Saturday, December 29th, Day 116, Sugar-Free Birthday

Saturday, December 29th, Day 116, Sugar-Free Birthday



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.


For the day so far, I have logged my food in Cronometer. Fortunately, I lost a little weight yesterday. I am at 125.0 pounds, and I plan to set today as my sugar-free “birthday”. So today is Day One for that. Since today is Day 116 of this journey, I just need to subtract 115 to get my days sugar-free.

Reasons I Have Not Netted a Loss

I could catalog all the reasons I have not netted a loss on this journey so far. The biggest hurdle has been stress. I have been through an unbelievably stressful 115 days.
Cleaning My Plate
Another reason is that I never accommodated to eating at the retirement complex. Some days I would eat there and be okay. Other days I would eat way too much and gain weight. It was hard to be consistent. I did not break my rule of always cleaning my plate. The habit of always cleaning your plate is usually fattening if someone else is filling your plate. Now that I will be eating my own cooking for the most part, I think my chances of eating within my energy needs and goals are better. I want to keep my digital kitchen scale close and use it consistently.
Not Being Sugar-Free
Another problem is that I was not consistent with my goal to be sugar-free. I would be okay for a day or two and then I would eat sugar again. Desserts were included in our meals at the retirement complex. It is tempting to eat something that tastes good that you have already paid for. I think my sugar habit got started again when residents of our retirement complex put peer pressure on me to go through the dessert line. I could spend some time thinking about what we can do to combat peer pressure. I am sure that is a hurdle for many. Peer pressure can be a factor in drinking alcohol as well. That is why I just set a new sugar-free birthday, so I can get consistently sugar-free. Christmas is past, which should help.
Eating Too Fast
Another hazard is a practice my husband especially likes. He likes to eat off the same plate as I do. This would not be a problem if he did not eat so much slower than I do. I usually end up eating far more than half the food. I need to eat slower or quit sooner. I could also try putting less than two full servings on the plate.
Eating Restaurant Food
There are dozens of restaurants within a mile of this condo. Fortunately, my husband is not very motivated to eat at any of them. He prefers to have our food brought in via Instacart and fix our own meals. That should help. Much as I enjoy eating out, restaurant meals are usually a disaster for my waist line, not to mention the budget. Even getting take-out food via DoorDash is a hurdle. I love the Garbanzo Mediterranean, but whenever we fill our plates with their food, I eat too much and gain weight.
It would be great if we could eat as much as we want and never gain weight. However, I seem to always want the amount that will cause me to gain weight. Being sugar-free will help me reverse the weight gain I have had lately.


For a sugar-free lunch today, I am stretching two cans of Progresso Traditional Italian Wedding Soup with a large amount of filtered water, leftover turkey breast from Christmas, and fresh organic spinach. I figure that half the soup is the right number of calories for lunch. Because I added so much water (between three and four cups), the calorie density of the soup is very low. I may get filled up before I eat my half. The goal is to just eat that, instead of snacking on Kettle potato chips, which have a calorie density of more than 5.0. The nutrient density of the soup is fairly high because of the added spinach.
This is probably going to work. Now I just need to consistently think of strategies like this. If I do not have turkey on hand, I could use chicken breast. This strategy would probably work with other types of canned soups or even just with broth.
Now the next hurdle: when my husband gets up to eat his share, he will want to share it with me. How can I communicate that I ate my half already? He is salting his portion. Perhaps the broth is watered down too much. However, I thought it was okay without adding any salt. Commercial soups generally have way too much salt. Now I am watching him eat his soup. His appetite is usually later than mine, so it is a challenge to eat our meals together.


In addition to regaining my sugar-free status, I need to pay attention to getting consistent exercise. My knees are not as great as they were in my younger years. I need to pay attention to my knee health. I was taking glucosamine chondroitin. I could get in that habit again. I am not to the point of needing knee replacements yet, but caution is advised.
For now, walking the first floor hallway with a pedometer may help. I have done that several times already, but I did not do it this morning. I was in a hurry to get my blogs posted before my husband awakened. The hallway floor is probably not carpet-over-concrete like my apartment floor in Utah, which was very hard on my knees. However, I do not know for sure what is in the flooring. My husband suggested asking the building manager what the flooring is composed of. However, the building manager is on vacation for another week.
I just got a 20% off coupon for Office Depot. That would be great if I could get the coupon discount, the sale price, and still get the assembly. However, I think I must go through the local store to get the assembly. The Office Depot online chat said I could contact another company for assembly, but they had no idea how much the assembly would cost. I do not think I should undertake it myself or put my husband up to it.

Sunday Morning



I had way too much sodium yesterday with the Progresso Soup for lunch and tamari sauce over lentils yesterday evening. However, I did lose a bit of weight, and being sugar-free was probably the main reason. I now weigh 124.8 pounds from 125.0 pounds yesterday. I also had 100% of a daily value of potassium, even without the help of km Mineral Supplement. The soup, lentils, bananas, and spinach gave me most of potassium I need. My potassium/sodium ratio was 1.237.


I also kept my Cronometer log. That makes a huge difference. I not only eat better, I have a record of what I did, so I can evaluate my eating behavior and improve further. I can enjoy my sugar-free status by preparing creative meals for myself and husband.

Big Four

I would like to get back to what I call my Big Four: Cronometer, meditation, JV Life Tracker, and journal/blog. I have started back with two of those things: Cronometer and my blog. Now I want to add in my meditation and JV Life Tracker. I think I can work those two things back in very soon. It is still early. Let me do my meditation.
I did my meditation and my JV Life Tracker also. There are so many activities on my master task list in JV Life Tracker I have not been doing for a while. However, I did score over 1,000 points for yesterday. I am doing many of the important things.
This morning, my husband went in the clean kitchen and prepared his own omelette. I went, “Wow!” Then he opened the living room blinds by himself. Further wow! Now if I can persuade him to shave and bathe, that would be awesome.

Management Styles

I have been reading a 1980’s book called The Psychology of Leadership by Dr. Jard DeVille. He talks about the four types of management styles. There is the controlling, entertaining, supportive, and comprehending. My style is mostly supportive. My mother’s style is mostly controlling. She gets a lot done, but her style can antagonize people’s feelings. My husband’s style is mostly the comprehending style. All of these styles can be useful as long as each person also sees the value of the other three styles. If you think your way is the only right way, problems can arise.

Sunday Afternoon



For a sugar-free lunch, I ate turkey breast left over from Christmas with avocado and Harvest Stone tomato basil crackers. In addition, I consumed a small orange and some almond/coconut milk. My husband ate a portion off my plate, so I had about three-quarters of a portion. I was going to fix him a serving, but he said he was not that hungry. That worked out well in Cronometer. The turkey tasted great with the avocado and crackers also.
I notice that now I am preparing and recording my food again I am so much happier. This is the lifestyle that is right for me. The residents of our retirement complex went on and on about how much they loved the food there and loved living there. It was good, but living that lifestyle did not work out for my waist line. I thought I could adapt to it, and maybe I could have in time, but what I have now is so much better.

Enjoy the Journey

I hope you will continue on with me in this journey. I plan to continue, even though initially I thought I would reach my goal weight in 100 days or less. In reality, weight loss goals sometimes take longer than we originally planned. Even though the journey is longer than planned, there is no reason to abandon it. My progress should be more consistent now that I have resumed my sugar-free status. Thank you for being my reader. Enjoy as much of this journey as you would like.

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