Monday, March 4th, Day 181, Overcoming Sugar

Monday, March 4th, Day 181, Overcoming Sugar



Yes, yesterday’s photo is my own hands.
Another day is dawning.  What can I do to make it a joyfully vibrant day?  I think I need to let go of the past and embrace the present.  TV reports a lot of bad news.  Too much TV can blind me to the goodness all around me by giving me the impression that bad news is everywhere.  In actual fact, many good things are going on.  They just do not all get reported in the news.
Mom gave us a book one year for Christmas called Everyday Greatness.  There are unsung heroes in many places.  You are probably an unsung hero yourself, getting up day after day, doing your duties, caring for your loved ones, being there in time of crisis.  Maybe you have even received a few awards, but maybe not for the really important things you have done.
Before I left Utah, I made some Certificates of Achievement for people.  I bought some gold, metallic stickers to seal them, from Baudev!  I printed out the certificates with the Joyful Vibrance logo on them.  They were beautiful.  Even more beautiful is the achievement each of them represented.

Preparing For My Day

5-10 things i am grateful for:
  • The Dental Diet book I purchased from Amazon and started reading yesterday
  • a nice hot shower on a cold, sub-zero day
  • a quiet condo; my husband likes to watch TV without the audio
  • one tomato left, with which to make an omelette
  • my voice
morning comments, feelings, ideas, moods, and empowering questions:
I am happy with the way that I am!   I am happy the way I am!  How should I set up the rest of my day for success?
mood and energy:
Maybe warm gingered lemonade would improve my mood this morning.  My mood is okay, but I could feel better.
I just need to channel my energy with cognitive coherence, and I can accomplish my dreams.
reason it is important
next action(s)
I scored 23 points in JV Life Tracker for yesterday.
Consistent scoring keeps me going.
Continue to score every day.
I fixed a “pizza” omelette this morning that my husband loved with organic eggs, pork sausage, bacon crumbles, sharp cheddar cheese, ripe tomatoes, organic spinach, basil, oregano, sea salt, and pepper.
Eggs, spinach, and tomatoes are highly nutritious.
Order more tomatoes on-the-vine and continue to make him his favorites.  Just use sausage or bacon, not both.
We had another daily devotional last night.
Continue to ask about a devotional every day.
I read part of The Dental Diet to my husband this morning.  I am glad I have taken vitamin K2 for years now as it improves the jaw and teeth, along with vitamins A and D.
Mouth Health,  What is good for the mouth is good for the rest of the body.
Continue to study the book.
My husband actually ate more than 50% of the omelette.

Four-Egg ‘Pizza’ Omelette for Two

large eggs
28 g
bacon crumbles
80 g
pork sausage
150 g
tomato on the vine, ripe
42 g
sharp cheddar cheese
40 g
organic spinach
oregano, basil, sea salt, black pepper to taste
This can be a bit challenging to turn, but if you know how to do omelettes, it will turn out fine.


Today is very cold.  We have enjoyed the warmth of our condo.  We turned up the heat to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but afterwards turned it down to 74.  In any case, it is warm in here.  I got my shower and later made breakfast.  I have not recorded a weight reading for the past couple of days.  However, I did eat within ten calories of my calorie budget last night.

The Dental Diet

The three pounds or so I have lost lately have caused me to feel better.  I want to lose more.  Staying in my calorie budget is rather challenging, but I can do it.  However, my TMJ makes fasting very painful.  Today, I learned that my TMJ could have been caused by the teeth extraction I had done in my childhood to allow room to straighten my teeth.  I want to finish The Dental Diet to see if there is anything that can be done about that now.  Dr. Lin said that it is important to eat rough food such as carrots or celery, preferably at every meal.  This exercises the jaw.  Before, I wondered if that would hurt my TMJ.  However, I have loved munching on carrots and celery for years.  I will keep doing that.  I had some carrots this morning, in fact, after finishing my portion of the omelette.

Yesterday and Now

Yesterday was challenging for me.  I lost some of my joyful vibrance as I agonized over past issues.  Keeping the past in its place is part of what is necessary to be truly happy.  Enjoying the present and looking ahead in a positive way are better uses of our time.  I look forward to warmer weather.  However, having a warm place to be right now is enjoyable.  Colorado winter is a bit colder than what I experienced in Utah.  However, the summers are cooler too, which is nice, and the air is fresher.  So, on the whole we have it really good here.
Today, Joel Osteen talked about how we can deal with our past.  One thing that impressed on my soul was that for any injustice heaped on us in our life, God will make it up to us, if we stay in faith.  I see how in part, this has already come to pass in my life, and I have hope that it will in full.  Also, it is important to remember that Jesus has paid for all of my sins, past, present, and future.  I do not need to fear that my sins will not be paid for or that my mistakes will not be made right.  Jesus paid the price on the cross, and I can have hope in that.  Maxwell Maltz taught us not to fear making mistakes because learning from mistakes and re-visualizing our aim to try again is integral to the Success Mechanism.


