Saturday, September 15th, Day Eleven, Wine

Saturday, September 15th, Day Eleven, Wine





Slowly my weight is going down again.  I had almost 200 calories left in my calorie budget yesterday.  I am at 119.7 pounds.  It is 5:36 AM.

Intermittent Fasting

I fasted most of the morning yesterday.  That set me up to consume fewer calories throughout the course of the day.  I read and obtained Dr. Joseph Mercola’s book, Fat For Fuel. He advocates intermittent fasting.  Fasting appears to be a key part of any weight loss program.  I am familiar with once-a-month fasts.  Dr. Mercola advises fasting once a day, for at least fifteen hours or so.  My metabolism does not permit a high percentage of fat, at least not currently, yet I find much of his advice helpful.  I suggest that any sincere dieter be familiar with Dr. Mercola, even if you cannot follow all of his advice, which is prolific.


Another expert I like is Dr. Mark Hyman, an exuberant functional medicine doctor.  I took a look at The Daniel Plan, a program Dr. Hyman was involved with, where a large group lost thousands of pounds collectively.
Speaking of Daniel, I also read The Brain Warrior’s Way by Daniel and Tana Amen.  Dr. Daniel Amen uses brain imaging to gauge improvements resulting from lifestyle changes.  His good news is that lifestyle improvements do indeed improve brain image scans.  It is not necessary to be scanned to experience improvements, but when we measure things, it can improve our motivation and results.
That is why having a bathroom scale makes a huge difference.  There is a huge controversy over how often you should weigh yourself.  Some experts advocate weighing no more often than once a week.  I prefer weighing each day.   Weighing provides valuable feedback.  Measure often.
Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, has done a lot of work in measuring brain frequencies.  His measuring equipment provides valuable feedback to people who are attempting to alter their brain states.  He can correlate their subjective experiences with the objective numbers on his equipment to train his students into getting into states of joy and creativity easier and faster.  It is a biofeedback system.
What you cannot measure, you cannot effectively change.  Find ways to measure your progress on any scale that matters to you, whether it is weight, money saved in the bank, money in sales, blood pressure, cholesterol, diopters for eyeglasses, waist circumference, brain waves, consecutive days meditated, or consecutive days off alcohol or sugar.
A tool that works for me is JV Life Tracker, where I can track activities and measure how many times I did them between any two dates.  (JV in JV Life Tracker stands for Joyful Vibrance.)

Mission and Purpose

The mission of Joyful Vibrance is to help people, including myself, achieve better mood and energy though lifestyle interventions.  Weight loss and maintenance are also addressed.
My husband has noticed that I have been very happy since I started writing this book.  It is partly from the lifestyle interventions and partly from a sense of purpose I experience in sharing this information.

Gratitude Practice

Here is my gratitude practice again this morning:
morning directions and goals
5-10 things i am grateful for:
1.  My niece is willing to drive my Cadillac to Colorado and is so cheerful about it.
2. A weight loss last night.
3. I am on my eleventh day of writing this awesome book.
4. Day One and Day Two are posted so far on my Joyful Vibrance blog.
5. We had maid service yesterday, and our residence is clean.
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
With what will the Universe surprise me, if I stay on my present course?
mood and energy
I have had a stable, higher (but not too high) mood for more than 24 hours now.
Even though I have felt tired lately, my energy level has supported my high activity level.
reason it’s important
next action(s)
I kept my husband happy last night.
Relationship, love, service
Keep being of service and see if it stretches me.
I posted Day Two on my blog yesterday and got “Readability OK” without any further edits.
Service, Health coaching, Purpose, Writing
Post Day Three on blog today.
I am starting to have a sense of purpose in what I am doing.
Listen to Finding Your Purpose meditation.
My mood is getting more stable at a higher level.
Health, Mental health
Stay with the weight loss program I am doing.
My marriage relationship is going well.
Relationship, love, commitment
Make my husband top priority.


I could do my meditation, but I feel like moving, so perhaps I should follow that feeling right now.  I sometimes walk the circle from the hallway near the living room, into the bathroom, then into the bedroom and out the other door of the bedroom, and around clockwise.  Or I can reverse and go counter-clockwise.
It is 7:06 AM.  I think I will dress and walk to the mailboxes.
I got quite a lot of mail.  At some point, I need to take a look at it.  I am feeling rather hungry.  I am wondering whether to eat now or later.
I am eating now.  It is 8:03 AM.
Let me attempt a meditation again.  I may have to tell my husband not to interrupt me during meditation.
Meditation relieved some of my stress.


My husband was not aware that he had interrupted my meditation yesterday.  That shows the importance of communication.  If I had harbored a grudge over it, that would have been disastrous to our relationship.  John Gottman, Ph.D. in The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work, makes it clear that contempt of any kind is corrosive to a marriage relationship.


