Tuesday, October 9th, Day Thirty-Five, Tomorrow

Tuesday, October 9th, Day Thirty-Five, Tomorrow



What a beautiful morning it is, with light touching the sky, even through the clouds.  I lost .8 pounds from yesterday morning.  I feel like yesterday was a success.  My husband is in rehab, and I will get the jeep checked out today.  I took my thyroid and garcinia cambogia pills first thing this morning.

Morning Prayer

Let me begin with a prayer.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for preserving me for another day.  Thank you for being there for me yesterday.  Everyone I talked to was so supportive.  Thank you for providing me with this residence to return to.  Thank you for keeping the jeep running.  Thank you for helping me lose 1.1 pounds the last two days to reverse the trend of gaining I had for a while.


I just downloaded the Lyft app.  They want to sell me a pass for a thirty-day discount, which I am sure is a psychologically-engineered device to get me using their service.  I do not know if I will even need Lyft.  Maybe I should hold on the purchase until the automotive place diagnoses the jeep.  This retirement complex gives its residents help with Lyft rides.  Residents can even charge them to their account.  I am not an official resident though, so I do not have that benefit.  I can charge the rides to my credit card instead, but I want someone to walk me through the process.  It would be nice if someone could even come with me on my first ride.


A breakfast would be great.  A green drink would be the best thing for me this morning.  I have a lot of unused organic spinach in the refrigerator.  Though I do not use green drinks every day, like I did for years, they have a lot to offer.  I describe them in detail in my book, Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood, which you can read for free just for following me.
I just made a fairly easy one that turned out:

Spinach Green Drink

150 grams fresh organic baby spinach
28.5 grams organic chia seeds
2 grams sea salt
64 grams organic lemon juice
dash of cayenne pepper
dashes of dried oregano leaves
750 grams filtered water
Blend in Vitamix or heavy duty blender until smooth.  Serves one.  Enjoy.
Wow!  That green drink is picking up my mood.  It is a little high in sodium.  You can make it with less sea salt, but the salt is needed for it to taste good, so weigh your values:  taste or nutrition.  Its overall nutritional profile is great.  Take a look at the full nutritional profile by entering it into Cronometer.


It is 7:57 AM.
I wonder how my husband is doing right now.  Though I have the phone number for his room, it is doubtful he would answer.  I tried and no answer.  I will have to verify the number and try again.
Right now I need to get ready to go to the automotive place.



Rehab Center

Wow!  What a day it has been!  The automotive place gave me a ride to and from the rehab center.  I visited with my husband and watched him through his therapy.  The large-bodied CNA’s moved him around.  The rehab center has no meals on their menu that are gluten-free.  I lost control of my eating again.

Day of Rest

I will stay home and take a rest tomorrow and plan my strategy.  Though I could get some cash for meals, I may need to take my food because there are no gluten-free meals at the rehab center like there were at the hospital.  I need to launder my husband’s clothes and take care of myself.  He will not like not having me there, but I have decided that I cannot give him everything he wants, because it is not for his best good or mine.
I talked to my mother and my step-son tonight.  They are both on board with me.  I may fall out of my husband’s good graces, but I have to act in his best interest when he does not do that for himself.  My step-son has medical power-of-attorney for him.  I am glad I do not have that myself because so far I have tended to do what my husband wants, rather than doing what is in his best interest or mine.  That is going to change.


I could work on the laundry, but maybe I will put that off until tomorrow.  I want to write some more tonight.  The jeep is not fixed, but it can be driven without it quitting on me or falling apart.  The automotive place was wonderful.  They did not charge me for anything they did today.  They even sprayed some lubricant in the engine to hopefully fix it without having to take the engine apart.  Fixing it they said will cost $500-$600.  I feel extremely blessed right now, even amidst trying circumstances.
The driver for the automotive place was very nice.  He asked what Joyful Vibrance was, and I told him it was my company.  I said I was a health coach.  I talked to him about the green drink I had this morning and the disadvantages of a vegan diet.  He said he had tried veganism, and it had not worked for him.  I said you can get anxious on a vegan diet, and he said that had happened to him.  He also thought the idea of not putting a lot of fruit in a green drink was good because you can get overloaded on fruit.  He talked to me about using Lyft, which he recommended over using a taxi.


