Tuesday, March 5th, Day 182, Pizza

Tuesday, March 5th, Day 182, Pizza



Today is my husband’s doctor’s appointment.  We are planning to leave at 11:50 AM, which is soon.  I fixed a sandwich rather than an omelette for my husband’s breakfast.

Preparing For My Day

5-10 things i am grateful for:
  • medication which keeps me from going to either of my two poles
  • Facebook, especially when I get great feedback
  • my weight of 55.65 kg, about ready to go down some more
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
I am happy with the way that I am!
mood and energy:
I am feeling kind of stressed today.  Maybe it is from having to drive my husband to the doctor.
My energy is down somewhat too, probably following my mood.  Let me remember, “I am happy with the way that I am!”
reason it is important
next action(s)
I communicated with Cronometer about some issues, and they responded!
Keep Cronometer in good condition.
Reply to responses, if needed.
I ordered some needed food supplements, and they are on their way.
Keep tools in stock.
Track the shipment if desired.
I got a blog entry posted for 4 of 4 days in March with beautiful images.
Timeliness, Consistency
Continue to post daily.
I cut my husband’s hair yesterday for the first time!
Marriage, Service, Love, New Activity
Cut his hair whenever he needs it.
I stayed in my calorie budget yesterday, 5 of 5 calorie budget points.  That is the sixth time I have done that since February 26th.
Weight Loss New Years resolution
Continue to stay in calorie budget!


Even though my mood and energy are sagging today, I am doing well in my accomplishments.  I could try to figure out what could be dragging down my mood and energy, but maybe the best thing is to listen to my exercise success meditation recording.

JV Life Tracker

There.  That has me feeling calmer.  Next, I scored JV Life Tracker.  I got 18 points for yesterday.  My average score for the past 50 days is 13.56.


I have been putting my JV Life Tracker scores into Cronometer.  I cannot do anything with the scores in Cronometer except to compare them with how I ate for the day.  Perhaps that step is not needed daily.  I think I will simplify my morning routine and take that out.  You too may find unnecessary steps in your daily routine.  Experiment by simplifying.



Doctor’s Appointment

My husband was full of congratulations to both of us for getting us to his doctor’s appointment.  It was his first at this clinic.   We allowed a few extra minutes, and thankfully we did because we were right on time.  The people at the clinic were thorough and nice.


We ordered Jet’s pizza after we got back.  This time, I weighed, with a digital kitchen scale, every rectangle I ate.  I used a pizza record in Cronometer, (pizza, homemade or restaurant, two meat toppings, vegetables, thin crust,) to gauge how much to eat.  I feel like I was finally able to eat pizza without overeating pizza.  According to Cronometer, I am still within my calorie budget for the day.  I feel better than I usually do after pizza also:  no indigestion.

Rest and Recovery

After returning home this afternoon, I had to lie down for a few minutes.  However, I recovered fairly quickly and was not exhausted for the entire evening.  I did my best to relax while driving to the clinic.  I felt a bit sleepy while driving, but I was able to stay awake without tensing up.


I had some cashews for lunch before leaving for the clinic.  I did not have time to fix a meal as the appointment was at 12:40 PM.  That worked at holding my hunger.


“We did it!” I said to my husband.  I congratulated him on reminding me of the doctor appointment this morning.  (I had forgotten about it.)  In addition, I congratulated him on getting ready on his own.  We both feel good about our day.


Evening Prayer
Dear Lord,
Let me express my gratitude for our safety this afternoon.  My husband was full of congratulations towards me and himself.
Lord, I was able to stay off sugar today.  There was 4.3 grams of sugar in the pizza, but it was less than 4% of its calories.
Lord, will You guide me?  I want to influence people to improve their mood and energy with diet and lifestyle enhancements.  I also want to show
them how to lose weight without sacrificing their mood and energy.  Lately, I am starting to make headway at figuring that out. I just need to persist over the long haul.  Will You help me to be persistent?
Lord, my husband said, “This is nirvana.”  He was so happy tonight.  He said, “You are my nirvana.”  The pizza was part of his nirvana also.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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