How Seniors Can Stay Happier, Healthier and Greater With Age

How Seniors Can Stay Happier, Healthier and Greater With Age

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As a society, we tend to fear getting older. But if you are an older adult, you probably already know these golden years can be some of the best of your life yet. You just need a little determination and the right health routines. With these energizing and health-boosting tips, you are bound to only get better with age.
Get Outside for Some Activity and Stress Relief
Worries about your health, your budget and your family can all take a toll on your health. Chronic stress can negatively impact your entire body, but even a small amount of severe stress can place undue burden on your heart. Want a fun way to reduce some of that tension? Take a trip outside. In recent years, studies have found that even a short walk through a wooded area or park can relieve high blood pressure and can also lessen the effects of stress on your body. Try taking your exercise outside or even go on an outdoor adventure in a local national park. For seniors, a lifetime park pass is only $80, or you may qualify for a free pass if you have a disability. Either way, spending time enjoying beautiful parks is quite a way to enrich your retirement.

Break a Sweat With Some Indoor Exercises

Going on a hike or outdoor adventure is fun, if the weather allows. But sometimes, you may need to burn those calories indoors. During the coldest parts of winter and the hottest parts of summer, seniors may be safer keeping their workouts inside. Think exercising inside has to be boring? Well, there are tons of senior-friendly exercises that can help you work up a sweat indoors. You could swim some laps or try a fitness class at a local gym, do some yoga or gentle stretching at home, or even pump some iron for healthy bones. That’s right, lifting weights has been shown to be the most beneficial exercise choice for older adults who want to strengthen their bones. However you get your workout in, all that matters is that you do it regularly. Statistics show that seniors who exercise are 25 percent less likely to spend time injured or disabled.

Consume Healthy Grains and Fats for Your Brain

If you read that header, you may be a bit confused. Most nutrition advice will tell you to eat whole grains and healthy fats to preserve your physical health. While that advice is sound for seniors, you should also know that your diet choices can help fortify your brain. Fatty fish top the list for improving cognition, but whole grains are also essential for helping you retain focus and concentration. Of course, there are other superfoods on the list, like nuts, berries and even broccoli. These brain foods combine together to give your mind a boost that can help ward off cognitive decline often experienced by seniors. Need a quick way to get them into your body? Try these recipes for brain-healthy meals that are also kind to the rest of your body.

Reserve Plenty of Time for Rest and Quality Sleep

If you’ve taken the advice above to heart, you already have so much vital info to help you thrive in your golden years. But while you are busy putting all these healthy habits into action, make sure you do not forget to set aside some time for relaxation. After all, you don’t want undo all your hard work by not getting enough sleep. Seniors commonly experience issues falling and staying asleep through the night. Whether due to a restless mind or a restless body, you have to take the necessary steps to resolve your own sleep disorder. If you’ve been enjoying those indoor workouts during evening hours, maybe try switching to morning sessions. For those who have trouble falling asleep, morning workouts tend to be much better.
Living life to the fullest isn’t only for the young. You can be young at heart, no matter your age, if you commit to a few healthy habits. That’s all it takes for you to take back control of your life, and experience ultimate joy during your senior years.
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