Tuesday, February 12th, Day 161, Self-Image Upgrade

Tuesday, February 12th, Day 161, Self-Image Upgrade



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.


I lost .45 kg since yesterday, which is about a pound.  My weight this morning was 56.0 kg.


Planning Activities
After being housebound for days, I finally got out of the condo this afternoon.  The weather was nice, and I felt good.  My activity Goalscapes are helping me to arrange my activities in sequence.  If I come to an activity that seems undoable, I think of a predecessor I may have missed and add it in.  Once all the predecessors are done, it becomes easier to do an activity.

Sugar Shock

I got a good start on Connie Bennett’s book Beyond Sugar Shock this evening.  I am glad I purchased it.

Driving Relaxation

I bought a Valentine’s gift and card for my husband this afternoon.  It was good to be away from the condo.  However, I flooded the jeep engine.  To let it un-flood, I went back in the store and stood in line for a while.  Though I handled the flooding okay and got the jeep started again, the event stressed me, and I did not relax as much as I had intended.  After my return to the condo, I had to lie down for a while to recuperate, even though I had driven less than one mile.
However, I still believe in the Success Mechanism described by Maxwell Maltz.  I got firmly in mind what I wanted:  the ability to drive places in a relaxed state.  Then I acted.  I made a mistake.  However, I tried again and corrected it.  I returned and parked beautifully in the basement garage.  Then I met and visited with the building manager.  I got home with my husband’s gift and Valentine’s Day card.  Success?  It can probably be improved upon.  The key is to keep doing it, often.  Relaxation will come, perhaps sooner than I think, and so will mobility.


This afternoon, I got a protein tropical shake at the store.  Half of it would have been okay, but I drank all of it.  Later, I used Cronometer to figure out supper and decided to eat half a serving to make up for the extra calories I had this afternoon.  Hopefully that strategy will work.  The important thing is that I am not letting go of Cronometer or letting a mistake derail my diet.  After my one pound weight loss last night, I believe I will start going down on the scale.


I meditated to my success recording again this evening.  I have yet to record the exercise meditation I wrote up earlier.  I put it on my Goalscape activity sequence, so I will get it done.


An important topic occupying my mind lately is the upgrade to my self-image.  I have told myself in the past that I get exhausted from driving.  That has become part of my self-image and has probably become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  It is time to re-write that.  I think the key to overcoming driving anxiety is relaxation, but along the way, I may discover other keys to driving freedom.  Most importantly, I must act or the problem will persist.
Pricelessly Unique
Yesterday, I pondered and prayed about the central description of my self-image:  pricelessly unique.  I thought about it again today.  Doing so gave me a self-acceptance I have not had before.  I even felt self-accepting about flooding the jeep.  ‘Pricelessly unique’ could work for anyone, so if you borrow my idea, that would be okay.  However, you may have a different central description that works for you.  Even if you are not aware of your self-image, you have one.
I Can Do Anything
I am thinking again of my mentor who says, “I can do anything.”  What a powerful statement!  That requires a big self-image.  It is not like he has experienced doing everything that is possible.  He just has confidence that he can undertake anything.
Programming the Android
One thing I discovered I could do is program an Android app.  I used the Internet to train me on what to do, and I basically used Maxwell Maltz’ Success Mechanism to program my first app JV Life Tracker, getting an end result in mind, acting, googling questions, making mistakes, and trying again and again, until I had something useful.  I originally programmed in NetBeans, but I ran into a roadblock when trying to create an apk, so I switched the app over to Android Studio and went on.  More work would improve my ability, I am sure.  However, I programmed a useful tool that I use every day.
What Else Can I Undertake To Do?
What else can I undertake to do?  I do not want to do things just to prove I can.  I want to do things to further my existing goals.  For each new undertaking, I want to nurture the self-image that encompasses the belief that I am capable of achieving that goal.
Goals For Other People
I am working on some goals for my husband, and I am having roadblocks getting him out of the condo.  Maybe I need to start with getting myself out of the condo more.  It is much easier to get myself to do something than to get him to act.  However, influence is one of my goals, so I want to enlarge my self-image to include an ability to influence people, especially my husband.
When I first read Brendon Burchard’s High-Performance Habits, I thought, “Influence definitely is not my strong suit.”  However, that is a self-image thing again.  If I say, “That is not the sort of person I am,” it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Perhaps I have already begun to influence people through this blog.  I have the optimism to believe I will in time.  Back in the 1980’s, I played a Disney medley on the piano for a talent show at church.  The next year, I did not sign up for the talent show, and a woman asked, “Why?  Your performance last year inspired me to sign up.”  I had influence I did not know of.
Start Easy and Work Up
Maxwell Maltz said it is important to learn something in a non-stressful environment and to start with the easy stuff and gradually build, so that you can achieve wins along the way and get in the habit of winning.  Gutzon Borglum did not carve Mount Rushmore all at once.  He made a scale image, then a larger one, then a larger one until he was ready for full-size.  We may have to do the same thing with our larger projects.

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