Saturday, November 10th, Day Sixty-Seven, Mobility

Saturday, November 10th, Day Sixty-Seven, Mobility



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

Better Mobility to Look at the Condo

Today I have been busy serving my husband and helping him with his mobility.  We drove over to and looked at the condo.  My husband was impressed that it was in perfect condition.  He also liked the fact that it was larger than the space we have currently.  Getting my husband into and out of the jeep today was a breeze.  He actually did it all by himself.  His mobility is improved, and he is much stronger and more coordinated than he has been in the recent past.  The therapy must have improved his mobility more than I realized.
We got to the condo and out of the jeep.  I got my husband into the transport chair.  We were headed towards the handicap ramp before Alex, the realtor, arrived.  Alex was impressed by how prompt we were and how well we were doing with our mobility.  I said we were learning by doing.

Rehab Equipment for Mobility, Etc.

In the early afternoon, my husband’s son came over and set up the rehab equipment for us.  For mobility, it included a basic walker like the one he trained on in the rehab facility.  My step-son set it up and installed gliders on it that he had ordered separately.  He set up a handlebar assembly that goes around the toilet.  It is very well designed, allowing me to easily use the toilet as well.  It surrounds the toilet on three sides, with handle bars on each side and two braces that go behind the seat and lid but in front of the tank.  He also assembled a shower chair that has a seat with holes, back, and arms.  The rubber feet keep it from slipping in the shower.
My step-son also removed the wine from our residence without letting my husband know.  He was here just over an hour and got all of this accomplished.
Now my husband has adequate, portable equipment to improve his mobility and safety.

Plans to Make an Offer on the Condo

Later in the day, my husband said he felt he should make an offer on the condo.  I did not jump for joy, but I was very relieved.  I want to know where I am going to live once I get expelled from this place.

Alternate Plans

If we do nothing, my step-son will arrange a rental for me to live separately from my husband.  He mentioned that he knew of three possible rentals today, but he did not know whether they had wheelchair access.  My husband does not want to live separately from me and has said so repeatedly.  We arranged my husband’s mobility therapy to get services from outside of this retirement complex.  That means we can continue the therapy even if we move.

Sleep Medication

It is past 9:00 PM.  My husband does not want his sleep medication until 10:00 PM.  He says he only gets six hours of sleep with it.  So I need to stay up a while and then give him the meds.  That gives me an opportunity to write for a while.

Plans for Celebration to Not Include Wine

My husband wanted to celebrate making an offer on the condo with a glass of wine.  I managed to talk him out of it by mentioning other ways we could celebrate and reminding him of the improvement in his mobility that we want to protect.  I mentioned that we could make lemonade or hot chocolate, or perhaps Jacque would even let us have some of her microwave popcorn that she makes for herself every Sunday.  I let him know that his son removed the wine from the residence today.  I do not think he is very happy about it, but he did not whine and complain.  Also, earlier his son offered to reimburse him for the dollar value of the wine he planned to remove.
So far his son and I have helped to keep him sober.  My husband has not grabbed his phone and made a delivery order.  Thanks goodness I keep his wallet in my purse, so I have control of the credit card he would use to pay for it.  I think there must be a part of him that realizes it would be a giant step backward in his mobility if he were to drink.

My Goals

Let me think about my goals now.  Last night I gained quite a lot of weight from eating potato chips yesterday.  That needs to stop.  It can be as bad as eating sugar.  If I measure some out and record it in Cronometer, it might be okay, but to eat mindlessly from the bag is not going to work.
It looks like we are likely to get the condo.  Let me pray that will be so.  I believed from my prayers that it was okay to press ahead with it, even though I have had some doubts along the way.  Now possession of it is very likely to become a reality.  My husband wants to offer less than the asking price.  Because the arbitration dispute has kept the unit on the market for a while, it appears that the seller is motivated, so he/she may accept.  We will just have to see.  He/she may counteroffer.  My husband sees the arbitration dispute as an opportunity in our favor.  It has already depressed the price compared to units sold in the complex earlier.

Evening Prayer

Dear Lord,
If it be your will, let us purchase this condo so my husband and I can live together.  My husband has decided to make an offer on it.  I informed Alex, and he will be getting back with me tomorrow.  My step-son is opposed to the idea, but his plan is for my husband to live here at this retirement complex and for me to live off-campus in a separate apartment.  That plan would be very expensive and inconvenient.  Not only will we have to pay rent for two separate residences, we will need to duplicate many things such as Internet service and water filters.  I would have to drive back and forth daily, which would exhaust me to the bone.  With a condo, we have Home Owners Association (HOA) fees, insurance, taxes, and utilities, but not two huge rent bills.
Lord, this is a wonderful turn of events.  There may be obstacles still, but we have surmounted so many of them already.  May I have confirmation that getting this condo is the right path to pursue?
Thank you for that, Lord.
Sunday Morning
Last night I slept well again on the floor.   Many details are yet to be determined, but I feel a sense of peace now about the future.  The condo will not be big enough for all of our stuff, but there is a storage unit place less than a mile from the condo with a 4.9 Google rating.
I recorded my breakfast in Cronometer.
My husband is up, looking at the snow flurries, fascinated.   He is wondering whether if there is going to be a blizzard.  I just submitted an order for groceries, which should arrive within an hour.  It is only 7:51 AM.

I Love My Life!

It is very peaceful today.  Once again, I love my life.  My back injury from Wednesday is nearly healed.  I have hope.  I have been able to keep my writing going, and now I am starting to have more time for it again.  At last, I am starting to feel more rested, even though I have been sleeping on the floor with my husband.  Like my husband promised me, things are going to work out.  I am going to start a new day and post this one.  I am so glad my husband’s mobility has improved, and he has the therapy and equipment to improve his mobility even further.

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