Sunday, December 30th, Day 117, Help

Sunday, December 30th, Day 117, Help



My day so far in Cronometer looks good with a snack of a banana, V8 juice, B-Right B complex, three capsules of fish oil, and half a tablet of silica complex. I just caught up my blog. That feels great.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
My husband is going down for a nap. He has had trouble sleeping. I am free to do whatever. I wanted to go shopping for a computer desk with him today, but it looks like that is not going to happen. I may have to go shopping for it alone without my husband’s help.
I also thought of doing a devotional with him just now, but he would rather sleep, so I will not do that.


Maybe it would be a good time to pray. I record some of my prayers, some of them even in my blog.
Dear Lord,
I feel so blessed to have the nourishment I have. Help me to regulate my food intake so I get just the right amount of everything I need. I have recently gone overboard in my eating with sorry results.
My father is safely in his grave. Help his spirit to be with me for the remainder of my life. I miss him, but I am ready to move on without him being here on earth with me. I am fortunate I had a good, close relationship with him throughout my life. He was and is a great man. I am sure his influence will be with me. Will you help that to be so?
I feel inside that you have answered that in the affirmative, so I will carry on the legacy left by my father. He was a deeply spiritual man. I have chosen to change to a different religion than the one he raised me in, but I still have many of the same beliefs. I am sure by now he knows my decision was not wrong. We never talked about it in depth. If I hurt him, I am sure the hurt is over by now.
Lord, what can I do to go on from here? Help me to figure that out. I nearly abandoned my marriage, but I am so glad I did not. I know there will be further temptations to do that. I need to remain strong; I need to get stronger. Lord, my heart is for you. We have long talked about that. We have a relationship forged over many trials and experiences. Your help has always carried me through, usually with very little damage. Even though my heart is for you, I believe that it was okay that I remarried, even though the New Testament does not encourage remarriage. You know the circumstances of my first marriage. I will not go into it all here. It was harder than I expected to adjust to my divorce. I do not think it would be beneficial emotionally to go through a second.
Lord, my husband does not want to admit he is ever going to die. I can understand that since I did not admit my own mortality either. The problem though is that he is not getting his affairs in order so I can be taken care of in the event of his death. What can I do to help that process along? What rights do I already have? I wish I knew more about the law, inheritance, marriage, etc. Colorado has different laws than Utah. Anyway, guide me to my next step in this process. It is starting to concern me. Maybe the next step is to consult a lawyer and discuss a few things. Lawyers are so expensive, but I could make an expensive mistake in not seeing one. Will you help me find the right lawyer, if seeing a lawyer is the right next step for me?
It does not appear that seeing a lawyer is the next step. Then what is? Should I read a book? I would want a book that covers Colorado laws. Is there a book online with the information I need?
I found a book that may offer some information I need. It is specifically about Colorado. I have not ordered it yet, but I will take a further look. It may help me determine my next steps.



Tonight for dinner, with my husband’s help, I fixed a stir-fry of 90% pasture-raised ground beef, yellow onions, red potatoes, organic celery and carrots, broccoli, olive oil, and tamari sauce. We cooked it to perfection. Logging the meal in Cronometer was not an exact science, but it looks like I went about 59 calories over my calorie budget for the day. However, that will probably be okay as I can usually go up to 200 calories over. I may want to go for a walk this evening since I have not had any exercise today, except for my fingers.

Monday Morning

Today is New Year’s Eve. I did go for a walk yesterday evening and met another one of my neighbors. This morning I weighed another .2 pounds less than the day before: 124.6 from 124.8. It looks like the stir-fry last night was a good idea, and it is probably a good thing we did not consume it all. My husband consumed most of the leftovers in the night. I just finished what he did not eat.
I am glad my weight has been going down for three days in a row now. I believe with the help of garcinia cambogia, my metabolism is higher. I plan to consistently eat good food, record it, analyze it, and act according to the best of my growing body of knowledge.

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