Sunday, February 10th, Day 159, Express Yourself

Sunday, February 10th, Day 159, Express Yourself



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

Express Yourself

Express Yourself by KaeLyn Morrill
Express yourself, express yourself!
Now find inside yourself your voice.
Make way for other struggling souls
To become released from their cage.
Vulnerability’s scary!
Criticism from those you know
Can damage your raw self-image
And stymie your progress in life.
Let no worries ever stop you.
There’s too much currently at stake.
The world now awaits your message!
So get your next work on to bake!


I am cooking a couple of artichokes.
I am figuring out my Cronometer log for the rest of the day.  It is almost as good as yesterday, except that my sodium intake is too high.  I could fix it that, but I would not be able to eat what I planned with my husband.  I will have to weigh my values.

Spiritual Message

We watched Joel Osteen’s message about speaking blessings into our lives, Miracles In Your Mouth.  David spoke victory over Goliath.  God told Moses to speak to the rock, so water would come out.  Zacharias was struck dumb because he doubted.  Joel Osteen said his doubting words could have prevented John’s miraculous birth, had he been allowed to speak them.  God spoke, and there was light.
I speak God’s favor into my own life.  This blog is an award-winning blog.
I am healed; I have energy; I am happy.  God’s blessings are coming into my life.  As of now.  Perhaps I have already realized these blessings for a time.  I speak them now, and they are real.
Joel spoke again of the miracle his mother experienced when she had terminal cancer in 1981.  She did not tell friends she was dying; she spoke out that she would live and not die.  She is still living, cancer-free.
What a miracle the spoken word is!  I speak for myself and for those I love.  I am speaking miracles into existence through God’s power and my faith in Him.



Evening Prayer

Dear Lord,
Evening has fallen.  This day of rest is hallowed and sacred.  I have found your favor.  I am happy; I am healed.
Lord, thank you for spiritual teachers who have helped me create a better life.  I was tired; I was stressed.  Now I have found peace.  I have a reservoir of energy I have not even tapped into.  Good cheer predominates my disposition.  My husband is happy.  He said I am strong.  He said, “I am so grateful to have you as my wife.”

Success Mechanism

Normally, I would ask You, “What would you have me do next?”  Typically, I would anxiously await my next step.  Now I know my situation gives me my next step.  From now on, I am now using our built-in Success Mechanism described by Maxwell Maltz in Psycho-Cybernetics.  I envision an end result.  I desire it, and I act.
Though I make mistakes, I do not fear them.  I visualize a correction and try again, remembering my successes, forgetting my failures, learning as I go, until I reach the target.  It is not necessary to know how to do everything from the start.  I learn as I go; without paralysis, anxiety, or fear of failure; feeling more relaxed all the time.


All of a sudden, I notice changes in my self-image.  Starting today, I am re-defining what is possible for me.  If an action is not consistent with my self-image, I cannot do it, try though I might.  However, I can change my self-image.  I am well.  Now I know I can do whatever is possible in You that is important enough to me to do.  I do not have to do everything single-handedly.  It helps to have my husband’s perspective of me.  He knows what I can do.  He has over thirteen years of experience with me.  It is wonderful to have his trust and support.
Lord, I thank You for this beautiful day.  Thank You for healing me.  Since my body has adapted to my medication, it is wise to keep taking it.  However, I am embracing my new life of health and wellness.

Again Express Yourself

I am sure one of your directions is, “Express yourself!”

Monday Morning

My weight is 56.45 kg.
My blood pressure is 111/81.
Yesterday’s JV Life Tracker score is 10.
I slept well; I am well.  I am ready for a new day.   Lord, be praised.
I have kept a Cronometer log for five weeks, now missing only one day.

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