Monday, January 14th, Day 132, Enjoyment

Monday, January 14th, Day 132, Enjoyment



Today I began a new focus on enjoyment, which can lead to gratitude, which can lead to happiness.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.


Now I have seven points, which means I have kept Cronometer completely for seven consecutive days.  I have lost 4.2 pounds.  I can order my earned rewards.
My husband and I had a good visit this morning.


When I talk to my husband, it is best not to ask him to make too many decisions.  I typically take a lot of matters to him and ask him to make decisions.  That overloads him.  It is probably best to make as many decisions as possible myself.  I have to use judgment about that because I personally hate it when people make decisions for me.


Sometimes I narrow the possibilities for him, but the danger of doing that is that I may narrow the possibilities too far when there are actually many other options.  Sometimes I say, “Can you think of any other possible solutions?”  The problem is that he usually cannot.  If I present a number of options, each with their pros and cons, this can become overwhelming to him.
Given this situation, I must become more independent.  If I wait around for my husband to make decisions, that just stymies our progress.  Fortunately, we got a place to live, movers to move our things, etc., and my husband was able to choose between the few options I presented.  He even praised my research ability when finding movers.  I made a decision about the computer desk independently of my husband.  I am glad I did.


I just completed and mailed a friendly letter to Jacque, who lives in our former retirement complex.  I finished reading a book she gave me that contains her biography.  The secret of her success throughout life, I believe, was her early decision to be a friend to everyone.  She befriended me, and that made a huge difference in my life.  I want to emulate her example and be a friend to everyone myself.   I will think more about how I will do that.

Tuesday Afternoon


Computer Desk

We finally got the computer desk assembled!  I have set up the desktop computer and am using it in the second bedroom.  However, I am concerned that I am so far from the master bedroom I will not hear my husband.  I asked him to call me on his cell phone if I do not hear him.


My weight went up from yesterday, which typically happens during my second week of weight loss.  The important thing is to hang in there with Cronometer.  I have eight points with Cronometer since January seventh when I started counting.

JV Life Tracker

I am reworking my JV Life Tracker list, deciding to make it a short list, so it does not take long to score each day.  I love my long list, but taking 35 minutes or so daily to score it will not work with my current lifestyle.  A short list also takes a lot less space on my cell phone.  Out of hundreds of possibilities, I chose 18 activities that I believe are high impact for me.  They are:
  1. Blog
  2. Cronometer
  3. Eye shampoo
  4. Friends
  5. Gratitude
  6. Joyful Vibrance Net
  7. JV Life Tracker
  8. Kitchen clean
  9. Meditation
  10. My husband
  11. Picnics with my husband
  12. Post blog
  13. Reading and Study
  14. Shower
  15. Singing and Dancing
  16. Walk
  17. Walk in nature with my husband
  18. Weekly Joel Osteen


I memorized the list, so I can keep the activities always in mind.  Now it is time to start doing these activities.  I scored 10 out of 18 yesterday.
Breakfast in bed with my husband with bed trays may have to suffice for ‘Picnics with my husband’ today.


Now that I have my desktop computer set up with headphones attached, I have a place to listen to my recorded meditation, which I posted on my blog November first.


Yesterday, I was remembering the list of ten power emotions taught by Anthony Robbins in Awaken the Giant Within.  I could not remember number eight.  Later, I looked it up.  Before doing that, I thought of possibilities I would choose as power emotions.  One possibility I thought of was enjoyment.  What would my life would be like if I maximized enjoyment for myself and others?  I would cook nicer meals and present them better; I would dress more attractively, I would say nicer things, I would decorate the house better, I would spend more time in pleasant places.
If I brought about enjoyment, would that be a power emotion?  Would that bring rewards in my life?  Would that bring rewards in the lives of others?  Is enjoyment not a reward itself?  Enjoyment of an activity engaged in for its own sake is an intrinsic reward, which can become highly motivating.
I have had enjoyment on my mind today.

Wednesday Morning

Enjoyment is a topic in the Bible.  Life is short.  Let us enjoy it as much as possible.


Enjoyment Even In Difficult Circumstances

Even times in difficult circumstances can have moments of enjoyment.  When my husband was in rehab, I enjoyed my friendship with Jacque and the company of people at the retirement center.  I enjoyed Deborah, the cook at the rehab center, and playing the grand piano there.  I enjoyed the Lyft rides to and from the rehab center and visiting with the drivers.  My husband’s time in rehab was a time of stress, but also one of special joys.

Being Grateful for Our Enjoyment

We can be grateful for our times of enjoyment, and that gratitude can make us happy.  I look back now and feel gratitude for having gone through that experience.

A Day of Enjoyment

Last night, I did not get much of a chance to write, but instead I spent many special moments with my husband.  We visited for a long time and expressed our gratitude for having each other.  My husband really likes my new nightgown, which came yesterday, along with a new bathrobe.  Yesterday, there were many joys.  I walked the halls and got the chance to visit with my neighbor.  We got the computer desk assembled and got the assembler’s phone number in case we need him for additional jobs.  He said he does work on the side.  My new extra-soft, white bathrobe and floral nightgown arrived from Macy’s.  We received a fresh load of delicious groceries.  I fixed dinner for my husband, and it made his stomach feel better.  We slept in splendid new sheets and pillow cases.  These are simple joys, but if noticed with gratitude, form the fabric of a happy life.

Enjoyment for Joyful Vibrance

I am starting to have joyful vibrance in my life!

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