Saturday, October 20th, Day Forty-Six, Laptop Computer

Saturday, October 20th, Day Forty-Six, Laptop Computer



I think I will take my new laptop computer to the rehab center with me for the first time today.  If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, start with Day One.

Morning Prayer

Dear Lord,

I am grateful for this morning for three working computers:  my desktop computer, my new laptop computer, and my husband’s computer, not to mention our three cell phones.

I am a bit discouraged because my weight went up last night.  The sugary almond milk I suspect is partly to blame.  Help me to recover from my mistake and get rid of the rest of the almond milk.  I bought four half gallons, which fortunately were half-price.  I hate to throw out food, but if it is harmful, what can I do?  The price of healthy food I believe is always worth it for what it saves in medical bills later on.  Conversely, unhealthy food is not worth it because of what it costs in medical bills.

Lord, I feel fortunate that I slept, even though it was hard to fall asleep last night, even with my medication.  Because I took a while to fall asleep, I do not know how many hours I slept, probably not enough.

Lord, I am about to try something new.  I can put my journal on the Microsoft One Drive and share my blog between my desktop and laptop, so I can work on it with either computer.  Whether this strategy will work, I do not know, but it is worth a try.

Typing my Prayer
Lord, I knelt down this morning to pray, but the words tumbled in my mind without making sense.  You urged me to type out my prayer, so I am trying to make sense of what I am feeling and want to express.  


Portable Computer

I could pray all day, but the Lord himself advised against much speaking in public prayers.
So, how can I make the most of my day?  It is Saturday.  Traffic is usually a little lighter getting to the rehab center.  Today I could even take my new laptop with me as a portable computer.  However, I do not have a carrying case for it.  I have one in Utah, but I did not bring it with me.  I do have a bag that is about the right size, but it is not padded.  Maybe I could make some padding.  Bubble wrap will not work because I put a computer on plastic once, and it overheated and died.  In case I forget to shut my computer down, I had better not do that.
I wrapped the laptop computer in one of my husband’s sweaters.  It fits nicely in the bag.  The sweater, computer, adaptor, USB drive, and carrying bag are all just 6.3 pounds.  That will work.  Is it safe enough?  I think it is, if I am careful.

Cloud Computing

Copying Instead of Installing
Now I will attempt to install The Journal onto the OneDrive and do some Cloud computing.
That does not work because the OneDrive does not list as one of the possible drives.  I could possibly copy it from the USB drive to OneDrive.  It may not work, but it is worth a try.  OneDrive just had to be set up.  Now it is copying.
Syncing the OneDrive
I can get it to run on OneDrive!  However, syncing is a nightmare with 500+ megabyte files.
Also, I could not access my journal on the laptop computer after it synced.  I do not know why.  My program seemed to know I was using a different workstation.  It asked me to create a new journal rather than accessing the one I had.  In addition, now I cannot access the journal on OneDrive with the desktop computer!
USB Drive
I could put my journal on my USB drive and move it from computer to computer.  That way however, I will not have it backed up in the Cloud all the time, and the backups to the drive itself take forever.  I do not think it is safe to keep your intellectual property on a USB drive alone.
I could use my laptop computer on the go and put blog notes in Evernote.  I can access them when I return.  That way syncing will not be such a big deal.  However, that is not much of an improvement over using a cell phone.  That will also not work if I do not have access to this desktop computer.
Laptop Only
If I had just the laptop computer, I could install The Journal on it and use it there.  I could even use OneNote, but syncing again could be a problem with the 500+ megabyte files.  It might be okay though if I am using OneNote on just one computer.
Journal 8
I am very disappointed I cannot get a Cloud computing to work for my journal program for two computers.  Maybe The Journal 8 addresses problems like these and has a Cloud solution.  I just have The Journal 7.
Syncing The Journal
There is another option.  I do not need to buy The Journal 8 yet.  I can sync my USB drive with the desktop computer and use the USB drive on the laptop computer.  That way I will always have two copies that are close to being up-to-date, and my work will be backed up to the Cloud on the desktop computer.  The process of syncing can be cumbersome, but I can customize it to go more quickly.   I am working on the USB copy right now.  Let me see if I can sync back quickly.
It is not too bad, especially for a single entry.  I have now synced it several times and feel confident I can do it correctly.

