Tuesday, October Second, Day Twenty-Eight, Today

Tuesday, October Second, Day Twenty-Eight, Today



I am excited!  My scale indicated a 0.4 pound loss this morning.  I am feeling less fatigued than I did yesterday.  I look forward to a bright day today.
October 2, 1996, twenty-two years ago today, is the day I started keeping a diet log and following the Zone.  That day was the beginning of the end of being overweight.
I am grateful my husband is waking me up fewer and fewer times each night.  I may even be able to tolerate him doing it one time a night.  I had breakfast.  I posted my October first entry.
Today is Day Twenty-Eight, so we are completing four weeks of our journey.  My weight has dropped from 124.7 to 118.1 pounds–a 6.6 pound loss.  It is apparent that my weight loss has slowed and even reversed a bit over the past two weeks.  However, that is no reason to lose faith.  If I had not undertaken this journey, who knows how much weight I would have possibly gained by now?
Not only that, stabilizing at 118 pounds or so is not a bad weight on me.  I still want to lose, but I am comfortable.  Losing weight has not been my only goal.  I intend to do it without sacrificing my energy or mood.  Sometimes, I have eaten in ways that could have compromised weight loss in favor of having a better mood.  You may have similar trade-offs.   I hope my example gives you hope.
So, onward!


JV Life Tracker

I did not score JV Life Tracker yesterday, but I scored it this morning for two days.  It was not that hard for me to remember what I had done, and of course, this travel log reminds me of what I have done.  My scores are very high because I give myself ample points for blogging.  I have caught up almost all of my backlogged entries.  I have only two left.
I put two new items on JV Life Tracker that I have never had before.  One is to lose 0.5 pounds in one week, and the other is to lose 1.0 pounds in a week.  If I score on the second item, I get the points for the first item as well.  Some of my points I structure that way.  I have not yet decided how many points I should get for either.  I think it should be quite a few because both of those items are big achievements.
You and I can probably predict, given that my weight is fairly light anyway, that achieving a one pound loss every week from now on is a stretch.  The first item is a bit more doable, but I may not do it every week either.  Anyway, this is an experiment to see if tracking these activities and giving myself points for them is going to increase my effectiveness.  If I lose one pound a week, I will reach my goal weight in about eight weeks.  If I reach just the first goal on the average, it will take about sixteen weeks.


Does sixteen weeks seem like a long time?  It does to me.  That is why it is imperative to set other goals for yourself besides losing weight.  You want to spend the time it takes in positive ways in a process of total transformation.  For more ideas about transformation, you can consult my complimentary 348-page book Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood.  I hope you download and peruse the pre-publication version of this book.


I had breakfast this morning–a fairly high fat meal.  I added an organic apple which gave it a few carbs.  It is 8:56 AM, and I am already getting an appetite.  I do not normally eat snacks in the morning, but this morning I may have one.  What would give me a boost in energy and mood without compromising my goal of losing weight?  Some diets advocate mid-morning snacking.  I generally have not needed one.


Maybe what I really need is not food.  Maybe I need a walk.  Let me put on some clothes and go down to the mailboxes.  Maybe my husband will want to go with me.
He said he would, but did not want to, so I went alone.
I stopped outside at the jeep and let a volunteer spray a rabbit repellant in the engine.  I found out the spray is non-toxic.  The rabbits just do not like the fragrance.  I thought it was okay myself.  I visited with a lady whose car is parked just in front of ours and got her name.  Then I went down to the mailboxes, greeting people along the way.
I came back and had some almond milk–a very low calorie drink with a lot of water.  My body needs copious amounts of water.
My mood is pretty good, maybe a four out of five.



Travel Log

I have finally caught up this travel log up to and including yesterday.  For a while, I did not think I was ever going to post everything because my computer died.  Now it is working!

Medical Center

My husband’s appointment at the Medical Center was today at 1:00 PM.  It went well except that there has been a corruption in his government records, which likely occurred when the new Medicare cards were issued.  It is on me to figure out what happened and get it corrected.  I was not too happy about it this afternoon.
Fortunately, we found a pharmacy for him that delivers to this retirement complex within a day.  It is called Clear Spring.  By tomorrow, he will have sleeping meds and perhaps the suffering I have been through will end.  I certainly pray that is the case.

