Sunday, December 16th, Day 103, New TV

Sunday, December 16th, Day 103, New TV




If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
Today my husband’s son is coming over about noon to set up our new TV. I hope that does not change our lives too much!


My day started on a happy note. My weight is holding somewhat steady at 124.5 pounds. Christmas is just around the corner, so that will present a challenge, but I believe I can surmount it. My activity level the last few days has been very high. Not only have I been walking, but the movement involved in unpacking and organizing is increasing my level of fitness. I was sore for a few days, but not so sore that it stopped me. Today I am feeling okay.


I sorted the mail yesterday and found 27 pieces of mail addressed to someone other than ourselves. I am going to label the interior of our mailbox with our last names to help prevent that.


It would be advantageous to start my day with a few minutes of meditation.
I meditated to Finding Your Purpose in Insight Timer and then took a walk in the first floor hallway. No one was out yet this morning, at least not in our hallway.

Remembering My Guidance

I remember asking the Lord for guidance about pursuing a realtor back at the end of October. At that time, I could hardly dream of being here, but now I am living here and loving it. The Lord has blessed us to obtain a suitable place. My husband likes it here as well. I intend to make this condo a beautiful home for us. The main bathroom already looks like a place in a decorator magazine. The rest of the rooms need work, but I can do that gradually and make our home awesome.

Step Stool

Yesterday I showed my husband how our new step stool from Bed Bath & Beyond folds up to fit in the space between the refrigerator and the wall. That is pretty nifty. I have some additional coupons from that store in case we need anything more.


On Monday or Tuesday, we need to take the transport chair back to the Loan Closet. We will look for something in a little better condition to replace it. We will probably also take the wheelchair back, as my husband is not using it. The transport chair works the best for me because I can easily lift it into the jeep. The other wheelchair is a lot heavier.


Also on Monday, I need to call my mail order pharmacy and order some more meds. I hesitated to do that sooner because we did not know which mailbox we were using. Now I have resolved that issue.
I just took some thyroid medication. I missed that yesterday. I turned the heat up slightly and took off my jacket.

Blood Pressure

My blood pressure is 152/92–rather high. I am taking some km Mineral Supplement. Let me see if that will bring it down.

Breathing Room

I am finally getting some breathing room in my life. Life has been go, go, go for the past several weeks. Today, I am finding the time to check my weight, meditate, take a walk, take my thyroid pill, and check my blood pressure.


Now it is time for gratitude. Last night I asked my husband, as I often do, to pray for us. He said simply, “Lord, I feel gratitude.”
I am grateful to be here. Even though I do not have my desktop computer set up yet, I have this laptop. I am grateful for that. I am grateful that the adapter I re-ordered for it finally came from China, even though it took a long time. I am grateful for our warm condo. Our neighbors said it is easy for them to keep their condo warm. I hope the same is true for us.
I am grateful I could bring a few things back from Utah. Among other things, I brought seven books: my hymnal, a scrapbook from my teenage years, two journals from spiritual turning points in my life, Feeling Good by David Burns M.D., Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, M.D., and Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.


I kind of wish I had brought my biochemistry book too. However, I can download the pdf version of the eighth edition of Biochemistry for $10. That will take less shelf space. I have editions four and six; it will be great to get an update.


I just had breakfast and logged it in Cronometer. If I can get back on track with my eating, that will make me feel a great deal better. I have some ice cream in the freezer, but I can let my husband eat it. He likes the flavor I bought for him yesterday: Moose Tracks. There is something about peanut butter and chocolate together that is so good. Maybe I can figure out how to do it without all the sugar. Let me put that idea on the back burner and come up with something.
I am happy, and that is what matters. I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed by my husband’s wardrobe. Hopefully I can figure out where to put everything. He selected a few clothing items to donate, but not many. Maybe I will get a chance to sort through them again with him today. Or perhaps we can make today a day of rest and leave that task until tomorrow.


I just figured out that church is less than three miles away. It is a bit late to go there for the early service, where Jacque will be. Maybe I can do something else for worship. Church service is too loud for my hyperacusis. I can use ear plugs, but they are either too hard to get in or cause pain in my ears. Hyperacusis is a condition I got from an ear injury in 2011 that causes me to be hypersensitive to sound, even painfully so.
I enjoy listening to Joel Osteen online. I believe we can watch him on TV as well. He helps me keep a positive perspective, which I think has really helped me through some of the trials we have had the past few months. Let me pause and think about the trial I had in being kicked out of my husband’s retirement complex. As a result, I now have joint tenancy in this condo with my husband. Our condo offers advantages the retirement complex did not. So far I love it here. We do not have a meal ticket, but that meal ticket was resulting in weight gain for both me and my husband. We simply did not need that much food. So getting kicked out has actually led us to something better than we had before. We probably would not have left otherwise, and that would have drained our principal. Instead, we now have a chance to save some money every month.
So, yes, trials can lead to blessings: wonderful blessings. This morning I finally got the table cleared off. That was a big pile of mail to go through! I can breathe for a minute and do some writing.

Monday Morning



Yesterday around noon, my husband’s son and his four-year-old daughter came to our condo. His son worked on getting our 50” Samsung smart TV installed. He did not have the screws to mount it on the wall mount, but he set up the TV on feet, where we could watch it, and said he would order the screws and an antenna from Amazon and come over later to mount the TV on the wall. He connected the TV to Spectrum, which is a Minneapolis-based cable company he works for, and installed Spectrum’s app onto our TV.
Afterwards my husband and I spent hours watching TV. We had not watched any TV since I came here from Utah in July, except a bit in the rehab center, where my husband was treated for 30 days. We watched Gilligan’s Island, Happy Days, Love Boat, Star Wars “Return of the Jedi”, and a Peter Jennings news program reviewing 2018. The screen is so large, it was almost like being there. You can see every mole on the actors’ faces.
My husband did not think we would spend so much time every day watching TV. I admit, yesterday was a binge.
I binged on the Mouse Tracks ice cream as well yesterday, but thankfully I did not gain any weight yesterday.
I took a shower this morning for the first time in our condo. We had plenty of water pressure and hot water. I am grateful for that. Our new shower curtain blocks most of the light, so it is a bit dark in the tub. Hopefully, that is not going to be a problem for my husband.


Donna from the Loan Closet called to set up an appointment for the wheelchair, so I have that errand this morning.

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