chicken rather than pork chops.  I ate a portion of my meal, including buttered mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and pears, then logged it.  I only weighed the meat.  I figured I ate 540 calories total.  That leaves 25 calories in my budget.  Hopefully dinner will keep me from hunger the entire evening and night.  If not, we shall see.
Self-Defeating Rules
Hey! I am breaking the self-defeating rule that I must clean my plate.  Remember when I tapped on that last Thursday?  I am already making progress!  I am thinking of how the Okinawans eat:  until they are 85% full.  If I reduce my calories 15% from my break even point, I would have no trouble losing weight.  There are a few holes in my nutritional profile for the day.  I am going to let them go.  When I try to get 100% of every nutrient, I sometimes eat way too many calories.  I am going to favor keeping myself within my calorie limits.

JV Life Tracker

So now, what do I want to do with the evening?  I have not yet scored JV Life Tracker for yesterday.  If I wait too long into the evening to do it, I sometimes have trouble remembering what I did yesterday.  However, I have these journal entries to help.  I scored 1022.  Wow!  That was a big day.
It is 5:46 PM, almost four hours until bedtime.   I need to take a shower, so I can do that.  We turned off the air-conditioner, and it feels pretty warm in here.  A shower will help cool me off.  My husband is extremely tired.  He could hardly get to the bathroom just now, with my help.


I put a little Univera supplement in his wine.  I understand that alcohol use drains potassium from the body, so he can probably use it.  We also had two high-potassium sides for supper.  I am not sure he ate all of his, however.  Thankfully, red wine does have some potassium.  In fact, he is getting about 60% of a daily value of potassium in his wine.  What does he lose in body fluids?  I can guess what is happening to his energy.  Alcohol provides him calories, but his body cannot turn them all to energy because of lack of other nutrients and perhaps something about alcohol itself.  Perhaps it gets bottle necked in the liver, where it is metabolized.  After years of off and on drinking, his liver is probably not that healthy, even though he does not complain of any specific symptoms related to the liver, except perhaps tiredness.
My husband has a book called,  Healing the Addicted Brain.  Perhaps I should read it.  It might shed light on my own food and sugar addictions.  I love this man.  When I helped him tonight and extended my hands to help him, he kissed them.  It is too bad that young people are being enticed unknowingly into drinking and then end up with an addiction they cannot shake decades later.  With my husband, it started in a college drinking fraternity.  There was huge peer pressure to drink.  So he did.  He did not become a problem drinker until he was fifty or so.  That was when he started drinking to help him sleep at night.  However, drinking does not really help you sleep.  It tries to fool you into thinking it can.


I spent some time with my husband just now.  He said he needed company.  My mood is down from where it was this morning.  That could just be me, being a morning person.  What can I do to keep my mood up at night as well?  After supper, I had a little Old Croc pasture-raised cheese.  It is very flavorful.
Cheese is not the greatest diet food, but my husband likes it and is always asking for it.  Then he wants me to eat some of it.  Since I like it, I go ahead.  What can I do to have my own mind and not give in every time my husband wants me to eat something?  I am constantly offering him food, and he feels free to say no.  I should have the same privilege.  I was raised in a culture where you were sworn to obey the law of your husband.  That mentality still affects me.  I know I can say no, but I still say yes, almost all the time.  Perhaps that is another topic to tap on.
I had a small snack to relieve my mood.  Now I am 76 calories over-budget.  It is possible I am not that much over-budget because some of my entries today were estimates, and sometimes I can still lose on this many calories.  We shall see tomorrow.  I actually decided that my mood was more important than my weight loss right now.

Carb Cravings

It is now 8:18 PM.  I asked my husband where he would most rather be.  He said, “Right here.”  I am glad he is happy.  I am thinking of ordering some raisins.  They are not the perfect diet food, but they satisfy a sweet tooth.  I can put them in brown rice and eat them with vanilla and almond milk.  Or I could go a step further and make rice pudding with eggs the way Mom used to make it.  I could use a touch of stevia for sweetener instead of sugar and almond milk instead of milk.  Before you copy this idea, realize it is not tested yet.  Obviously, I am dreaming of carbs.  I would feel better if I had some right now.  Perhaps I can finish the mashed potatoes and sweet potato I had for dinner.
I did that and ate the fruit cocktail cup.  I am now 196 calories over-budget.  But do I feel better!  Tomorrow is the moment of truth.  Next time I crave carbs, my mood is down, and my calories are over-budget, I am going to take 500 mg of l-tryptophan instead.  I am pretty sure that will work because my body needs serotonin.  I could have eaten more carbs for supper than I did, and it would have still been Zone balanced.  That may have helped as well.  Cronometer says I had 147.9 grams of net carbohydrate today, which is not way too much for me.  140 grams per day is about right.  I could have cut back on the protein.
My husband is calling for his 9:00 PM snacks.  I do not know why he gets ravenous at this time almost every night.  He will eat a lot during the night as well.  I have known him for almost thirteen years and have never been able to break him of that habit.  If you have that habit, I do not really know what I can do for you either.  It is not a healthy habit.  Enough said on that, for now.


I am feeling much better than I did just before eating the carbs.  I can pretty much bet money that I needed more serotonin.  Theories about the causes of depression abound.  I am pretty sure most of mine are caused by a serotonin imbalance.  Why I have a serotonin imbalance is not clear.  Lithium and Risperdal do a good job of controlling mania.  However, they are not too thorough when it comes to depression.  In 2003 and 2004, I had a boyfriend who was adamant about getting me off Prozac.  I tapered off of it for over a year.  My doctor called me “Miss Graduality” I took so long to do it.
L-tryptophan does a better job of chasing away depression than Prozac.  However, it did not prevent a depressive episode earlier this year.  I think this depressive episode was caused primarily by lack of hope.  I had broken away from my boyfriend who later became my husband.  I had even blocked his phone.  I did not think I could ever marry him because of his alcoholism.  He did not seem interested in getting married anyway.  I thought I was stuck.  I had another boyfriend, and I did not really want to marry him.  I could not see a resolution for this.
I read Blessed In the Darkness by Joel Osteen during my darkest days.  He talked about the purpose of great suffering.  Even though I did not feel better immediately after reading the book, I started to believe that something better in my life could result because of what I was going through.  I just had no clue what that would be.  My depression taught me the importance of relationships and especially the one I had with my husband-to-be.  I started to have a different attitude about his drinking.  Obviously, I still struggle with it, but I am striving to be like Abigail in the Bible who exuberantly brought two bottles of wine to David and his men.  My story goes on.  Even though it is hard, my husband and I have a great relationship.  I realize I need him, and he needs me.

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