Thursday, November 15th, Day Seventy-Two, Overwhelmed

Thursday, November 15th, Day Seventy-Two, Overwhelmed





We accepted a counteroffer on the condo.  We are on a fast track to closing on November thirtieth.  We will not take possession of the condo until December third, so the two ladies that live there will be leasing from us for several days.  So much has happened it is overwhelming.

Earnest Money

Alex, our realtor, came over and picked up the earnest money.


We also had two physical therapists come over for therapy.  A nurse from Home Support came.  She said we did not need any of her services.  I was glad to hear that.

Alex Emrick

Alex has as always been a dream to work with.  His response times are very fast, and he takes time to explain things and answer questions.  If he needs to be somewhere, he is always there.

Home Inspection

We scheduled the home inspection.  Alex said none of us (himself, myself, or my husband) need to be there.


Care of myself, my husband, and our residence has me overwhelmed.  We have so many things to do in order to accomplish our move.
Wednesday morning I worked down the mail, got breakfast for myself and my husband, got him and myself medication, logged contacts into Google Contacts, filed papers, made an appointment, requested information, shopped for needed furniture and OTC medications, collected dispersed cups around the house, and did other sundry business items.  One new thing I did was to request the square footage of the condo we are buying from the county assessor’s office with a chat box.  The square footage was the same as what we expected:  1,001 square feet.
Today, I got up early, determined to catch up my blog.  I have missed a couple of days, which have not gone well for my weight loss either.  My former goals have gotten overwhelmed in the morass of activities for purchasing the condo and caring for my husband.


Thankfully, my friends and family are with me.  However, my husband and I do not have his son on board about the condo.  I have offered to write him a letter, letting him know we are purchasing a condo, subject to my husband’s review, but my husband has not given me the go-ahead.
We have mentioned to my step-son that we looked at a condo.  He spoke out against purchasing it.  I think his first concern is that we might purchase the first place we looked at.  That is not true.  I have been shopping for real estate since my husband proposed and before.
The condo we purchased is smaller than what we first intended to buy.  I should say it is smaller than what I first intended, but I think my husband wanted a small place all along.  We will not be able to get all of our things into it, but we can use a storage unit less than a mile away.  The important thing is that this condo will work with a wheelchair as there are no stairs to worry about.


Last night I visited with Jacque and let her know how things are shaping up with the condo.  I let her know I was overwhelmed.  I informed her of the counteroffer and that we had accepted it.  She gave me tips about shopping for furniture in this area and said a brief prayer for me before I left.


Today I have counseling.  I wanted to take Lyft there, but my husband did not think that was a good idea.
I did not go to counseling.  I was not feeling good.  I called to cancel and learned there is no cancellation fee, about which I was very relieved.
My husband had an occupational therapist come today who showed him a bench he could use in our bathtub at the condo.


I spent most of the afternoon sleeping.  I could still barely stand by evening.  My husband actually started fixing dinner for us.  He seems to be doing better and better.
We reviewed some more documents for the condo this evening and left messages for our realtor about them.  We were just about ready to sign a group of documents, when I discovered that my husband’s name was spelled wrong on one of them.  That involved another call to the realtor.
The realtor was happy with the inspection report on our condo.  He did not think there was anything of concern.  He said there are often items of negotiation on the inspection report.  Our condo is only four years old, so it is fairly clean of problems.


My husband’s son ordered a 50” Samsung television for us.  Neither of us watch TV that much, but my step-son thought we needed a television.  We have not opened it since UPS delivered it the other day. We are waiting until after we move to open it.


My biggest concern now about the condo is getting our stuff to fit into it.  My stuff from Utah definitely will not fit.  I have been living without it for four and a half months now.  I have missed a few items, but I have been doing okay.  We will not have as much wall space for book cases as I had in my old apartment.

Friday Morning



My weight is now up to 123.3.  My husband says my weight will always come down again.  He probably does not realize the effort it takes each time.  It does not come down automatically.


Yesterday was a difficult day.  I was overwhelmed and could not handle the overwhelming fatigue.  I talked to Mom about it last night.  I told her my husband had asked me to stay up past 10:00 PM to give him his sleep medication, but I wanted to go to bed sooner.  She asked why he could not take his sleep medication on his own.  I said, “He won’t.”  I have left his medication beside him a couple of times and found it there the next morning.  Mom suggested I leave it for him and go to bed anyway, so I did.
That was probably good advice.  I still feel fatigued this morning however.  I do not think the problem is depression but being overwhelmed.  I missed seeing my counselor yesterday.  I do not have another appointment for three weeks.

Morning Prayer

Dear Lord,
I am feeling overwhelmed.  Alex sent a huge amount of information about a second HOA.  I am not sure how to interpret it all.
My Husband
I am feeling tired, that kind of overwhelming fatigue that sucks the life out of me and affects my ability to think clearly.  Fortunately, my husband can now go to the bathroom by himself.  His ability and caution have increased, and we have handrails around the toilet, making it much safer.  Taking care of that in the past sucked a great deal of my energy and overwhelmed me.  We had a large number of accidents in the bathroom, two requiring an emergency room visit.
Lord, now that things are getting better, we still have the challenge of moving.  Help me to manage that.  My husband’s executive brain functions are working better, but he still needs a lot of my brain power to function normally.  I am overwhelmed from doing the thinking for both of us, not to mention the running around I do for him.
Fortunately, I arranged another month’s use of the transport chair.  I have still not found a place locally that sells new wheelchairs.  I called a medical supply place, left a message, and a man called back and said they do not sell wheelchairs; they are an ophthalmology supply place.  That problem can be set aside for another month.
Big Four
Where should I start, Lord?  I think I need my Big Four, but can I even do it when we are in crunch mode?  On the other hand, can I afford to not do those activities?
Brain Power
I took three grams of lecithin just now.  That should help my brain power and memory.  Last night, a man who is writing articles about self-care asked me if I would publish an article from him.  Maybe I can do that, if it is well written, informative, and within the mission of Joyful Vibrance LLC.  I told him I would be interested.  I need to spend more time on self-care myself.
Blood Pressure
I am taking some km Mineral Supplement to help reduce my blood pressure.  I need to take my blood pressure soon and record it for my health coach.  It was very high yesterday.  However, I measured it three times, and each time it was considerably lower.  Prompt me when it would be a good time to measure my blood pressure this morning.  Usually the supplement takes a while to have an effect.
I measured my blood pressure three times.  Each time was lower.  It is now 123/85, so I will not worry about it.

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