Sunday, January 6th, Day 124, Points for Rewards

Sunday, January 6th, Day 124, Points for Rewards



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

Resolution to Lose and Maintain a 15 Pound Weight Loss This Year

I have been eating figs just now, a few too many.  I need to get back to using Cronometer.  I used it for a couple of consecutive days earlier this year with great results.  It is time to get consistent.  What can I do to do that?  In the past, with LifeForm, I was very consistent.  I have been less consistent with Cronometer since I started using it June 28, 2017.  However, Cronometer offers a great deal more information and balance indicators that LifeForm did not have.  It tracks dozens more nutrients.  It is possible that it is a bit too complicated.  If you agree, you may want to use MyFitnessPal or some other tool.  Personally, I like Cronometer, but I need a way to coax myself into being consistent with it.


I can reward myself for using it.  I started rewarding myself for using it by giving myself a Gold Subscription for it.  That was a nice reward because the gold features, even though they are not absolutely necessary, are really nice and probably a good idea if you are going to be using the Web app consistently.
Rewarding yourself is a topic I address in my transformation book Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood. I even show you how you can use The Journal with a template to track rewards for yourself for consistent actions.  I could do that, but the Progress category in The Journal gets a little too far out of sight sometimes.  One reward I used was a certificate which I would design, print, and hang on the wall.  Unfortunately, I do not have a printer or the gold-leaf seals I used for making certificates.  So that reward will not be too effective.  Besides that, my husband does not like to put holes in the walls.


In the past I have rewarded myself for losing weight by buying clothing.  It is a good idea to buy clothing each notch of the way down the scale.  I do not go out much in order to buy clothing.  I would not get the clothing purchased, and it would not be a motivating reward.  However, I could use a measuring tape and buy clothing online.  The act of using the measuring tape regularly would be beneficial to the diet.  However, I do have a problem.  I do not have much closet space.

Consecutive Days

Maybe what I can do is require a large number of consecutive days in order to get a reward.  I could get one point for each day I use Cronometer (all day) and lose two points for each day I miss.  That way I would have to use Cronometer at least two-thirds of the time in order to make progress.  I could end up getting so far behind that I just give up though.  However, if I am far ahead, missing a day will not blow all my points to date.  That strategy should work if I am really conscientious but cannot possibly be perfect.  Requiring myself to be absolutely perfect is not going to work, but I can try my best to reach perfection.
Let us say I want to fit into size 6.  Currently I am wearing size 8.  I already have a size 6 pair of pants in my closet.  So for my first goal, I would not even have to buy anything or take any more closet space.  I could give myself what I already have.  How many points would it take to reach size 6?  I calculate that if I am consistent I can lose about .2 pounds a day.  I would probably have to lose 8 pounds to reach size 6.  So I would need about 40 points.
Maybe that goal is good, but it is kind of a long ways off.  I need a shorter range goal besides.  I need some new panties.  They would not take room in my closet, just in my drawer.   I could give myself two pairs of panties for 7 points, continuing on for as many as I need.  I could buy panties the size I am at the time I buy them, which currently is about a size 6.
I have a black occasion dress I really like that I brought here from Utah.  It looks best on me when I weigh about 113 pounds.  I weigh 124 pounds now, so that is 11 pounds or 55 points.  55 days from now is Saturday, March 2, 2019.  I would like to wear that dress by that date.  So, I am going to set a third goal with that reward.  Again, this reward takes no additional closet space or money.

Simultaneous Goals

My points can be used towards all of the above three rewards simultaneously.  I can think of additional ones.  I just need to start earning points.  I did not use Cronometer today.  I can start tonight.


I am making a turkey vegetable soup tonight.  I did not measure anything that went in except the organic olive oil and sea salt.  I will have to make a guesstimate about it in Cronometer.  Fortunately vegetable soup is very filling for the number of calories and can help you lose weight.

Monday Morning

It looks like my weight has popped up to 127.8.  That will be the starting point for my new resolution, except now I want to lose 18 pounds.  I weighed after I got out of the shower, so my wet hair is part of it.  However, I still have a lot to lose!
I thought of another goal I want to set.  If I get ten points, I can buy a nightie and bathrobe.  Both of my nighties are in tatters.  If I get 30 additional points (40 total), I can buy a second nightie and robe.  I have plans to mix and match my nighties and robes.  Let me make a table of my subgoals.
Size 6 black pants (already in closet)
40 (I need 55 now)
Two pairs of panties
Black occasion dress (already in closet)
55  (I need 70 now)
Nightie and Bathrobe + 2nd Night and Bathroom
10 + 30 more for 2nd robe
I can apply the points to all four goals at once.

Tuesday Afternoon

My weight was 125.5 pounds this morning.  I am off to a great start.  That reduces the number of points I need to get the size 6 black pants and black occasion dress.  I have my first point!
I think I will buy the first robe and nightie now I need them so much.  Let me do some shopping.

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