I have had to change my perceptions about alcohol.  Yes, alcohol has its dangers, but it can also relieve stress, numb pain, and be a part of social relationships.  Jesus turned water into wine for a social event in his time.  If I let contempt get into my relationship, it will destroy it.
How can I avoid feelings about wine in my sub-conscious, feelings that I am not consciously aware of, that probably came from childhood?  I have to re-program my sub-conscious.  I have used the Bible to start doing that.  The Bible speaks of wine as a sign of prosperity (Isaiah 25:6, Joel 2:23-26).  Abigail brought wine to David.  Jesus provided wine for many.  Wine was used for the sacrament.  The Good Samaritan used wine during his good deed to provide healing.
Wine of course, should be used judiciously; it is not inherently evil any more than fire is.  Red wine is part of the Mediterranean diet, which is famous for its long-lived adherents.  That diet is not just food.  It is a lifestyle.  The people in that “blue zone” have strong social connections.
Now I handle wine all the time.  I do not drink much of it, but that does not matter.  The important thing is that it not engender contempt within me for my husband.  My marriage is worth preserving.


Now, let me think of what else I am going to do today.  I can work some more on that list from yesterday.  It is the weekend, so government offices will not be open, but I can figure out where they are, so I can go next week.  I have had to use a GPS to get around.  The first time I got out after getting here, I got lost.  My Android GPS stopped working.  I had to stop at a Verizon store and buy an upgraded Android in order to get home.
My navigation skills could definitely be improved.  Fortunately, I am starting to feel more comfortable about navigating around here.  The man I wrote almost every day for over a year told me that once he goes to a place, he can always get there again.  He can always find his way home.  I wish my sense of geography was that good.
I have been reading Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsely and learning memory techniques.  One important skill humans have, that I under-utilize, is the ability to make movies in our mind.  If we make mental movies about where we are going, and pay mindful attention to it, it improves our navigation.

Fruit and Caloric Density

I have eaten all our pears.  I have one banana in the freezer and three lemons.  That is all my fruit on hand.  Second thought, I bought some figs from  They are sugar-intensive, but they will satisfy a sweet tooth, nutrition included, with a good dose of potassium.  I think I will have one.  There.  I did.
The density of figs is about 2.5 calories per gram, higher than fruit typically is.  That is because they are dried.  When logging foods in Cronometer, pay attention to their caloric density.  It will give you a way to gauge how large of a serving you can have of that food.   Remember when I ate at the Garbanzo Mediterranean?  I tried to estimate the calories on the plate by the average density of the food.  I never figured out exactly how many calories my plate had.  I do not think it was quite 1500, but that estimate was probably not too far off.
Barbara Rolls of Pennsylvania State University believes we should eat no more than one calorie per gram on average each meal.  Most of the meals in my KaeLyn’s Korner Kitchen:  Complete Meals for the Healthy-Minded cookbook are less than one calorie per gram.  I display the calories per gram for each meal in a sidebar on each recipe.  Less than one calorie per gram is possible to do, even if a meal contains fat.
The trick is to use a good portion of fruits/and or vegetables.  A good way to start decreasing the caloric density of your meals is to add celery, cucumbers, and/or zucchini, as these three vegetables are especially low in caloric density.  Soups and smoothies usually have a low caloric density as well.  Commercial smoothies can be rather dense though, so make your own.  Salads with lots of greens, depending on the nature of the toppings (i.e. most of them should be vegetables) tend to be low in caloric density.  Stir-fries with lots of vegetables and not a lot of oil can also work.  If you want examples, take a look at my cookbook.


I spent some time near my husband.  He likes me to be near him all the time, but the bed and the computer are a room apart, making it impossible for me to be near him and work on my writing at the same time.  Maybe I can entice him to come out and sit in his rocking chair.
Now he is sitting in his rocker, going through the mail.  I took a look at my mail as well.  I feel a bit hungry.  It is not quite lunch time yet.  I am just a tad nauseous.  I had a high-fat breakfast, except for the fig.  I like the taste of high-fat food, but I must admit, carbs make me feel better.  I had 24.2 net carb grams so far today.  I would say that is low-moderate for one meal.
I think what I will do is have some gingered lemonade.  The ginger should relieve my mild nausea.  If that does not work, the carbs in the lemon will bring me around.  It has been my intention for some time to study in-depth each of the 32 antioxidants in lemons.
That remedy has resolved my nausea and my hunger.  My hunger was probably just nausea.  I just served my husband lunch with the leftovers from what I steamed last night.

Omega-6/Omega-3 Ratio

I am taking my supplement cocktail and logging my lunch of garden salad, ranch dressing, roasted chicken breast, and a Turkish fig.  I discovered that the Newman’s Ranch Dressing we got from the Flyin’ Bee restaurant is very high in omega-6 fatty acids.  I had to take four fish oil capsules to balance the omega-6/omega-3 ratio back down to less than 4.0.  Usually, three capsules are more than necessary to keep that ratio down.



