Thursday, January 31st, Day 149, Doing JV Life Tracker

Thursday, January 31st, Day 149, Doing JV Life Tracker



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
Adding important activities to JV Life Tracker one or a few at a time adds variety to life.


Mom called this morning and said she sold my Cadillac!  I gave her a good-sized commission.  She sold it for a good price.  Now I will not have to send my mother money for car insurance every month, and it will free up the space in the garage.  It would have been nice to have the car here in Colorado.  I was thinking of moving the Cadillac here at one time, but when we got word that I had to leave our retirement complex, I canceled the move.  We only have one parking stall in the basement garage.  It will be much easier and less expensive to drive, insure, maintain, and register only one car, especially considering that my husband does not drive anymore.




My niece is going to rent my apartment in Utah!  She bargained hard for her terms.  However, I think that will work out okay for us.  She will be there at least February and March of this year.  Then I am planning to move my stuff out of there to Colorado and put it in storage here.  We will see whether I am going to Utah to supervise the move.  Possibly my niece can do that, and I can pay her.
If I can avoid going, that would be advantageous.  It costs a sizeable sum to make a trip to Utah, and then I am away from my husband.  When I flew to Utah for my father’s funeral, it turned out okay, but my husband was doing a little better then than he is now.


My calories so far today are only at 1100, and I am not hungry.  I have ingested almost all of my needed nutrients.  I looked at Trends/Nutrition Report for the past three and a half weeks for completed days (only one day was not complete), and I am unconcerned about the nutrients I do not have in full.  It is still only 6:19 PM, but I could fast until bedtime, except for drinking water and taking my evening meds and supplements.

In Love

My day with my husband has gone very well.  He is as happy as can be, and he is happy with me.  We both realize we need each other, and we are in love.  I am being as loving as possible.   A brighter day has dawned in our relationship.  Of course, it will still require effort, but I have learned some important things, especially from the Lord, who has encouraged me to be loving towards everybody.

More Stuff in Utah

My niece just called back and said that her father wants my National Geographic magazines and maps.  Delighted, I was happy to give them to him; I hated the thought of throwing them all away.  I offered him my National Geographic videos as well.  My niece is getting my stuff out of the way so she can have some room for her things.  She wants to empty the entire master bedroom.
Her father is also interested in my baby grand piano.  I told his wife what I wanted for it and invited her to make any offer.  So I may have that sold as well.  I think she wants me to be very flexible in price.  We will see.  Things are started to shape up for me.


So, what should be my theme for tonight?  I thought consistency was a great theme for yesterday.  Most of us are pretty good about doing the right thing.  The hard part is doing it consistently.  I use JV Life Tracker to build consistency in doing important activities.

JV Life Tracker

To do that, you first have to build consistency in using JV Life Tracker.  I just scored 11 in JV Life Tracker.  I have scored every day since my JV Life Tracker “birthday” on January 14, 2019.  My average daily score since then is 10.29, counting yesterday.  If you would like more info about using JV Life Tracker to increase consistency with your goals, consult my free ebook, Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood.
Last night, I prayed that I could be inspired to think of activities to put in JV Life Tracker that would support my marriage.


The only JV Life Tracker activity I have thought of so far is a devotional with my husband.  He is sometimes game for that, sometimes not.  I think I just need to ask him about it consistently and hope for the best.  Let me put that in JV Life Tracker right now.  I may want to give myself a score just for asking him, whether or not we do it.  I could score two activities in JV Life Tracker:  asking about it and doing it.
When I think of additional activities I can add them too, but I do not want so many goals on my JV Life Tracker master task list I am overloaded.  Maybe the devotionals we have done so far are one of the activities that have gotten us this far in our marriage.  I just need to carry on consistently.
My husband called me in and said he was lonely.  I suggested a devotional, and he did one with me.  Now I just need to do it every day.  JV Life Tracker is ready for me.

Failed Fast

My fast tonight did not work out.  I ate some of my husband’s food.  I think he intended that.  He does not like me to go to bed hungry.   However, I think I still may be okay as far as calories are concerned for maintaining my weight and even losing a little.  [However, I ended up gaining some, so trying to fast thru supper at night is probably not going to work.]

The Future

Today is the end of the month.  Tomorrow is February.  We are through the worst of winter, probably.  My New Years resolution is still intact, even though I have not lost as much weight as I hoped.  My New Years resolution is to lose to 110 pounds without sacrificing my mood or energy.  You are welcome to come along in the journey and add comments too.
I plan to keep doing my Big Four (Cronometer, JV Life Tracker, meditation, and blog/journal).

Evening Prayer

Before I call it a night, let me say a prayer:
Dear Lord,
It has been a good day.  My husband and I are getting along better than ever.  I heard good news from Utah.  My mother sold my Cadillac.  My niece is going to rent my apartment.
Guide me into February, Lord.  Help me to keep my New Years Resolution.
Help me to remember to ask my husband about a devotional each day.  He seems to enjoy the messages.  I need to be uplifted too.
Give me comfort tonight, Lord.  Help me to put all my concerns to rest.  Bless my readers that they will find comfort too.

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