Thursday, September 27th, Day Twenty-Three, Computer

Thursday, September 27th, Day Twenty-Three, Computer



I started by weighing 117.0 pounds this morning.  I have lost almost eight pounds so far!
I scrubbed the blood out of my husband’s sweats and laundered them.  He now has them to wear, if he wants.  Last night was drama, but today is peaceful.  My husband and I have been bonding some more this morning.




It is already afternoon.  I slept in this morning.  That is a good thing because I still needed to catch up my sleep.  I had lunch of chicken salad with homemade olive oil and rice vinegar dressing, and a pear.  I later added brown rice, almond milk, and a couple of figs.


My computer is fixed!!!  A technician from Computer Services arrived today.  I told him if he could get my computer to boot, he was a genius.  In less than half an hour, he had it booted.  I told him he was a genius.  That saves me from shipping my computer to Utah to possibly get a new one and having to get a computer shipped back.  Wow!  I am so happy!


I think I will gradually edit and post the entries I had not yet posted when my computer died, so you can have my entire book.  Fortunately I already had The Journal for Windows installed on a USB drive, so I could run it and write my blogs on my husband’s computer.  After my computer was fixed today, I selected from The Journal’s main menu:
1.        File
2.        Import
3.        Sync from External Journal Volume
I then selected my journal volume on the USB drive and synced the entries I had written on my husband’s computer back to my computer.  What a great feeling it was to have my book back together again!

Just in Case

I backed up my latest project directory for JV Life Tracker to my USB drive–a little extra insurance, just in case my computer dies again.  I have everything backed up to the Cloud as well, though I cannot access that backup right away, and I cannot do my Android project on my husband’s computer because he does not have enough free disk drive for all the development programs.

Sweet Life

Wow!  I got the kitchen cleaned, my computer is resurrected, and my husband has not killed himself!  Life is absolutely sweet.  I have lost almost eight pounds, and I am on Day Twenty-Three.


Lost and Found

I just found my husband’s lost old crock pot in the kitchen cupboard.  It was a Christmas gift I gave him many years ago.  We had already bought a new one.  Having two may be useful some time.





It is after dinner, and I have only consumed 1442 calories today so far.  Let me fast until breakfast and see if that registers another loss on my scales.

Parking Stall

Today, I got a second parking stall, so I am getting that much closer to having my Cadillac here on October sixth.  My niece will be coming with my car and then spending time with her sister in Denver before flying home.  I am a little nervous about the move still, but I will be excited about it when it all happens.

Grass-Fed Beef

I cooked some grass-fed ground beef just a couple of days ago.  We ate it with just salt.  My husband is still raving about it.  “It was so good!” he says.  I am glad he likes it.  He is willing to pay the extra money it costs for quality meat.  Grass-fed beef is a lot better for us than feed-lot beef.  The ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 is lower, which means it is less inflammatory.  It is higher in vitamins and minerals.  It also contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which can help you:
  • lose body fat
  • potentially fight cancer
  • improve cholesterol and triglycerides
  • reduce inflammation, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis
  • combat heart disease
  • combat immune system invaders
I broke my fast with some grass-fed cheese tonight.  I still feel a bit hungry.   [I did not eat anything more.]

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