Together Is My Favorite Place to Be

Together Is My Favorite Place to Be

While walking the halls of a care center, pushing Dad in his wheelchair, I noticed a plaque on the wall, “Together Is My Favorite Place to Be.” That message was there for me, in the right place at the right time. No matter where we are, if we are together it is great.


Exercising alone can be a drag. I have an effective exercise ritual detailed in my book, Joyful Vibrance: Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood. However, after weeks of doing the exercises, I developed a motivation problem against getting up early and performing them solitarily. Maybe you have suffered lapses of motivation in your routines as well.

So, I sometimes call a friend–a walking buddy. (That’s the ticket, do it together.) A fitness buddy can greatly enhance motivation and reduce the feelings of loneliness caused by exercising alone. Yet friends are often extremely busy and cannot always make a commitment when we are ready. Where can we go to find a reliable fitness buddy or even multiple buddies?

Joyful Vibrance Net

I am creating my dream website–an online community, Joyful Vibrance Net, where people can meet and chat with friends with similar interests and find fitness partners, so they can exercise together. Joyful Vibrance Net will match people with similar interests, including activity or diet. Therefore, to expedite this, you check any or all of 31 different activities and 31 different diets. 31 flavors to choose from!

Choose a male or female or both for your fitness companions.  In addition, Joyful Vibrance Net encourages you to create groups and invite other members to join. You can create groups geared around your favorite activities. By posting events you can bring others into your circles of activity.

You can participate in forums about your favorite activity or diet, or any related interest. My blog Joyful Vibrance encompasses the topics of energy, career, relationships, and spirituality. Similarly, anything related is welcome in the forum. In addition, you don’t have to be single, divorced, or widowed to join the community.  Married people are also invited. I understand that married people can get lonely too.

Even Shopping

So, together is a favorite place to be. I even included shopping as one of the activities in Joyful Vibrance Net. I once gave a friendship card to my fitness buddy that said, “Friends don’t let friends…” Open the card. “.. shop alone!” So, if you want a shopping buddy, come to Joyful Vibrance Net.

Have a joyfully vibrant New Year in 2018. Do not be discouraged with your exercise routine. Just do not force yourself to always do it alone. Find a way to be together.

With vibrant joy,

KaeLyn Morrill

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