Thursday, February 21st, Day 170, Happy

Thursday, February 21st, Day 170, Happy



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.


I have had more energy today than I have in a long time.  I think it is my new affirmation: I am happy with the way that I am! I am going to use that affirmation to propel me into a new life, where I can stay out of depression permanently and find vibrant joy.


I am looking at my Trends Nutrition report again in Cronometer.  I am still at 96% for potassium.  On the average, I am exceeding my custom daily limits on sodium (more than 2900 mg) and sugars (more than 55 g).  I have 100% TARGETS.
Even though that is not perfect, I am nearly there.  I am happy with the way that I am.  I am doing extremely well overall nutritionally.

I Am Happy With The Way I Am!

Now, what would I like to do for the evening?  I cleaned up the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and the office.  None of those rooms are immaculate, but I am happy with the way that I am.
I did not get yesterday’s blog entry posted until just now.  However, I am happy with the way that I am.  The important thing is that I posted, and I even have a pretty image.  I used my new memory technique to enter the logo colors to paint it without even having to look up the numbers.


My husband is happy with what my new affirmation is doing to me.  He agrees with the emphasis on self-acceptance.  I formed the affirmation this morning because Connie Bennett in Beyond Sugar Shock recommends using an affirmation twice a day to encourage you into a life beyond sugar.  I thought about what type of affirmation I needed for myself, and remembered that one of the keys to staying out of depression is self-acceptance.  So I formed an affirmation geared around self-acceptance.  It is very simple, can be put to music; and it works.


My sister has a birthday today.  She is about four and a half years younger than I am.  I could not reach her by phone, but I messaged her via Facebook.  She has an extremely fun-loving personality.  She lives in Utah.  I miss seeing her.
She just messaged me back with a cute sticker.
Now we are messaging back and forth.

At Peace With God

It is now 8:00 PM.  My husband is watching TV.  We got groceries today.  I got the place straightened up.  We had dinner together.  When my husband offered grace for dinner tonight, he said, “We are at peace with God.”
I think we are.  I would like to pray tonight for a while.
Dear Lord,
Today has been a wonderful day.  I had an enormous amount of energy today.  My husband walked in the hallway with me, farther than he has ever walked since we have lived here.  I have hope for his physical well-being.  I ask You for additional healing and strength in his behalf.
His mind is doing better too.  My prayers are being answered.  He even said, “If there is anything I can do to help you, I want to do it.”
Lord, my new affirmation, “I am happy with the way that I am!” is very powerful.  Tonight, my husband offered me some veggie straws.  I said, “If I ate those, I might be unhappy with myself.  And I am happy with the way that I am.”  My husband said, “That’s beautiful!”  That turned out to be a polite way to turn him down.
Lord, I am still working at losing weight.  The path is slower than I originally anticipated.  I thought I could lose 15 pounds in about 100 days or so.  That was overly optimistic.  For now, I am making headway at maintaining.  Help me to figure out how to lose weight as well.  While on the way there, I want to ensure that my mood and energy are not sacrificed.  They appear to be doing very well.
Lord, it was like old times, eating that Neapolitan shake this morning.  My husband even liked it, and he typically does not like cold food.  I fixed a sandwich for him this afternoon, which he really liked.  It was cold too.
I talked to him just now, and he was smiling.  He said he was content.  I handed him his electric shaver, and now I can hear him using it.  There are other things I would like him to do, but one thing at a time.
Lord, at one time I wanted to see the distant scene.  Now I just want to be right here, right now.  My husband is content.  I am content.  I am grateful for that.  We are at peace with You.  Let us enjoy Your blessings.

Friday Morning

My husband says he is happy this morning.  I have not decided for sure whether to visit Jacque today.  The weather is iffy.  I need to let her know one way or the other.
I had some more of my typical breakfast with Orgain, shredded coconut, lecithin granules, walnuts, and a Brazil nut.  It is very cold outside, in the low 20’s Fahrenheit.  That is kind of cold for late February.  I suppose I am used to the mild winter weather in the Salt Lake area of Utah.
In my self-acceptance, I also need to be happy about where I live and the climate that comes with it.  My husband often says he is happy to be in Colorado.

Vision Boards

My vision boards are accessible from my Notes category in The Journal.  I saved them as a Pdf Slideshow with PagePlus.  It only takes a few seconds to look at them.   This morning I looked at them.  I put “Vision Boards” in JV Life Tracker to account for whether I am looking at them or not each day.  I have 17 items on my vision boards.  So far, I do not have all 17 active.  I just did my strength training and put it on JV Life Tracker.
I am slowly adding items to JV Life Tracker, and that is okay.  I can put anything in there that is important to me.  I will slowly build consistency in my activities, even though I recognize it is impossible to be consistent with everything all the time.  I am happy with the way that I am!

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