Monday, December 10th, Day Ninety-Seven, Move

Monday, December 10th, Day Ninety-Seven, Move



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.


Today is the day before our move.  We have so many things to do I do not know where to begin.  This morning, I drained the Berkey water filter so it can dry out before the move.  Moving it less than three miles will probably not put it in danger of freezing, but we need to be safe.  Our Berkey could be on the truck for a while.  We also have the option of moving it ourselves.  It is a travel-sized Berkey, making that more convenient.


We need to move all the food from the refrigerator and freezer to our new location.


Today I need to get serious about losing weight, or at least stopping my weight gain.  I was up to 126.1 pounds this morning.  I will need to get all new underwear.  One challenge I have besides the snack foods I buy for my husband is that he likes to eat later than I do.  I have typically already consumed enough food for the day, and he wants me to eat again later with him.  If I go ahead and do that, it does not work out too well for me.  Holding my hunger until later might work, but my appetite is simply on an earlier schedule than my husband’s.

Tuesday Morning

Yesterday, we got a few things done, but the bulk of the work for the move will be today.  My husband and I ate at the Flyin’ Bee Cafe last night and split a meal.  We have two meal credits left.


I woke up around 2:00 AM this morning.  I got a shower and went back to bed for a while but did not sleep.   Then I got up around 4:00 AM.  Fortunately, my husband is sleeping.  He did not sleep much at all Sunday night, and he was very ornery yesterday.  I was feeling depressed.  My feelings may have just been overwhelm from the move and the death of my father, rather than my typical depression.  This morning I am feeling a little better.

Big Four

I want to start my Big Four (Cronometer, JV Life Tracker, meditation, journal) again.  Realistically, it will be tough to do all four things in the next while because of the move, but I will do my best to resume these practices.  My husband said he did not feel neglected during the time I was doing them, which is very important.


Yesterday we moved a few items to the condo, especially all the items in the freezer.  I neatly organized the frozen items into the new freezer.  We brought the poinsettia over, a box of medicines, some slides my husband has kept for decades, and a box of valuables from the antique secretary.

Garage Door

We can access our condo by a huge garage door into the basement parking garage and storage area.   An elevator goes up to level one from the parking garage.  We thought the battery for the garage door opener remote might be dead, but the garage door opener has a delay and does not close immediately after it has been opened.  It closes automatically later on.  We called the building manager, and he called back, but that was not necessary.
I got some practice getting my husband from the garage to the condo and back in his transport chair.  The basement door into the elevator area is a bit tricky to get through with a wheelchair.  I got a workout moving my husband and our things around.
The weather so warm yesterday and probably will be today that it does not look like the Berkey water filter is in any danger of freezing during the move.  I drained it anyway.  I am grateful the weather is cooperating with our move.

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