Sunday, February 3rd, Day 152, Grateful for Nutrition and More

Sunday, February 3rd, Day 152, Grateful for Nutrition and More



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

Super Bowl Football Game

The pre-game show for the Super Bowl is on.  My husband is watching it.  I have just finished my post from yesterday.  We finished lunch earlier.
I scored 12 in JV Life Tracker.  JV stands for Joyful Vibrance.  It has been a relaxing day today.  My husband is being very sweet.  He seems happier than ever that we are together.  I am grateful for his contentment.  I am grateful also that he is enjoying the game while I prepare a new blog entry for my followers.

Our Best Life Together Devotionals

One thing that has helped us grow together is Our Best Life Together, A Daily Devotional For Couples by Joel and Victoria Osteen.  Joel concentrates on how God blesses us.  He reminds us occasionally what we need to do for God, such as stay in faith and honor God, but he does not give a long specific, worthiness list.  I like the focus on what God does for us in this life because the religion of my birth focused almost exclusively on what we owed God, for which we might get a reward in the hereafter.

Grateful for the Necessities of Life

My husband and I often look at each other and remark on how blessed we are.  We are grateful to have a nice condo, a jeep, good food, clothes, heat, medical care, and enough resources to live comfortably into the foreseeable future.  I am especially grateful I got this computer desk purchased and assembled, so I can use my computer.  My husband was a little slow to realize how important my computer was to me, and I had to order the desk on my own.  He seemed to accept the desk once it was delivered and assembled however, for which I am grateful.

Grateful It All Worked Out

I just re-read my prayer for October 14th.  My husband was in rehab.  I was about to be kicked out of our residence.  My future was uncertain.  However, I had friends and family, and I had the Lord.  I found comfort in prayer.  Things have worked out okay.  My husband wanted to stay with me.  We do not have to live separately.  We are grateful to have our condo together now.  Already in this marriage, the Lord has blessed me greatly.  If I had known how well it was going to work out, I would never have worried.

Grateful About My Father

When I left Utah, my father was in a care center, suffering from Parkinson’s disease and dementia.  He had lost much of his endearing personality.  My mother was worried about how she was going to support him financially.  On November 28, 2018, he returned home to be with the Lord.  I was able to return to Utah for his funeral, and my husband was okay while I was gone.  I am grateful that it all worked out okay.  It would have been wonderful if Dad would have recovered, but he has progressed on, and I feel accepting of that, at last.

Grateful for Physical Features

Fingernail Strength
I am grateful that my fingernails are growing in strong again.  I had some breakage for a while, which I attributed to the dry Colorado air.  I think resuming a Silica Complex supplement, containing magnesium, calcium, zinc, boron, and silicon is responsible for the hardening of my fingernails.
Hair Color
I am grateful too that my hair is growing in dark brown.  I have not had to color it since June of 2018.  I think the dark growth is also due to the nutritional content of my food, which I have paid attention to for a long time.
Weight Loss
I had hoped to lose 15 pounds by now.  However, I did finally stop the weight gain I have experienced since I got married.

Everything Nutrition Can Do

I decided to commit to using Cronometer daily with full coverage.  Cronometer takes some time to keep.  However, the progression of getting good nutrition is one of my top values as it supports:
  • ability to act and energy creation
  • aging slowly
  • allergy reduction
  • arthritis treatment
  • balance of macro-nutrients
  • body form and shape
  • blood pressure regulation
  • blood sugar stabilization
  • bone and nail strength
  • cholesterol management
  • chronic disease prevention, including diabetes and Alzheimer’s
  • eye function and health
  • IBS prevention and intestinal health
  • illness prevention
  • hair pigmentation
  • heart and lung strengthening
  • hunger management
  • memory capabilities
  • mood elevation and regulation:  contentment, joy and vibrance, peace of mind
  • sleep improvement
  • staying hydrated
  • financial management
  • overall health and well-being
  • creativity and more

Nutrition for the Future

With so much at stake in nutrition, it pays to pay attention to what I am eating.  I am grateful for what I have learned about nutrition so far and what I have accomplished by paying attention to it.  As I progress into my advanced years, practicing nurturing nutritional habits will become all the more critical.

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