Monday, February 11th, Day 160, Pricelessly Unique

Monday, February 11th, Day 160, Pricelessly Unique



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
Today, I shifted my characterization of my self-image from being a queen to being pricelessly unique.


Due to the pile-up of our errands, I started using Goalscape again to sequence my activities.  That way I can plan to do things in a logical order.  I describe Goalscape in my free, but valuable, ebook, Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood! I have used Goalscape since January 1, 2010.   I got 16 things done this morning and am now working on this afternoon.
I create up to three Goalscapes for each day, one for each third of the day:  morning, afternoon, and evening.  The morning is usually the most important.  I do not know if I am unique in using Goalscape this way, but I am looking for organized creativity in getting my work done.  Organization and creativity are two of my top values as I mentioned in Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!

Weight and Sugar

Those of you who have followed me for a while may wonder when I am going to start actually losing weight.  I am barely less than when I started on Day One.
Last night, I snacked on some sugar cookies a neighbor gave us for Christmas.  I have wanted to get rid of them, but my husband said to keep them.  The cookies almost immediately caused a canker sore on my gums.  Since they were obviously dangerous to my health, I decided last night to trash them and not even let my husband know.
I recommend tossing all dangerous food.  If doing so is impossible because of somebody else, put the food where they can get it, and you will not be tempted.
I believe sugar is still my number one nemesis in dieting.  I described my life-long experience with sugar in Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood!


It was not until I overcame my lifelong addiction to sugar that I experienced permanent (or semi-permanent) weight loss.  Falling back into that addiction has caused my weight to go back up.  I believe I will not get my weight down permanently until I master that addiction once again.
I had a boyfriend many years ago who used to say, “Once on the lips, forever on the hips.”

Relationship Issues

Having a husband can perpetuate my sugar addiction.  He wants to treat me with something sweet and does not realize its long-term implications.  When he eats sugar, he wants me to eat sugar, along with him.  Eating sugar for one day is probably not that big of a deal weight-wise, but it sets me up in a self-destructive pattern that is very hard to break out of later.

It is Time

It is time to break out of my sugar addiction again.  I have tried to do it before, but sometimes I have to try more than once.  When I broke my sugar addiction before, it took a number of tries.
How can I get sugar out of my life without damaging my relationships? Sugar Shock! by Connie Bennett is an inspiring book.  My copy is in Utah, like everything else.  However, I believe she wrote a sequel to Sugar Shock! Let me see if I can get a copy.  Reading material about sugar is one way to help break an addiction.

Beyond Sugar Shock

I looked over the celebrity endorsements and Table of Contents for Beyond Sugar Shock.  In this newer book, Connie writes more about how to break the addiction rather than why to break the addiction.  I kind of need to be reminded why.  I wonder if she writes about the relationship factor.  Where I came from, sugar meant love.  It could also mean ‘celebration’ or ‘celebration of love’.  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, heart-shaped chocolate boxes are still in vogue.  It may seem innocuous to celebrate our love with a sugary treat, but when it sets us up for life-long weight problems, it is not that nice.
I can get Beyond Sugar Shock for Kindle, so I could have it immediately.  I think I will do it.
Joshua Rosenthal, the primary educator at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) where Connie and I went to school, says, “Beyond Sugar Shock will not only help you rise above your sugar addiction, but it will also show you how to do so gently, gracefully, and compassionately.”  Good.  It looks like she discusses the relationship issues.  I look forward to reading the book.  I may share my thoughts about it in my blog, as I did with Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.


I took enough km Mineral Supplement to boost my potassium intake to 100% of the RDA.
My Cronometer Trends Nutrition Report since January 7th says that my average intake of potassium is 4383.0 mg or 93% of the RDA.  I believe that is the best average I have ever had.  I think it is one reason I am getting good blood pressure readings and my energy level is high.


I think I will let fiber and choline go tonight.  I still get plenty of those nutrients on the average, which I can see from looking at my Trends report for the past five weeks.  If I increase my fiber and/or choline intakes, I will have to eat more calories, and I have already had plenty.  I got 99% of my targets today.
The Cronometer minimum for fiber is 21 grams.   I changed the minimum for fiber to a custom value of 30 grams.  Today’s intake was 24.5 grams, which is in between.  [By the end of the day, my fiber intake was 27 grams.]


I had too much sodium (2872.6 mg) again today, so I still need to work on it.  I know how to drastically lower my sodium intake, but my husband probably does not want me to eat that way.  He has a strong preference for high-sodium foods, and then he sometimes adds even more salt.  Also, it will not work for me to lower my sodium too much, or I will get nauseated.  What is the ideal intake for me?  I am still learning.
Fortunately, my blood pressure reading this morning was very good:  111/81, so what I ate yesterday was probably pretty close to the ideal.  Yesterday, I ate 4730.5 mg of potassium and 3712.0 mg of sodium, which seems way too high.  However, that sodium level may be okay, considering that my lithium carbonate intake drains sodium out of my body.  That means that today’s intake was probably not too high either.  We will see what my blood pressure is tomorrow.  Maybe I am getting close to solving my electrolyte puzzle.


