Monday, November 5th, Day Sixty-Two, Next Step

Monday, November 5th, Day Sixty-Two, Next Step

If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
Monday was so busy I did not start a blog entry.  I came home late and dropped off to sleep before getting ready for bed or even taking my medication.  I put my coat over me for covers rather than getting in the sheets and quilts.


The day started okay with hope that I would convince my husband to buy a condo where we can live together.  I obtained a Move-Out Handbook for him, so he can learn what he needs to do to get out of here, with his money.

Therapy Options

At the rehab center, Patty, a nurse from Centura Health, showed up and explained an alternative to getting my husband’s therapy here at this retirement community.   Centura Health is the company that owns the hospital where he stayed for several days.  I felt like I could kiss her I was so glad my husband had options.
However, for her group to do therapy, he needs a primary care doctor.  I suggested getting care where I am getting it, but I found they will not accept my husband’s secondary coverage after the first of this coming year, so we have to deal with that.


I still have not called the place where I got the wheelchair, so I have not arranged a wheelchair yet.  He can possibly use the one we have in the interim, though it is just a transport chair.


The real snag in my plans came from my step-son.  He still wants to get a rental for me instead of cooperating with us in getting a condo.  The rental will not provide a place we can live together; the condo could.  The nurse manager and social worker recommended that my step-son take my husband home Wednesday and take him to the condo on the way.  However, my step-son will be extra busy at work that day because he is just coming home from vacation.
He said we just need to get my husband strong and then he can look for a place, and do real estate the right way.  I suppose he knows the “right way” because his mother was a realtor.
I agree, it would be great if we had more time to look, but I question whether my husband is ever going to make a complete recovery.  I want a place now where I can live with him, as he is.  I do not want to wait until that day in the future when he is completely well, because that day may never come.
I just wrote an email to my step-son explaining our desire to be together now rather than waiting until he is ‘strong’.  My step-son would like to believe my husband is going to make a full recovery, but he may not.  I wanted to believe it myself, but it has not happened so far.

Next Step

What is the next step for me?  I cannot see every step I must take, but if I can just see the next step, that is okay.  I asked my husband if he thought my step-son would possibly change his mind and become more flexible.  He thought he probably eventually would.
So, now I need to arrange a way for my husband to get home, if my step-son is unavailable to drive him.  I suppose it is possible that the realtor could take us home.  He might be willing.  He does not have a very big car.  There would be the three of us, a transport chair, and sundry items.  Maybe it is possible.  That is worth a try.
If that does not work, I could drive the jeep, but now I am getting a step ahead of myself.
Tuesday is going to be a big day.  What is the next step?

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