Yesterday again, I encouraged my husband to do his walking.  He walked four laps again instead of three, which is approximately .24 miles.  I was so proud of him.  He has not wanted to use his walker, but now he is willing.  When I give him the walker, I say, “Here’s your harse ,” because that is what my grandmother called her walker.  My husband gets a kick out of that.  It is getting easier and easier to motivate him to do that.  Sometimes, if he is not ready to walk, he will tell me later on that he is.  So, dear reader, if you have read about my frustration with this in the past, things have gotten better.


My husband has still not had a haircut.  I got out the haircutting tools one day and oiled the blade.  Then I had an excruciating pain in my thumb, which scared me from proceeding.  However, my husband wants me to try cutting his hair, so I need to get up the nerve.  If it gets easier, I can cut his hair at home and not deal with the frustration of getting him to a haircutter.
Wow!  I just gave my husband my first haircut.  He said I did a heck of a good job.  Is that emphasis on “heck” or on “good”?  I am just relieved to have finally done it.  He looks better and feels better and thanked me over and over for doing it.  He asked, “Is there anything you can’t do?”
I read the Success Mechanism steps to my husband, directly from the book Psycho-Cybernetics, page 26, to explain how something can be accomplished that I have never done before.
I am feeling a bit tired.  Maybe it is the relief I feel from finally accomplishing a haircut.  I had a partial lunch of ham and banana.  My husband is not hungry.  I will have to feed him later.  I think I will lie down with The Dental Diet, read, and possibly sleep.


I sang to my husband again this evening.  The topic this time was about how God would make it up to me for any injustice I have ever received.  If I spend time trying to tally the damage other people have done in my life, it is a colossal waste of time and takes me off course.  So now that I am free of that, what would be a good use of my time this evening?
I could write.  I feel a bit tired, but my energy is higher than it was this afternoon.  I have not put my energy supplement cocktail together, so I only took a part of it.  I think I need the whole thing.  Tonight, I shopped for some supplements, but I have not ordered them yet.  I kind of want to wait for a great sale before I order, but some of them are needed soon, so waiting may not be a good idea.
this afternoon.  It turned out great.  It was a bit chilling for a cold day, but I enjoy cold food.  It was almost like ice cream.


