Saturday, November 3rd, Day Sixty, Alex Emrick

Saturday, November 3rd, Day Sixty, Alex Emrick



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
I woke up early this morning, then went back to bed, and slept in.  It is past noon, and I just plugged in the Androids and found a text message from Alex, my realtor.  He wanted to know the address of the rehab center.
I want to leave soon, but the Androids need some charge.  I have a portable external battery in my purse, but I think it is low on charge too.
I just got the mail.

Not Cleared

I got to the rehab center not long before Alex, the realtor, arrived.  The licensed practical nurse, Mike, came in the bistro and told us that therapy had not cleared my husband to leave the rehab center, even for an hour or two.  Mike said he was a fall risk.  I was angry because I thought he had been cleared.

Measurements with Alex

Alex, the realtor, arrived and took me back to the condo by himself.  We measured the storage compartment in the basement.  It is 4’ X 8’ X 10’.  We measured the entrance to the building to be 36” wide; the elevator door was 41” wide.  Checking the condo itself, the doorway to the condo was 32” wide; the other doorways inside the condo were at least 31” wide.  We measured the two bedrooms.  The master bedroom was 12.5’ X 11’ and the second bedroom was 10’ X 11’.
We had measured the width of the wheelchair, including the handrails:  26” wide.  Everything is wide enough for a wheelchair.  I wanted to be sure of that and also figure out the width of the seat for the wheelchair I should get.  That will be an 18” wide seat.
Alex drove me back to the rehab center afterwards.

Not Giving Up and Letting Alex Know

I was about ready to give up on getting the condo, and maybe try for something else later.  I hated to encourage my husband to buy something he has never seen.  However, after I called Alex, talked to him, and informed him of that, my husband said he would hate to lose a chance on the property, so I called again and passed on that message as a voice message to Alex.
Mom encouraged me to call the clinical liaison representative from our retirement community, Denise, who may know whether it will be possible to get my husband out to look at the property while he is undergoing therapy here in the retirement community.  Denise attended the therapy meeting on Thursday and described the treatment options here.  I will call her Monday.
We talked to Angela, a nurse at the rehab center, who will leave a note for Mike who blocked our excursion.  The intent is to ask if my husband can go out even before he is released Wednesday, though it looks like the rehab center is skittish about letting him go just before his release date, in case something happens.
I visited with my husband until well past 8:00 PM.  I took a pleasant Lyft ride home with Natasha in a brand new Ford Focus.

Home Again

I came home and cleaned the kitchen.  It is already time for bed.  My neighbor, Jacque, called me while I was at the rehab center and invited me to go to church with her tomorrow.  I said I was not sure because I was planning to stay at the rehab center until late.  She reminded me that it was the end of daylight savings time.  I said that would help.
Should I go or not go to church?  I always have to fight with my earplugs at church.  They do not want to stay in my ears.  The service is too loud for me without them and sometimes even with them.  I simply do not feel like going this week, and I am not going to guilt myself into going.

Alex Saved My Day

I am out of strategy for the moment.  It is less than a month before I am out of here, and I do not know where I am going.  It is hard to take initiative, when everyone around me wants to do it their own way.  The realtor, Alex, though is a dream.  He saved my day.  Deborah, the cook at the rehab center who referred me to him, said he was very hard-working and energetic.  Her words are verified so far.

Sunday Morning

My weight is up even more to 121.6.  My goal to lose fifteen pounds without sacrificing my mood or energy needs to be revisited.  How can I do that with so much chaos is in my life, so much uncertainty, so much stress?
Thankfully, I am still less than my starting point.  I have established the habit of writing and posting.  That alone is a huge achievement.
In addition, my relationship with my husband is probably better than it has ever been.  I have always called him ‘my husband’ in this book/blog rather using his name, and now he is asking me why I do not use his name when talking about him to others.  I guess that has just become my habit.  It is part of an attempt to preserve his privacy on the Internet.

Alex Emrick

Alex Emrick, on the other hand, is a public person, so I will use his real name.  He is a rising star in his field.  I give him at least seven stars out of five so far.
Let me pray this morning for direction.  Before, I do that though, let me close out Saturday’s post and start afresh for Sunday.

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