Thursday, November 8th, Day Sixty-Five, Wheelchair

Thursday, November 8th, Day Sixty-Five, Wheelchair

If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.


The days are flying by and I have not lost any weight for a while.  However, I have gone through and am still going through unbelievable stress.  My weight was down slightly to 120.8 this morning, but it may go back up again tomorrow.
I took my husband to the medical center today.  He was able to get out of his wheelchair and stand on the scales.  He was afraid he had gained weight, but it does not look like he has gained any.
My husband and I ate at the newly remodeled Flyin’ Bee Cafe for lunch, and I left a portion of my sandwich on my plate.  I ate most of it, but I did not clean my plate!
I still have a way to go to break the “clean your plate” habit though because I finished off a bag of potato chips today, not to mention a whole novelty ice cream cone.  Jacque had given us a small heart-shaped box of chocolates, which I shared with my husband this morning.  I finished off a portion of a coconut chocolate that he did not eat.

Friday Morning



My husband got up in the night and walked, without using his wheelchair.  I am so relieved that he has some balance.  Also, my weight today was exactly the same as yesterday:  120.8.  That was lucky, considering everything!


We slept on the floor last night.  Our ‘bed’ on the bedroom floor blocked the path for the wheelchair to get to the bathroom, but my husband did okay last night, even without his wheelchair.  I was proud of him for that.


Yesterday I had very little time for myself and very little time to write.  I did manage to slip away from our residence and visit Jacque for a few minutes.  She said another prayer for me.  I invited my husband to come along for the visit, but he would not come, even though he knows Jacque.  I also spoke briefly to Ellen, a woman down the hall who broke her nose recently in a fall.  She is doing much better.  Jacque had introduced me to her some days ago.
At the Flyin’ Bee Cafe for lunch, we visited briefly with Grace, a bright and cheery woman I have seen a number of times in the halls.  She encouraged us to get ice cream, and we did.  I greeted many other people in the halls.  One woman in the elevator saw I was carrying mail and asked if I had any pizza ads.  I gave her the pizza ads I had, and she was very grateful.  I should have asked her for her name, then I would remember her better.
The people here in Colorado are wonderful.  I feel very blessed to be around supportive people.  It is taking me a while to meet people, but gradually I am doing that.

Wheelchair Locks

Yesterday we used the transport chair, since the new wheelchair was still in the jeep.  My husband cannot lock and unlock the wheels for the transport chair himself, since the lock levers are in the back.  A gentleman in the restroom locked his wheels and told me he had done so when he came out.  I asked the janitor if he would unlock them.  He talked to me a long time about letting people learn how to help themselves rather than doing everything for them.  While we were talking, my husband unlocked one of the wheels himself and managed to wash and get out of the restroom without further aid!
My husband also shaved himself yesterday.  Awesome!  He is taking responsibility for some of his hygiene.  There is hope.  I still feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for him, but I have to remember the janitor’s advice to let him fend for himself as much as possible.

The New Wheelchair

My step-son was planning to come over yesterday to get the new wheelchair out of the jeep, but he called and said he had gotten the stomach flu.  I could have tried lifting the wheelchair myself, but I wrenched my back the day before yesterday and was being very cautious.  I finally asked security to help us with the wheelchair.  They brought the wheelchair in from the jeep yesterday evening, so now we have it.

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