What do you, my readers, need me to write?  I have a lot of knowledge about food and health coaching, and about spiritual things.  It all ties together.  I believe it was my belief in God that helped me lose weight in the past.  It is important to be accountable to someone or Someone in weight loss efforts.  I made myself accountable to God.  He was the only One who could help me give up sugar because He is the only One who is with me all the time.
Term Paper
I wrote a term paper my Freshman year of college about added sugar.  I learned a lot, but I did not learn the secret of giving it up.  In fact, I did not even see the need to abstain when I wrote the paper.  I thought you could just manage the amount you consume.  My years in college, I ate a lot of sweets.  I ate them almost uncontrollably.  I started to see that they created an appetite for themselves, and they deadened my sweet taste buds so they were less sensitive.  I needed more and more sugar to get the same effect, like a drug.  It was not until after college graduation that I started making headway at actually abstaining.  I had to re-commit myself over and over.  A more detailed version of my sugar story is in my book, Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!
I Am Starting To Make Headway Again
I am starting to make headway again.  I made the Neapolitan Shake this afternoon without added sweeteners, except those already in Orgain.  Strawberries and tofu are naturally low in sugar.  The slightly sweet taste of the shake was very nice, reflective of the fact that my taste buds are becoming sensitive again, and I can taste the sweetness without the need of additional help.
Table Sugar Has No Nutrition
We all have taste buds for sweetness and many of us like to cater to them big time.  However, using just natural sweeteners in our diets allows our taste buds to become more sensitive.  Also, cutting out sugar cuts down the plaque around our teeth that can occur after eating sweets.  Table sugar is considered by food manufacturers to be a natural sweetener.  However, it is anything but.  It has all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fiber stripped out of it so it has virtually no food value at all.  In fact, it has negative food value, because in order to process it, it must use vitamins and minerals you must get from somewhere else.  You cannot sustain life on pure sugar.
So how can you get control of this monster?  I am reading Connie Bennett’s book Beyond Sugar Shock, which addresses the how-to’s of doing so.  I have barely touched the book so far, but she has mentioned using a powerful affirmation.  For my affirmation, I chose, “I am happy with the way that I am!”
Overcome The Feeling of Deprivation
In order to overcome sugar, you must overcome the feeling of deprivation you may have about abstaining from it.  You must become fully aware that life without sugar is far sweeter than life with.  Believe me it is.
Some people try to give up fruit when they give up sugar.  I do not recommend doing that.  Fruit is why we have a sweet tooth to begin with.  It is important not to overdo our fruit consumption.  I try to keep my sugars to less than 55 grams a day, which is about two fruits.  I often have three though.  Fruit is a low-sodium source of a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which is too good to pass up.  If you do fruit right, you will satisfy your desire for sweetness.
JV Life Tracker
I used to keep my sugar-free days in JV Life Tracker.  I would give myself 30 points for a sugar-free day.  Each month, I would run a report on my sugar-free days and often I would score for every day of the month.  I recorded my progress in the Progress Category of The Journal as explained in my free but valuable ebook, Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!
One thing that helps is to eat more fat in your diet:  olive oil, avocados, eggs, nuts, possibly even cheese, if your diet allows dairy.  Fat satisfies your cravings kind of like sugar would, except that it will not create an even greater appetite for itself the way sugar does.
Higher Power
Whatever you method, I believe working with your Higher Power is important, maybe crucial.  I went to AA for a friend while working on my sugar addiction and did the Twelve Steps with my sugar addiction in mind.  I actually went four years without using sugar.
Sugar Shock!
I am working on my sugar addiction again, but this time it is easier than when I originally battled it.  I already know the end result is going to be greater than what I am letting go of.  One quote I especially like is from Connie Bennett’s book Sugar Shock!  She quotes Jeraldine Saunders, a lovely model who had been off sugar for over four decades:


It’s totally worth it to do without sweets. I am 83, but I feel much better than I ever have, and I have more energy now than I did when I was 23. And believe it or not, I still have the same slim figure that I had when I was a professional model years ago.
What do you do if family and friends press sweets on you?
You can politely decline.  If they want to know why, you can let them know how wonderful a sugar-free life is.  They may even be jealous.  It is important to make the decision in advance that you will decline sweets.  If you have to make up your mind each time, if there is an even slight hesitation in your voice, your friends and family will pounce on it, and you will get hooked again.
What if you are ravenous and the only thing available is sweets?
Prepare for times like this by taking along some nuts with you.  I keep them in my purse.  If you are ravenous and you eat sweets, you will only want more until they make you sick.  Just avoid that.  Eat ahead of time and keep some nuts for emergencies.  You can also ask the hostess for an alterative food.

What if someone makes an uncomplimentary remark about how “skinny” you are?

Eating sweets is not an advisable way to gain weight because they have no food value.  You will just gain fat in all the wrong places.  Save your extra calories for something more nourishing and be sure to do your strength training too so the extra weight goes on as muscle.

What if you fall of the wagon and have to start over?

I have done that countless times.  The key is to never give up and make a celebration of starting over, not by pigging out on sweets, but by giving yourself a lot of points in JV Life Tracker or whatever your tracking method is.  Practice loads of self-compassion.  Forgive yourself.  Realize that sugar is a force to be reckoned with.


Evening Prayer
Dear Lord,
It has been another beautiful day.  Most notably, I got my husband’s hair cut today, something I have never done before.
I got a shower, ate well, shopped, and listened to Joel Osteen who made it clear that I am not to agonize any longer about my past.  I affirm now that I have full faith that you will make it up to me in due time.
I reiterated my most important knowledge about sugar, which derails our diets so often, not to mention our overall health.
Lord, I am grateful for this beautiful place I live in.  I am especially grateful for my wonderful husband, whom I am appreciating more each day.
Lord, help me to master my sugar addiction.  Help me to figure out what I can do about my TMJ.  You have relieved it at times in the past.  Please do so again, so I can stay within my calorie budget each day and gradually lose some weight.
Give my readers the keys to master their own addictions whether they be sugar, alcohol, opiates, other drugs, gambling, sex, any other addictive thing, or any combination of the above.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
KaeLyn Morrill

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