Sunday, February 24th, Day 173, Important Activities

Sunday, February 24th, Day 173, Important Activities


If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

Preparing for My Day

5-10 things i am grateful for:
  • my husband
  • our condo
  • our delicious food
  • my computer
  • my blog
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
What are some important activities I may have been neglecting?
mood and energy
I may be frustrated that the scale has not budged.
Taking km Mineral supplement every day may be important for my energy.
reason it’s important
next action(s)
Included an image on the last 10 blog entries.
Novelty, beauty
Scored JV Life Tracker for the last 41 consecutive days for an average daily score of 11.76.
Meditated 23 of the last 41 days.
Relaxation, brain healing
Continue, and do it more often.
Kept a total food diary in Cronometer for the last 48 days, except 2.  Have scored 44 points in my Cronometer game.
Energy, good mood, excellent health, blood pressure control
Continue and possibly lower calorie intake.
Work on improving electrolytes.
Improved self-image, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.
Happiness, less depression.
Continue to affirm, “I am happy with the way that I am!”
Scored 24 JV Life Tracker points for yesterday
Doing more in important activities.
Continue to add important activities.

Weight and Blood Pressure

I slept until past 6:00 AM this morning.  My blood pressure is 118/85 mmHg.  My weight is 56.5 kg.
Now I can give that meaning, which can foster my self-acceptance (or not).
I am healthy.  I am okay.  Things will be okay for another day.   I am maintaining my weight.  I do not need blood pressure meds.


Cronometer can be used to track water, but right now, I do not use it for that.  I drink at least six liters of water a day and probably more.  To keep up with all that water, I need electrolytes.  For electrolytes, I drank V8 this morning, which helped my mood and energy.  V8 is not as perfect as making your own juice, but it is easy.   Sometimes easy wins.


Let me think of what today’s theme will be.  My husband said I have things all figured out.  Actually, I do not, but I am always figuring things out.  I believe I have acquired some wisdom over the ages.  If I did not believe that, I would not be writing this blog.  Hopefully, through the process of daily writing, I am acquiring even more wisdom.


I could talk more about the topic of self-acceptance.  I do not believe that we value in ourselves just any kind of behavior.  We probably do not even accept it.  We need to encourage ourselves to behave with behavior that is congruent with the type of behavior we accept.

JV Life Tracker

The JV Life Tracker Android app I programmed myself encourages you to do activities of your choice consistently.  It has a reporting feature, which tallies how you are doing on everything.  You can even set up filter lists to make separate reports on different sets of activities.


Why use a tool like that?  Accountability to yourself is key.  You can say you will do something, but if you do not do it and check it off every day, and report on how you are doing over time, you will soon forget about it.  New Year’s resolutions do not work when you forget about them and do not re-commit to them every day.
Does tracking activities and being accountable for them improve self-acceptance?  I think it can.  It will not necessarily.  It depends on what activities you track, and how honestly and consistently you track them.  If you select activities that are meaningful to your self-acceptance, it will do wonders.


You can still sabotage your self-acceptance by judging yourself too critically, even if you are doing your most important activities.  It is possible to feel terrible once you know the truth about how you are doing with things.  However, you can practice self-compassion as I mentioned yesterday.  You can realize that meditating 22 of 40 days is much more effective than none at all.  If you did not track your meditation, you likely would not even do it.  Other urgent tasks would crowd out this important but not urgent activity.

Important and Not Urgent

As you enter activities into JV Life Tracker, you will probably notice that most of the activities are important and not urgent.  Dr. Stephen R. Covey encouraged this type of activity in his 7 Habits of Highly-Effective People.  Most of us are burdened by the urgent and important and the urgent and not important.  When we have a moment to breathe, we settle down into the neither urgent nor important activities.  The important and not urgent activities do not get enough time allotted to bear their fruits.  Would you like to change that?
As you start doing more of the activities that are important to you, you can experience self-acceptance more readily, as long as you judge yourself compassionately.  You will feel a sense of mission.

What Is Important to Me

I do not know what is important to you, but I can tell you what is important to me.  Eating well is important.   I track my food, supplements, and exercise in Cronometer.  Tracking my most important activities in JV Life Tracker is a big deal to me, including my self-care activities.  I used to track about a thousand different activities, but I narrowed my Master Activity List down to those that are the most important to me.
My spirituality is important to me:  praying, having devotionals with my husband, reading the Bible, listening to spiritual leaders, meditating.  Writing my blog and preparing images for it is important.  Getting readers is important too, which I will spend more time doing in the coming years.  My marriage is critical.  I spend a lot of time serving my husband, visiting with him, and entertaining him.  I also spend time growing my mind by studying books and National Geographic and memorizing information that is important to me.


I have prepared and served breakfast.  Now I am at a juncture.  There are a number of things I can do.  I can do my meditation, go on a walk, make the bed, clean the kitchen …
I think I will do my meditation.  I have not recorded my exercise meditation yet that I planned earlier.  With the sound of the TV in the background, I do not know if I can get a clear recording.  I will have to pick the right time for doing that.  More on that later.


