Tuesday, October 30th, Day Fifty-Six, Doctor Appointment

Tuesday, October 30th, Day Fifty-Six, Doctor Appointment



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

Morning Prayer

Getting Ready for My Doctor Appointment
I pray for your comforting peace.  First of all, should I take Lyft to my doctor appointment today?  Lyft has been great for my energy and stress reduction and has given me some socialization.  It is going to be cold today.
Lord, thanks for getting me this far.
I have decided to pursue getting a realtor.  Is that my next step?  You are confirming that it is.   I found a webpage of residences for people 55 and older in this area of Colorado.
The realtor I called last night called me back this morning.  I described our needs to him.  He thought there are a number of possibilities right in this town.
I am just about ready to leave for my first doctor appointment.  I hope I will like her.  This morning I am feeling stressed and on the edge of panic.  The realtor helped calm me.   He seemed to think he could find what we are looking for.  We do not need all the bells and whistles of where we are–extras that we pay for but do not really need.  We do not need a dining hall.  I can provide that.
Lord, will you confirm that what I said to the realtor was a step in the right direction?  Thank you for doing that.  My mother is trying to push me into assisted living.  She said I would need to compromise and eat in a dining hall.  She does not know how important it is to me to prepare my own food.  My husband can get around in a wheelchair, eat by himself, get himself in and out of bed, and go to the bathroom by himself.  He will need help with food prep and meds.  I am not sure if he can shower, but I can sponge bathe him.

Wednesday Morning


Snowy Evening

I was so glad I took Lyft yesterday.  It was snowing on the way home from the rehab center.  I was so glad I did not have to drive in it.  My driver missed a turn a took an alternate way.  Maybe that was fortuitous because the usual way could be quite dangerous in the snow.

Doctor Appointment

The doctor appointment was a dream.  There was a fireplace in the waiting room, which had a cozy, yet uncluttered feel.  The intake paperwork was highly simplified, and I got a lot of attention from a health coach.  The doctor was very knowledgeable in the areas I needed her to be and also took time with me.  Her laptop computer said “Barbie” on it.  Her name is Barbara.  I told her I used to collect Barbie dolls and was known as “The Barbie Doll Collector”.
The doctor did not think I had lupus, which is a huge relief.  A phlebotomist came right into the doctor’s office to draw blood, which was very convenient.  They provided my Lyft ride from their office to the rehab center.  I did not arrive until after 2:00 PM.

Pasta Primavera

My visit with my husband was pleasant.  We both ordered pasta primavera with fresh red sweet pepper, broccoli, carrots, onion and pesto and cheese sauce from the bistro and ate it together.  It was not gluten-free, but it was very tasty.  The vegetables were slightly crisp, just right.  I managed to pass up dessert.


The realtor called back and sent me info on some condos to look at.  I picked out one and let the realtor know I wanted to look at it.  My husband is okay with the idea of buying a condo.  However, I do not know that he is strong enough for condo living.  I will have to see what the rehab center staff says in our therapy meeting tomorrow.  My husband does not want to be in assisted living or a nursing home, but he may need it.  I am trying to go along with our wants, but his needs may not be met.  It is a dilemma.

Letting Go of Attachment to the Past

My hopes of having a home with my husband with all our possessions has not come to pass.  It does not look like it ever will.  I could mourn over that or be happy with the life I am building.  I can let go of my attachment to the past.  I could feel bad I do not have my Barbie doll collection, but I enjoyed it for decades.  It is time to focus on caring for my husband instead.

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