Using memory techniques, I still have my neighbor’s phone number memorized from yesterday.  I asked her about playing her piano, and she actually made an appointment for me to play it at 9:00 AM Thursday.  I told her my jeep was drive-able, so I could take her places.  She wants to go shopping with me.  I asked about the winter clothes she is sorting through and asked if she had anything she did not want, to think of me because I did not bring any winter clothes from Utah.  So I may have some winter clothes as well.
What more do I want in life?  One friend is much, much, much better than zero friends.  She has quite a few friends and wants to introduce some of them to me.

Medical Doctor

A medical office in Littleton I contacted earlier called me today about being my primary care doctor.  They made an appointment at 11:45 AM on October 30th.  So it looks like I will soon have a primary care doctor.  I hope that situation will work out.  I am not totally confident, not having been there before, but we will see.  I had hoped to get medical care here, but that is for the residents only.


Today I meditated, made myself a green drink, took care of the jeep, set up my medical care, attended to my husband’s care, talked about health coaching, connected with a new friend, talked to my mother and step-son, scored two days in JV Life Tracker, and still have some time to write.  I was going to get the mail too, but the postal worker was filling the mailboxes when I went down there and had blocked them off.  However, that gave me a brief walk, so it was worth it to go.


Let me think about tomorrow.  Jesus said to take no thought for the morrow, but other translations say that he said to not worry about tomorrow.
I could get cash for meals at the rehab center, but that may require me to drive, and the goal for tomorrow is to not drive.  The closest branch of my bank is on the way to the rehab center.  I can stop and get some cash.  I can do that Friday because I have enough money already for Thursday.  Thursday I want to play the piano before I go.  There is a therapy meeting at the rehab center at 1:00 PM on Thursday, so I must be there for that.
I could write all day tomorrow, but then it might not be a day of rest.  Maybe I should limit myself to 2500 words.  That is an average day.  I want to write, but I can become unstoppable, and that is not good for my mental health.
Maybe tomorrow I can work at doing some promotion for my writing.  So far, I have just concentrated on getting one blog a day written.  It is time to let people know about my writing.  When I was at the automotive place a week ago, I wrote a Facebook post that may attract readers, which I have not posted yet.
Next/Previous Buttons
One thing I want to do first is link all my blog posts together with next/previous buttons.  I found a WordPress plugin that can possibly get the job done.  There.  The job is done, just like that.  I have actually worked on WordPress jobs before.
Shower, etc.
I could take a shower tomorrow, get some vegetables cooked, do the laundry, and maybe buy a parka and gloves online.


It is 9:10 PM.
I tried again earlier to contact my husband by phone, but he does not answer the phone in his room.  The phone must be out of his reach.  I left a message about the jeep for him at the office.  I will call again tomorrow to let him know I will not be there for a day.  Though I may have a change of heart, I think I will not.  I am pretty worn out from visiting him all day every day.  It is time for some time for myself.  If I do not take care of myself, I cannot take care of him.  He would probably like me to spend the night there, but I will not get my sleep that way.


It is time now for me to sleep.  Thanks for reading this.  You can navigate through all the entries of this journey with the left and right arrow buttons on the side of this Web page.  I think that is easier than the way it worked before.

Wednesday Morning

It has now been exactly eight weeks since my husband and I married and five weeks since we all began this journey.  If you want to peruse our journey from the beginning, start with Wednesday, September 5th, Day One.
I gained a lot of weight from yesterday.  I must have really lost control.  That is all the more reason to take a day off to care for myself and plan my strategy.  I do not have a change of heart this morning about going to the rehab center.  I will stay here today.

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