Monday, November 19th, Day Seventy-Six, Broken Eyeglasses

Monday, November 19th, Day Seventy-Six, Broken Eyeglasses



Today my husband made an unfortunate decision after his eyeglasses broke.  Sometimes things that upset us can lead us to unhealthy decisions.  I have had that problem myself.  Perhaps I can find the antidote.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
My day started out well and had many happy highlights.

Blood Pressure

My blood pressure came down to 117/84 on the first try this morning.  There are a number of variables that could have affected it.  Relaxing and getting enough rest yesterday are probably among them.  I am relieved that I may not need to medicate my blood pressure after all.


I have resumed my book/blog for four consecutive days now, and each day I have relaxed a little more.  Just getting back into the rhythm of writing and posting my blog has probably been a healthy thing for me.

Our Coming Thanksgiving Week

Today is our home inspection objection deadline for our pending condo purchase.  There is no reason to object based on our home inspection, so the transaction can proceed.  The HOA situation may present reasons to object.  The deadline for that objection is Black Friday.  However, I do not think I will object if my husband does not.
We will see how this week shapes up.  We are planning to go to a Thanksgiving feast at the Fireside Restaurant, which will be much like the brunch, except it will have Thanksgiving fare:  turkey and all the trimmings.
I am not planning to buy a turkey to roast.  I thought of doing that, but we have other plans.  One thing I want to do is set up my husband’s access to his online meal tally, so we can determine exactly how many more meals we can eat here at the retirement complex.  We should have done that many weeks ago, but we cannot do it any sooner.

Tuesday Morning



Yesterday the right lens in my husband’s eyeglasses came out.  I asked Jacque if she had a tiny screwdriver.  She did not, but she knew of an optical store nearby.  I found Europtics on Google Maps and got the glasses fixed before noon.  I later wrote the store a five-star Google review:
The delightful, clean, many-mirrored optical store was colorful and appealing as I waited for customer service to fix my husband’s eyeglasses. He cheerfully said, “No charge.” The eyeglasses are better than they were before the lens came out. They were bent out of shape, and now they have been restored.
My husband was devastated over his broken eyeglasses.  He said, “Now would be a very good time for a glass of wine.”  I tried to convince him otherwise and got the eyeglasses fixed as soon as I could, but as you can see later …


Later in the afternoon, Jacque gave me yet another outfit.  This time it was a designer label hot pink vest and top she got at Goodwill.  Hot pink is one of my best colors.


Jacque invited my husband and me to dinner.   All went well except that my husband ordered two drinks of cabernet sauvignon.  He drank them very slowly throughout dinner.  Hopefully, this will not begin another downward spiral in his health.  I ordered pumpkin pie, but thankfully they were out of it, so I did not have dessert for dinner.


I did not sleep well last night.  I dropped off to sleep before getting ready and then woke up around midnight to finish getting ready for bed.  Then I woke up again before four.  I tried to sleep some more, but I could not.
With a sale pending on the condo and my husband starting to drink again, just before the holidays, I have a lot on my plate.  The bar near the Fireside Restaurant is expensive, but all too convenient.  My husband did not have to have cash or even a credit card.  He just used his resident number.  Hopefully what happened last night will not hijack our plans for getting a home.

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