Protein to Net Carb Ratio

My lunch is Dr. Barry Sears’ Zone balanced with a .70 ratio of protein to net carbs (total carbohydrate grams minus the fiber grams).  That ratio works very well for me in terms of satisfying my appetite and keeping me satisfied.  If you want to experiment with protein, I recommend trying to keep your protein to net carb ratio between 0.5 and 1.0, aiming at .75.  You may be shocked at what you can accomplish as far as weight loss in that range.

Fat Percentage

Experiment with different percentages of fat.  I would recommend using at least 30% fat, going up to 50% and even more unless you have the kind of symptoms I have from high-fat meals without being able to resolve them over time.  (I tried for quite a while.)
My husband has returned to the bedroom after lunch.  It is time for me to do JV Life Tracker for yesterday.


Instead of doing JV Life Tracker, I worked on editing Day Three.  It is now 3311 words long.  It is 3:02 PM, and I am hungry, despite already eating more than an ounce of raw cashews.  My intake so far today is 1082 calories, which is kind of low.  I want to save enough room for dinner though.  If I eat anything substantial, I am going to blow that.
Let me evaluate the situation.  Again, I may simply be dehydrated.  I can take some butterbur for my headache.  That works about as well as Tylenol.  Let me start with that.
I took butterbur with a large glass of water.  Then I took a shower.  I also got away from the computer.  That combination helped relieve my headache.  I also got my eyes shampooed with fragrance-free baby shampoo to relieve my DEBS condition.
Now the hunger.  I could wait another hour before eating.   Or I could have a very small snack, which might not relieve my hunger.  I think I will spend some time with my husband.  I need to get away from the computer for a while.  I have been typing almost non-stop for the past eleven days.




I ate some gluten-free crackers.  They relieved my hunger pains, but I got tired and could not do any more, not even help my husband to the bathroom.  I talked to my husband about how tired I am getting from living his life and mine.  I certainly have been doing a lot of running around for him and getting up after going to bed at night to feed him.
I laid down for awhile, got up and got us a little supper, then laid down again.  Now I am up again, obviously.  I still need to clean the kitchen.  My husband wants more supper:  hamburger and onions.  I just cannot do it all.  Should I give up on my writing project?  It is the one thing that is making me happy.  I could write a little less each day.  That would not endanger my project.  Perhaps I should consider that.


I fixed dinner for my husband.  We had already eaten avocados, so I did not have many calories left in my budget.  I ate some dinner with him.  We had 93% lean hamburger; half an extra large red onion, chopped; a medium zucchini, Julienne-cut with the Kutter; and olive oil.  I went about 125 calories over my calorie budget.  Hopefully that is not too much.
It is now 9:30 PM, my bedtime.  I got most of the kitchen cleaned.  I am not overly happy about my day.  I got too tired and complained too much to my husband.  He apologized for running me ragged.  Caring for someone who is disabled is a lot of work.  Fortunately, I do not have to run to the store for groceries.  We get them delivered.  That helps a lot.  I am mostly happy so far with my marriage, despite my husband’s disability.  I got a second wind tonight and was able to fix my husband the meat and vegetables he requested.  Tomorrow is Sunday.

Evening Prayer

Before I retire, let me record a prayer.
Dear Lord,
This has been a long day.  I managed to post Day Three on my blog, which makes me happy.  A part of me though is dissatisfied with how I behaved today.  I lost my magnanimity.
First of all, will you forgive me for giving in to my tiredness?  Will you give me new resolve with my diet?  I think I am going to gain tonight.  One key to success in dieting is simply endurance.  It is easy at first when weight loss is quick.  Then it gets tougher.
Lord, I am kind of stressed out about my Cadillac.  I was manic when I bought it.  I would not have made the purchase normally.  I did not even need a car.   You counseled me to keep it, however.  I have enjoyed it, even though it has been a financial burden.  Will you help me do the wisest possible thing with it?  I am planning to bring it here.  My niece has offered to drive it to Colorado.  I have much to do to arrange getting it here safely.  Help me through all that.
Lord, bless my husband.  I am glad he is happy with our marriage.  We waited far too long to get married, but I had to first reach a point of acceptance about his alcoholism.  Help me to remember the Twelve Steps.  AA teaches that sobriety and sanity can be maintained by relying on a Higher Power.
Lord, I remember a movie about polar bears I watched once:  Arctic Tale.  A female polar bear was on the brink of starvation.  She swam many miles to another island.  She found a male polar bear who was willing to share his food with her.  She lived.  I feel like that female polar bear.  I have found a male polar bear who is willing to share his food with me.  My husband has always been good about that.  I feel I am saved from starvation.  Maybe my situation was not that dire, but I needed a male for survival.  
Lord, thank you for giving me more endurance than I realized I had.

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