Sunday, October 21st, Day Forty-Seven

Sunday, October 21st, Day Forty-Seven

If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, start with Day One.
On Sunday, I:
  • went to the early morning service and senior Sunday school meeting with my neighbor and her friend at a huge local church
  • joined my neighbor and others for brunch in a restaurant in the retirement complex
  • met interesting people
  • drove to the rehab center
  • visited my husband and played Monopoly with him
  • read a devotional to my husband twice
  • caught up two days of JV Life Tracker
  • visited with the cook at the rehab center
  • ate dinner with my husband
  • visited my neighbor after driving home
  • chatted with my friend and Mom in Utah on the phone that night
  • put out the trash
  • dropped into bed exhausted


Spiritually and socially, the day was a winner.  My husband is improving.  That was encouraging. Miraculously, I got through the weekend without gaining weight, even though I ate some sugary foods.  I fasted between most of my meals, which I am sure helped.

Social Support

I had lots of social support throughout the weekend and was on the go a lot.  Lyft drivers offer social support, which is almost as good as a counseling session.  Some of the drivers are more supportive than others, of course.  They are typically not trained as counselors, but they have experience talking with people.

Monday Morning

I have three main choices today.  I can 1) stay home, 2) take a Lyft ride to the rehab center, or 3) drive there.  If I drive, I need to stop and get gasoline as I am very low.  If I were to rotate those three options, that may help me generate sufficient energy to function well.  That way my husband would see me two of three days, and I would have time to rest up.  The Lyft rides could get expensive.  However, they would only be every three days, which I think I could do until my husband comes home.
That pattern will not work exactly because I cannot stay home Thursday, but I could stay home today and Wednesday, take a Lyft ride tomorrow, and possibly drive on Thursday.  Let me see how my energy flows.  Whoops, I cannot stay home all day today because my step-son is going to call me and meet me at a bank.  I have not heard from him yet, so I do not know what his plans are in terms of exactly which branch and what time.  I probably need to find my husband’s check book in preparation.  There.  I have it.
I have things to do today.  I will write more.

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