I have a solid five weeks of data in Cronometer, missing only one day or rather part of a day.  That is an achievement so far this year!  I lost 3.6 pounds, which is not a huge loss, but I am grateful for it.  The important achievement is that I have stopped gaining, and I have control of my weight.
One of my Big Four goals is to continue using Cronometer every day.  I feared that my husband would oppose me on its use, but he has not.  It is much easier to use Cronometer here at the condo than it was at our retirement community, especially easier than during the time my husband was in rehab.
I am grateful that my lifestyle supports keeping a diet diary.  If you desire to keep a diet diary and you are having difficulty, you may want to re-arrange your lifestyle to support it.  That may take some doing.  I cannot tell you exactly what to do, but I have some ideas.
Location of the Computer
I thought I needed to have a computer in the kitchen as I once used a laptop in the kitchen for my diet diary.  However, I use the second bedroom as an office, and the office computer is close enough to the kitchen to work.
I exercise my memory to temporarily memorize and associate the foods, numerical amounts, and units to enter.  If you suffer from mild cognitive impairment, you may have trouble.  However, it does not require being a genius to do it.
The most important key is being committed to it.  Make it a part of your self-image.  You might think it is a weird thing to do; you may think nobody does it.  Actually, more and more people are doing it.  I do not think the majority of people do, but many people who care about their health do.
Speaking of your self-image:  your self-image is a set of information you carry around about yourself.  It describes the sort of person you are.  You might tell yourself, “I am not the sort of person to keep a diet diary.  It just isn’t me.”  If you tell yourself that, you will not do it.  However, if keeping a diet diary becomes part of your self-definition or self-image then you are more likely to do it.  Consider this also.  Part of our self-image we like; part of it we do not.  Make keeping a diet diary be a part of your self-image–a part of it you like.

More About Self-Image

However, I have been thinking about that some more.  I am not sure that ‘queen’ works ideally as my overall self-image description.  I am not that much of a ruler, although I want to have influence.  Also, a queen has an aura of superiority, and I do not want to assume a place of superiority.  I believe that we are all of equal value, yet each priceless.
So perhaps my self-image is that I am pricelessly unique–kind of like the rare butterflies I mentioned.  I use a butterfly as a symbol of transformation on my cover of Joyful Vibrance:  Transform Your Body Image, Energy, and Mood! I could also use that butterfly as a symbol of priceless rarity.
I have long thought of myself as unique.  I have just not always valued uniqueness, so I will say pricelessly unique.  The Lord can call me a queen if He wants.  To Him, queens are servants and not superior.  “And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant:” (Matthew 20:27 KJV).
I would like a discussion with the Lord about this to see what He thinks.


Lord, I have been trying to come up with how to describe my self-image as a whole.  Perhaps that cannot even be done.  We thought of ‘queen,’ but in the past that has been associated with my mania.  I do not want to have anything to do with mania, as mania has been a part of my self-image I have moved on from.  Yesterday, I declared I was healed, and I already feel that inside.  Would ‘pricelessly unique’ work for me?
What is pricelessly unique?
Actually, we are all priceless unique.  Every one of us is a one-of-a-kind.  However, we may not realize how priceless we really are.  When you cannot set a price on something, is it worth more than $1,000,000.00, $1,000,000,000.00, or more?  Some things like the Hope Diamond, a giant blue diamond, in the Smithsonian Institution Museum are priceless.
Yea.  What are you worth?
I have a net worth in money, but I know my actual value is greater than that.  The Bible says a virtuous woman’s price is far above rubies. (Proverbs 31:10).  If you consider my eternal worth as one of Your souls, I am worth even more.
Absolutely.  What is most unique about you?
Well, for starters I have a unique name, KaeLyn Morrill.  As far as I know, no one else on the Internet has that name.  I just know that no one has exactly the same thoughts and talents as I have.  This blog is unique.  No one else has written anything exactly like it, not even close.
How do you know you are of value?
The Bible has some clues.  I use it as a guideline in life.  Sometimes I am afraid to be unique out of fear I will not be liked.  However, when I express my uniqueness, I do okay.  When I try to be like everyone else, I fail miserably.  My counselor once said, “You are perfectly you.”  I am the only person I am perfect at being.
KaeLyn, you are specially unique to me.
You created me to be different than everyone else.  I assume that was on purpose.
What is Your purpose?
It is a unique purpose.  You are learning what it is.
You have always counseled me to write, write, write.  Perhaps You do not want me to just write.  You want me to write something unique.
Yes, it would be of no value if it was a copy of someone else’s work.
I also want it to be something of value.  I know that You are of value.  I want to share You.
You can, and you do.