At the Rehab Center

Notary Public
I took Lyft to the rehab center today, and I am there now.  My husband was eating lunch with his son when I arrived.  My step-son got a notary public from the rehab center to notarize a financial power-of-attorney form.  She had a corgi therapy dog with her that I enjoyed petting.  My step-son promised to assure payment of my husband’s medical, tax, and housing bills.  He wants to put my name on my husband’s checking and credit card accounts, so I can pay the day-to-day bills.  I believe he is financially responsible and capable, so this is a good move.  He wants my support in getting all of that done.
I did not bring any nuts today, and I am hungry.  I could get something at the bistro, but there is no one there right now.  My neighbor friend invited me to go with her to dinner tonight, so I should probably forgo a snack in favor of eating my calories at dinner.
Using My Laptop Computer
I am still getting used to this brand new laptop computer.  The keyboard feels okay.  The right touch pad mouse click does not work, but there is a work-around for it on the numeric keypad.  I stayed up last night figuring out the work-around.  I think it is going to work out well for blogging.  It appears that the battery is good for a while, so I do not even have it plugged in.
My husband is starting to doze.  He still needs a lot of skilled assistance.  He probably will not be capable of handling his finances anymore.  I pray that things will go okay with his son handling them.  I have reasons to believe I am in good hands.  He has been the executor of an estate before, so he has some relevant experience.
You may wonder how I feel right now.  I am hungry, tired, and thirsty.  I am also a tad lonely because my husband is going to sleep.
Mom thought I should be financial power of attorney.  That would have been good in a way, but the tax situation is a bear.  I am glad my step-son is willing to take it on.  It needs to be handled soon.  He and is wife will soon check with the executive director about my status as a resident.  I hope I can become a resident, but I cannot place my bets on it.

Sunday Morning



The Lyft ride back to the retirement complex was relaxing.  First the first time, I had a woman driver.  She was a bit stressed from her day of driving, but we had a good conversation.


The semi-formal dinner with my neighbor at the retirement complex was lovely.  I ordered trout almondine with mashed potatoes and gravy, and peas and sweet red peppers.  Chicken broth and chamomile tea gave me extra liquid.  We sat with two other ladies and had a positive conversation with the four of us.  I also met several other people at other tables.  The staff served the meal in the most courteous fashion.  All I needed to do to pay for it was to give them my husband’s last name and resident number.

Library and Pool

My neighbor took me to the library, the mailboxes, and the pool area afterwards.  I started a library card where I can sign out books, which is done on the honor system.  She showed me where there is a register at the fitness center to sign in.  I did not learn whether I needed to be with a resident to work out there.

Syncing Computers

This morning, I was able to sync my desktop computer journal with what I wrote on the laptop computer yesterday, so all went well with that.


I so much want to stay at this retirement complex.  Soon I will learn my fate.  My step-son and his wife are still working on negotiations for me.  My step-son has promised to personally arrange a place for me to live if I get kicked out of here, and now he has financial power-of-attorney for my husband’s finances, so he has access to the money to assure that it happens.  I was a bit worried that my husband was not going to be able to sign a lease.  Now that will not be a problem.  I can rest my cares in the Lord.
Our situation may not be ideal, but it is working out.  I do not have to take full responsibility for my husband, which is comforting.  I do not have full control either, but that is okay.  My husband has expressed some concern in the past about his son’s take-charge behavior.  I hope my husband will not be paranoid about it because I think his son is capable and loving.  His son arranged for him to come back to Colorado in the first place.  Not long ago, my husband would not have wanted to relinquish control of his finances to his son, but I think it is the only reasonable way to go now.

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