Thursday, September 20th, Day Sixteen, Restaurant

Thursday, September 20th, Day Sixteen, Restaurant


It is already 8:54 AM.  I spent quite a lot of time this morning, editing yesterday’s travel log.  I did not show a weight loss this morning.  There are a number of possible reasons.  I believe I will soon have another weight loss however.  [I did.]


I ate some stew, gingered lemonade, km Mineral supplement, brown rice, and almond milk for breakfast this morning.  The meal was fairly low in fat, kind of like the Pritikin diet.  If the nausea that I have supposed is from fat is actually caused by something else, I can probably return to a high-fat diet, if I want to.  We shall see.  I have not committed to a particular dietary theory in this journey.
I added a Brazil nut and garcinia cambogia.
It is probably perfectly okay to try different dietary theories throughout the process of losing weight.  Most dietary theories have some merit, though not all are suited to every person, and some are incompatible with others.  The ketogenic diet for instance, has initial side effects, which are supposed to go away.  It may take awhile on the diet to achieve ketosis, so I would recommend staying on it for a while at a time.  I still prefer the Zone diet, which has no initial side effects.  I stayed on it for 20 years.


I highly recommend a diet diary, no matter what theory you choose, to track calories and other nutrients, and even to log notes about your feelings and reactions to various foods.  Documenting what you eat is probably more important than exactly what you eat.  Remember that both the type of food and quantity of it you eat is important.  There is some benefit to just writing the types of food you eat on a piece of paper.  However, there is much greater benefit in recording not only the type of food but the quantity.
Again, I must put in a plug for Cronometer.  It allows you to quantify everything.  You get a broad picture of your intake of a wide variety of nutrients.  You will be surprised what it takes to get 100% of everything.  The nutrient balance charts between:
1.        omega-6/omega-3
2.        zinc/copper
3.        potassium/sodium
4.        calcium/magnesium
are important.  Getting each one in the right range helps not only your physical health but your mental health.


Improvement!  My husband has been drinking water this morning!  For weeks he has only drunk wine.  I see that as a positive sign.  He even said the Berkey water is very good.  He is very shaky and has been consuming less and less wine.  I hope he can get through this without having to go to rehab.  I have reassured him over and over that I am with him, whether he is drunk or sober.  Perhaps my love has reassured him and given him confidence.  I am not too hopeful yet, but I look for positive signs, wherever they are.
He did it again!  He asked for water.  I have not poured any wine for him this morning.


Wow!  I just did it.  I recognized an elderly woman I had spoken to earlier and called her by name.  The techniques taught in Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsely work.  That made my day and may have made hers as well.


I walked to the mailboxes and back.  I saw a guide showing the weight room to some elderly people in wheelchairs.  He was saying the recreation center is open 24 hours.  I had almost forgotten that.  If I want to go swimming in the middle of the night, I have that privilege.  It would be easier than during the day when a lot of recreation and games are going on in the pool.  I will still not give up my dream of swimming.




I ate some more food from the Garbanzo Mediterranean.  I estimated it was about three calories per gram.  This way of doing it is not 100% accurate, but I think it is better than not doing it at all.
Look for restaurant servings that contain a lot of vegetables, especially greens.  This will lower the number of calories per gram and provide more nutrition.  It is difficult to determine exactly how much fat a serving has, but you can get a feel for it by texture and taste.  Obviously, the more fat, the more calories per gram it will have.
Fat increases the length of time food will remain in the stomach and its satiety, so you do not want to reject a meal just because it contains fat.  If fat is served on the side, you may want to consider not consuming it all because the amount may be excessive.  Look for balance.  Find servings that provide a lot of vegetables along with fat.  Vegetables taste better when eaten with fat, so allow that.  Minimize the meat portion, if possible, though you probably do want some.
When I order at a restaurant, I look for entrees that have green in them.  Too often, people devour whole meals of food without a speck of green.  I am not talking about green eggs and ham here.  I am talking about salad greens and other vegetables.  If you are ordering an omelette, consider having spinach on it, for instance.  Starches have around one calorie per gram.  Eat them in moderation.  A five-ounce potato is probably okay, but a ten ounce?  Cut it in half.
Weigh your food at home, so when you go to a restaurant, you can guesstimate how much your potato and meat portions weigh.  I have thought of taking my kitchen scales to a restaurant, but I have not gone that far!  I did once, but it felt kind of strange, so I gave up!  When you go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, stick to one plate of food.  I know, you are probably thinking, “That is such a waste of money!”  Remember, any food you do not need will simply go to waist.
Restaurants are dangerous places to be when you are dieting, so only go to a restaurant if you have to, i.e. social or business considerations demand it.   There is another time to consider restaurant food:  when you are completely sick of your own cooking and nothing at home sounds good.  Then consider adding some variety to your cooking routine.  Go grocery shopping.  A restaurant meal can inspire you on what to make, but make your own healthy version at home with healthy portion sizes.
If you have followed me, you are aware that we have twice eaten from the Garbanzo Mediterranean, and twice I have increased on the scales the next morning.  Hopefully, today that will not happen.  I ate a portion (and only a portion) in the middle of the day when I had more calories in my food budget.  Hopefully, that will make a difference.  [That indeed did the trick!]
It is just about time to leave for Littleton for my appointment.  I want to leave a little early so I have time to get gas.  The nausea I had this morning is gone, so I should be okay driving.  It is only about five miles away.


For snack and dinner, I had a high-fat meal, and no nausea resulted.  I had Old Croc Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, spinach, km Mineral Supplement, and a half an avocado.  Later, I ate some carbohydrate:  pita bread from Garbanzo Mediterranean.
I can hardly believe it.  My husband is turning away from his wine.  He has been drinking water instead throughout the day.  He has not recovered his strength and balance yet, but I am hopeful that he will have a full recovery.
My counseling session went okay.  My counselor gave me a number where I can call to see if I can find an available physician who accepts my insurance.
As always, I got deathly tired after returning from my appointment.  I mentioned my driver’s fatigue to my counselor today, but she had no suggestions on how to handle it, except to get a physician.  So that needs to be an issue I bring up with a physician first thing.  I have not pursued that concern with a doctor before.  At all my appointments, there were always other issues that were more important to discuss.  As you know, doctors do not spend that much time with you.
It is 7:49 PM.  I am still pretty tired, even though I slept for a while after returning home.  I did not get the power of attorney form today at OfficeMax.  My husband did not want me to leave the residence a second time today, and I was too exhausted to do it.  Maybe I can do it tomorrow when I am fresh.
I have had a touch of depression today.  I am sure it is concern about my health and frustration with my symptoms, especially nausea.  I meditated this evening with Glenn Harrold’s Mindfulness for Releasing Anxiety again.  That got my mind off my concerns for a while.
I just scored JV Life Tracker for yesterday.  I scored 1216 points.  It was a big day!
It is a little over an hour until bedtime.  I have some time to write from the heart.  My counselor said she was glad I had found a way to express myself.
If my husband recovers, he may be able to drive me to Grand Junction.  That would obviate the need for me to do it.  I will just wait a few weeks to see what happens.  It may be getting too late in the year to move this year.  Perhaps we can do it next May.

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