Tuesday Morning

Lord, there is nothing unique about being unique.  It is just that all of us are unique in different ways.
In what way are you unique?
Founder of Joyful Vibrance LLC
I am the unique founder of Joyful Vibrance.
That is a good uniqueness.
I wonder if I should center my self-image on that.
No, I would not.  That is not the core of who you are.
A Pricelessly Unique You
I just put ‘A Pricelessly Unique You’ in the center of my central Goalscape, and it looks great.  Maybe that will work.  What do you think, Lord?
Experiment with it for a while, then decide.
Okay.  I looked at all the other Goalscapes surrounding, ‘A Pricelessly Unique You’.  The central, ‘A Pricelessly Unique You’ seems to bring everything else out.  It all fits.  I can see that I am a unique combination of many qualities.
Facets of My Unique Self-Image
I was thinking of focusing on just a few aspects of myself, but I want to refrain from narrowing my self-image too much.  I am uniquely capable of many things.
I love what you are.
Thank You, Lord.  Help me to polish the facets of myself.  My self-definition in Goalscape is like a gem.
KaeLyn, would ‘A Gem You’ work?
I am much softer than a gem.
That is true.
Besides, even though they are valuable, a price can be put on most gems.
And you are priceless.
That is my understanding.
A Priceless You
Maybe ‘A Priceless You’ would work.
That might.  It has the advantage of being shorter.  Would I see that my unique self is of value though?
What do you think?  Or is uniqueness just one of your many facets?
I see what you are saying.  Maybe it is not the central definition.  I suppose there are many unique things that are not of much value.
I suspected that uniqueness does not have inherent value.  What creates value then?  Uniqueness can be a part of value, but it is not the only thing.
What makes you priceless?
The Value The Lord Gives Us
I think it is the value You give me.  Being Yours gives me value.
Not everyone recognizes that value, but if I do, it can help my self-image.
Yes.  I created everyone to be unique, to increase the value to myself.
Yet each of us are responsible for placing a value on ourselves.  Other people can help us do that.  Unfortunately, there are some who try to tear us down.  Still others cut us down while trying to cut out our perceived flaws–flaws that may not be flaws at all but part of our unique selves.
Uniqueness Increases the Value
You admitted that uniqueness increases the value You have given Your creations, not just in people but in other things as well.
That is true.
That is what makes nature so natural.  There are patterns but no exact replicas of anything.  No two snowflakes are alike.
I love that.
I think for now I will stick with “A Pricelessly Unique You.”  It is obvious that You value uniqueness, and it is You that created our value.  We can polish ourselves up and develop ourselves, but if we try to be a copy of others, we lose something.  I used to play the Masterpiece game.  A forgery, or a copy, can be as beautiful and precise as an original, but it is worthless.
KaeLyn, I make nothing worthless.
We are all originals, are we not?
Do Flaws Reduce Value?
I learned something about flaws too.  Synthetic rubies can be made without flaws, but natural rubies always have flaws.  However, natural rubies are worth more than synthetic ones.
Why are the natural ones worth more?
Man says they are worth more.  Maybe even man values the creations of God over the creations of his own hand.
Man Is Created to be A Powerful Creator
I know that man’s creations though are really just Yours.  You have created man to be a powerful creator, like Yourself.
KaeLyn, you are a powerful creator.
I have a friend who is always reminding me of that.  He is my mentor.  I have not talked with him in a while, but his memory is precious to me.  He says he can do anything.  That is his self-image, and it allows him to do whatever he needs or wants to do.  He is amazing.
Value is Not Dependent on Performance
What is your self-image?
Being pricelessly unique is apropos, but there are priceless things that do not do anything.  I would like my self-image to also include some action.  However, I believe my value does not depend on my performance.  When my grandmother was in her 90’s, she apparently did not think she had value because she could no longer do the activities she did in her younger years.  She did not seem to think she had value just being Grandma.  I do not want to fall into that trap when I am older.
So how would you want to state it?
I realize I have value in being Yours, and that at least for now You have given me the ability to act, think, do, create.
Exactly.  Your grandmother had those abilities until very near the end.
She did.  I received a birthday card from her when I was fifty years old.  I thought, “Who receives a birthday card from their grandmother when they are 50?”  I felt so fortunate to receive that.  One of Grandma’s abilities was to remember so many birthdays.  She had 70 grandchildren and more than 100 great-grandchildren.  That kept her busy, but she loved it.  Obviously, this discussion on self-image is going to require more than just this blog entry.  Thank you, Lord, for Your input.  You do make me feel pricelessly unique.

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