Monday, October 29th, Day Fifty-Five, Stay Together

Monday, October 29th, Day Fifty-Five, Stay Together



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
I am starting to feel more rested.  It is already late morning, and I have not gotten ready to go to the rehab center yet.
Bad News
My step-son just called with some bad news.  I will not be able to stay in this retirement community.  That is a bummer.  He is going to help arrange a separate place for me to live.  Maintaining two places is going to be expensive.  However, if the place is big enough, I can move some or all of my things from Utah.
I know my husband wants to stay with me, so he may vote for a place where we can be together.  However, we need a place for him that will meet his needs.  Just any old apartment will not do.  This is a serious matter.  Let me pray about it.

Morning Prayer

Dear Lord,
My step-son and his wife have done all they can to negotiate a way for me to stay here.  Their efforts have failed.  Within five weeks, I will need to move to another place.  What can I do to make the most of this turn of events?  How will we handle the finances?  Can I handle the driving back and forth?  How will I be able to care for my husband?  Can we communicate if he will not use his phone?
Let me first acknowledge that you are in control.  You have a path for me.  I just need to stay in faith.


I had a long visit with my husband today.  My step-son also came.  I was stressed and snacked on sugar.  My husband clearly wanted to stay with me and live together.  We told my step-son.  He expressed some serious concerns.  It is not going to be easy.  I got a referral for a realtor from the cook at the rehab center, gave him a call, and requested that he call me back.  I have not yet heard back.
Tonight the nurse gave me a hard time about allowing my husband to transfer himself from his wheelchair to his bed without help.  I would sincerely hope that he can do that on his own by now, but they want him to stay safe.

How Am I Going to Work Things Out For Us To Stay Together?

How am I going to work things out for us to stay together?  My husband is still suffering cognitive deficits, but he is doing much better than he was.  I can carry out a half-decent conversation with him.  He is clear about wanting to live with me and stay with me.  He thinks living separately is not a marriage.
I talked to my neighbor on the phone while I was at the rehab center.  She said she would pray that we would find just the right place for the two of us to stay together.

Home Again

Now that I am by myself, I feel kind of let down.  What am I going to do about everything?  I think we can save money if we live together.  The biggest challenge is getting the right kind of care for my husband.  I will not be able to do everything.  We still may need assisted living care.  I talked to my husband about possibly staying here after all.  He again said he definitely wanted to stay with me.
I would love it if everything would just fall into place.  However, I am sure I need to act.  I just cannot see through my path.  I am lucky to know my next step.  It seems like I have already been through so much stress, but I think I have only tasted stress so far.  I need to stay in faith and get even closer to the Lord.  If you are reading this, and this has not been resolved yet, please say a prayer for us.

Tuesday Morning

Today I am seeing my doctor for the first time.  I probably should drive, but I am going to take Lyft again.  I am going to do all I can today to arrange for my husband and me to stay together and live together.

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