Saturday, November 17th, Day Seventy-Four, Thoughts Become Things

Saturday, November 17th, Day Seventy-Four, Thoughts Become Things



Today I am reflecting on how the thoughts of my mind are materializing into matter.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
I am sipping some organic vanilla unsweetened almond milk, trying to find just the right food record in Cronometer to represent its nutritional content.  It is 40 calories per cup.
I found something that is close:  365 Everyday Value, Organic Almond Milk, Unsweetened Vanilla, which is 40 calories per cup.

Blood Pressure

I took my thyroid medication today.  Now I am going to check my blood pressure.  It is a little high.  I will take my km Mineral Supplement and check it again.  My health coach said that my blood pressure medication, lisinopril, cannot be used on an as-needed basis.  I have been using it that way for years, and it was working for me.  If I have to use it every day, that will force my blood pressure too low, and I could have fainting spells, so I hope to control my blood pressure without medication.  However, it looks like that is not happening during this time of stress.  Let me check it again.
It has come down to 135/87, but that is still high.  However, my health coach said she was not worried if it is less than 140/90.  I recorded 135/87 for her.  The supplement seems to be lowering it.  However, it takes a while to take effect.  Also, if I keep losing weight, my blood pressure may gradually come down.  Lowering my stress level will not hurt it.  Good thoughts may lower it too.
Taking a long shower, I shampooed and rinsed my long hair and shampooed my eyes.  I also scrubbed my feet with a pumice stone.

To Do List

I checked off many items on a to do list I made earlier this week.  I have finally reached a point where I can relax a bit.  We still do not have a mover arranged, but we can let that slide a day or two if needed.

Radon Test

The radon test for the condo came in at an average of 1.3 pCi/L.  Our realtor was concerned the results of the test might be a deal breaker for us, if it was over 4.0 pCi/L.  He said there is quite a lot of radon gas here in Colorado.   It looks like we are okay, which is a relief.



Thoughts About the Movers

I talked with Mom, who has done a lot of moving in her life, about my moving plans.  She thought that leaving an extra day for cleaning between possession of the condo and moving into it would be wise, in case the former occupants do not leave it clean.  She reminded me to make sure the movers do not pack my keys, purse, or trash.  She suggested I check with the movers to make sure they clean up after themselves.  Mom suggest we label all the boxes by what room they are supposed to go into.  We could check if the mover will discard selected items.  I found a service who will, if they will not.
My husband had a bad experience with the movers who moved him here from Utah.  He lost a great number of items, and there was no organization to the boxes that were moved.  Things got taken apart and not put back together.  With the right thoughts, I can find a mover who will prevent these problems.

Thoughts About the Condo

Alex, our realtor, is having some trouble getting recent HOA documents.  According to the listing agent, there have not been any recent meetings.  That seems odd.  I have had mixed thoughts about this.  Hopefully, the situation is not serious enough to nix the deal.  I have not talked to Alex about it yet.  My husband wants to wait until Monday.



Thoughts About Going To Church with Jacque

It is now 8:13 PM.  Jacque, my neighbor, invited me to go to church with her tomorrow.  I told her I have been on the verge of exhaustion.  I would like to go, but I would have to be ready by 7:30 AM in the morning.

Thoughts About JV Life Tracker

I am tired tonight.  My husband pointed out that I still had a batch of clothes in the washer.  I did better at managing all my mundane chores when I used JV Life Tracker, but I have not kept it up for a number of days.  Would it be worth it to resume that activity even before we move?

Thoughts About My Big Four

Today, I have kept my diet diary in Cronometer, which is an improvement.  I also did some writing in this book/blog.  My thoughts are if I can get my Big Four going again, that would be great.  Whether I can do that before the move, I do not know, but afterwards I believe I will have time to settle down and do it again.

Laptop Adapter

The laptop adapter I ordered to replace the one I lost is being shipped by China Post.  It is supposed to arrive by November twenty-eighth.  I hope it will not be that long, but it could take until then.  According to Amazon, it is now in the United States.  If all goes well with the move, I will not need a laptop.

Mind To Matter, Thoughts Become Things

I read a portion of Mind To Matter by Dawson Church to my husband.  I read the book earlier this year after arriving in Colorado.  I can see how my thoughts of my mind are gradually becoming matter.  Just last year I thought my relationship with the man who later became my husband was hopeless and would never result in marriage.  Later, I changed my thoughts to believe we could do it.  Now we have a decent marriage.
Not long ago, it did not look like my husband would ever quit drinking again, but I dared to hope he would.  Now he is sober.  I hoped against hope that he would walk again.  He is not walking a 5K, but he is getting to the bathroom on his own.  As my thoughts are changing, so is my reality.
Getting the condo, which still is not a reality, started as a concept in my mind.  If I had done nothing to follow through on my idea, we would not be this far along in acquiring a place to live.  Maybe it is not perfection, but I feel like things are starting to take shape.  I just need to keep forming a picture in my mind of how I want things to be and I can watch thoughts materialize into matter.

Thoughts About the HOA

I have some thoughts about the HOA.  The HOA could be in snarls over the arbitration dispute.  It may have to reorganize.  There is reason to believe that would happen, if necessary.  Less than six months ago, the HOA was pretty well run.  I noticed however that there was nothing in the budget for maintenance of the building exterior.  They are probably relying on insurance (and arbitration) to pay for exterior maintenance.  That may not be entirely wise.  There probably should be a budget item for it.  If I was one of the homeowners and went to the annual meeting, I could possibly raise that as a question.
My realtor is raising some questions over the state of affairs.  I do not want to worry, but writing something about it in this book/blog is therapeutic.  Let me organize my thoughts and questions.  I do not feel quite capable of serving on the board myself, but I have had thoughts about that possibility.
My husband is snoring in the bedroom.  We have been sleeping on the floor and probably will until we get a new bed after we move.  Sleeping on the floor has not been too bad.  I think my thoughts can materialize a new queen-sized bed.  I found a place near the condo who can sell us a new bed, deliver it to our condo, and get rid of the mattress at our current location.
Sunday Morning
I lost 0.1 pounds last night.  Last night my husband and I shared a delivery meal of barbecued spare ribs, baked sweet potato, steamed green beans, chili, Caesar salad without the dressing, and velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  I ate one of the three ribs.  I guesstimated the meal in Cronometer, entering a medium spare rib.  I changed that to a large spare rib this morning, which is probably more accurate.  Though it would have been nice to lose more weight than I did, it is surprising I lost any at all after eating such a rich meal.
We ordered two meals, but received only one.  That was lucky because considering my “clean my plate” mentality, I may have tried to eat a whole meal and sharing it was more than ample.  We ordered pork chops and cheese cake, but received substitutions.  The cafe’s menu was not on the order phone line.  They have recently reopened after remodeling, and everything is changed, even the number for their delivery line.  Their menu is online, but we have not set up access to it.  Whether we should bother for the short time we have left here, I have not decided.  It would probably be worth it, but do I have time to do it?

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