My husband walked in the hallway again!  Three laps.  He is starting to be regular.  I walked 2.06 miles [and later an additional 1.14 miles] and recorded it in Cronometer.  That increased my calorie budget.  I returned to the condo for an early lunch, which I also entered into Cronometer.  I took my energy supplement cocktail.


I had a large snack of sharp cheddar cheese, an orange, artichoke hearts, and carrots, which I am sure is too much.  I felt like I was starving earlier this afternoon, and now I feel okay.


Maxwell Maltz recommends using visualization to imagine the kind of person you would like to be.  He did not use the terms ‘associated’ and ‘disassociated’ to describe visualizations.  Associated visualization involves seeing things from your own eyes.  Disassociated visualization involves seeing yourself in the picture.  Aside from the video I did for Joyful Vibrance LLC and a 1980 Bob Barker television program with my family of fourteen, I do not have an videos of myself.  I do not really know what I look and act like.  What I imagine about it feeds into my self-image.
Of course, I have my mirror image, which I am very familiar with, but that is not the real me.  I have photographs which give me some idea, but they do not show action.
So what would I like to visualize about myself?  I want to do some additional important things.  Today, I felt a desire to work on Joyful Vibrance Net and JV Life Tracker.  I desire to make those two apps a success.  While listening to Joel Osteen this afternoon, I started to visualize all kinds of success.  His sermon was called the “Joshua Generation.”  Joel believes that we are coming into a Promised Land, a place our parents have never seen.  However, they may have prepared us for it.


Can I actually make some breakthroughs and experience the Lord’s favor in getting them accomplished?  Joel expects it of us.  I love my blog, but I am also a programmer.  I have several enhancements I want to do for JV Life Tracker.
I am going to expand my horizons.  My husband lets me spend most of my time at the computer each day.  I will see what I can do.




We finished our pleasant, oven-baked Marie Callender dinners.  Again, I had too much sodium.  At 96%, I am just short of 100% for potassium.  If I try to increase it to 100% though, I will eat too many calories, so I think I will call well enough good.


I feel self-acceptance tonight.  My mood threatened to go down today with a frustration I experienced.  Frustration is a possible threat to our moods.  What can be done about it?  I prayed about the problem while on my walk and thought of four possible “next steps” I could take.  By the time the walk was through, it was apparent which of the four I should take first.  The problem did not get entirely resolved today, but I think I found out what was causing the error message I encountered.
What Can We Do When Frustrated?
What can we do when frustrated?  I think one of the first things we can do is pray.  We can collect data to accurately describe the problem.  We can try possible solutions.  We can ask humans, such as customer service, for help, which I did.  We can consult machines.  I consulted the knowledge base.  The immediate answer was not there, but to fully solve the problem, I think the knowledge base may yet yield necessary information.
Often Google knows the answer, so we can get good at coming up with key words for searches.  Sometimes we can patiently let a problem sit overnight when a dream can supply a solution.  Even if a dream does not have the answer, a fully rested mind in the morning might have new insight.  Sometimes, we can decide that the problem is not important enough to solve.  In my case, I decided that it was worth it, something I also prayed about.
Do Not Let Frustration Take Down Your Self-Acceptance
If none of this yields a solution, try everything again.  Most importantly, do not let a frustration take down your self-acceptance or self-image, sour your mood, or make you angry.  Do not say, “I always get stuck like this!  I can never solve problems like this!”  Do not blame the problem on someone else or give somebody else the responsibility of dealing with it.  If you switch to another task and leave yourself stuck, something most of us do, first document the problem and where you are with it.  Then resolve to get back to it as soon as possible.
Use the Success Mechanism to Prevent or Deal with Frustration
Now that I understand the Success Mechanism steps, I hope to use them to overcome frustrating problems.  I understand the purpose of mistakes and will not allow them to damage my self-image.  Mistakes make the Success Mechanism work.  I can forget mistakes once I have visualized and practiced the correct solution.
Evening Prayer
Dear Lord,
As my husband said this evening, this has been a beautiful day.  We are truly blessed.
I have explored how consistently doing activities that are important to us contributes to our self-acceptance.  We can try to get ourselves to accept any behavior, but when we are dissipated, we do not really accept ourselves.
I also mentioned using visualization in order to imagine the person we want to be.  I imagined myself resuming some important projects I have already started but quit working on.
Lord, whatever I do, I want to do it for You.  I also need Your help.  Will You come into my heart and act through me?
Miracles are happening to my husband.  He is gradually becoming more independent.  He often ex-presses his gratitude for me. We are in love as never before.
Lord, continue to bless us.  Help me to express gratitude every day.  I continually review the 12 activities that increase our happiness.
Bless me with sound sleep tonight that I may be ready to serve others tomorrow.
Lord, please bless my readers with success in their most important activities, which they will hopefully choose with wisdom.  Give them Your Spirit, as they request it.  Please bless my readers for taking time with this carefully written blog.  Give them vibrant joy!

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