Evening Prayer

Dear Lord,
I thank you that I was not as fatigued today as I was yesterday.  However, I am feeling fatigued presently.  I felt some more of that crusty rash on my scalp again today.  It has not completely healed.  Lord, I have managed not to think much about lupus the past few days.  I concentrated on getting my husband’s jeep registered and lubed.  I focused on my travel log and getting enough sleep.  Now that I have a moment to breathe, my own medical issues are giving me some concern.  What should I do?
Perhaps I should do my meditation.  I have not yet done that today and did not do it yesterday.  My husband is needing a lot of care presently.  He puts his glass out-of-reach, then repeatedly asks me to hand it to him.  I am weary from getting up over and over.  I know.  I sound like a complainer.  I do not wish to complain; I am just stating facts.
Together, we did a ten-minute guided meditation, Just For Today by Tom Evans.  I drank some almond milk to curb my hunger.
I think I will order some l-tryptophan and l-tyrosine.  There.  I did.  I took an l-tryptophan pill to lift my mood, which often sinks this time of day.
It is only 7:43 PM.  It feels much later.  Tomorrow morning, a director from the retirement complex management will arrive and have a meeting with us.  I feel a bit anxious about it.
Lord, will you bless that meeting with a favorable outcome?
I do not think I have to worry about getting kicked out of this residence.  My husband is absolutely certain he must have me in his life.
Lord, bless our day tomorrow, and let it bring what it will.
After the meeting tomorrow, we have an appointment for my husband at the medical center to get his blood drawn, so we will have to pay close attention to the time.
Other than that, I do not have any further appointments tomorrow, though I do have counseling on Thursday.  Then the calendar is clear until the big day Saturday when my Cadillac arrives from Utah.  Then I can call my car insurance to have them re-write our policy.  That will save a bundle.
It is 9:04 PM.  I spent time with my husband.  I cleaned the kitchen, took out the recycle bin.  My back and neck are sore.  I have “hot” brain.  However, I have the drive and motivation I lack during periods of depression.  I feel grateful that I am not depressed.  The l-tryptophan I took earlier may have helped too.
Diet Summary
I consumed 45 calories over-budget today.  I think that will still permit me to lose.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  I did not take my supplement cocktail today.  I want to load that into my pill containers.  However, with three bananas, etc., I consumed 5770 mg of potassium today.  I consumed 2129 milligrams of sodium for a 2.71 potassium to sodium ratio, which should be advantageous for my blood pressure.
I hear my husband snoring in the bedroom.  It is time to turn in myself.  I talked to him tonight about letting me sleep, but I was not as forceful or pushy about it as I was last night.  I pray the gentle approach of communication is just as effective.
Thank you, Lord, for your help in getting all of my travel log posted to date.  I have twenty-seven entries.  This will be the twenty-eighth, completing exactly four weeks.  Help me to stay current with this log and fill it with interesting material for my dedicated readers.

100 Days

I originally intended to lose the fifteen pounds in about 100 days.  I also realize that to put myself under strict time limitations could be counter-productive.  I believe it is within reach to get there in 100 days, but if it takes longer, I am not going to falter or give up.  I am enjoying the journey so much that the destination is kind of like Kansas, kind of drab.  I hope all of you from Kansas do not take offense at this!  The yellow brick road is where it is, each day as it comes.  Let us all enjoy the journey.

Fitness Buddies

The journey of losing weight can be great.  Get into a Facebook weight loss group.  Join a fitness club in your area.  Get one or more fitness buddies.  I have only a few people on my https://www.joyfulvibrancenet.com site so far.  If you will get a group together to sign up with you, I will be happy to give all of you free lifetime access to the site.  The site will work best if there are clusters of members in geographical areas.
Just sign up for free, indicate your interests, then send me, the admin, a message with the code JVFB-01 (Joyful Vibrance Fitness Buddies), and I will promote you to VIP.
I originally intended to make money with the site, but I got married to someone who is relatively well-off and currently do not need the money.  I would love to realize my dream of transforming people however.
Dating software is powering the site.  I tailored the application to match fitness buddies.  It will let you match up and communicate with males, females, or both.  You specify.  The Net software has the feature of allowing you to set up groups with common fitness interests or any interest for that matter.
It is now 10:04 PM.  I started getting excited, writing about my fitness buddies site.  My blog is an important part of getting it promoted.  I will have to depend on word-of-mouth.  You can help me, and I can help you too.

Wednesday Morning

My husband did not awaken me in the middle of the night last night!  I slept in until 6:00 AM this morning and woke up on my own.  I gained 0.1 pounds to 118.2, but that may be nothing.
You may wonder “three bananas”?  Yeah, and an apple and a pear.  I may have overdosed on sugar yesterday at 35.5 grams of fructose.  That is more than double my average intake.  I would recommend two fruits instead of five.  Berries are preferred.  It is time to practice what I preach.  However, the apple and pear helped give me enough fiber at 31.5 grams.  There is always a certain amount of trade-off in a diet.
Today is another day …

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