Friday, October 5th, Day Thirty-One, Hospital

Friday, October 5th, Day Thirty-One, Hospital



My mother thought I would need to give up writing my blog for a while, but it makes me feel happy, so I will write as much as I can.
My husband is in the hospital right now.  I am at home.  I have gained weight slightly due to eating in response to stress.  Yesterday I did not keep my food log at all.
My counselor seemed to think I am responding well to the stresses in my life.


My old beau called yesterday and said I had legal recourse through the Americans with Disabilities Act to stay with my husband as his caregiver.  My husband says he does not want to fight legally, but maybe there is something we can do.  I thought my retirement complex was too big of a fish to fight, but forcing my husband to move out of here is cruel.  He bought into this place legally.  We married legally.  It would seem that there should be provisions for married people to remain together.  Even the United States allows foreigners to stay here if they are legally married to citizens.
I prayed about whether I should pursue legal action, and the answer was negative.  Perhaps that is because of my husband’s wishes.  When we discussed marriage earlier this year, he was intending to get out of this place.  One reason he decided to stay was because I liked it so much.  Perhaps we should follow his original intentions and move on.

Skilled Nursing

There is pressure from people at the hospital to put my husband in a skilled nursing facility.  I know he does not want that, and neither do I, because that will prevent us from being together.  Let me pray about whether I should pursue doing that.  The answer to that is negative.  My husband wants to be at home.  What should home look like?

Assisted Living

Maybe assisted living will work.  Let me ask about that.  I researched that a little further.  The financial cost could be daunting.  Also, it may not meet our needs for space and privacy.  It may offer meals but not a kitchen.  My Higher Power does not counsel me to pursue that further

One-Level Living

I may be able to care for him in one-level living with the help of Home Health Nursing.  Let me pray about whether I should pursue that.  For that I got an affirmative answer.  Where can I find the resources to make that work?
I found a ground floor condo in our town that is small but in our price range.  I called and left a question about whether it is wheelchair accessible on an answering machine.
It is just about time to leave for the hospital.


Now I am at the hospital, using Evernote,  My husband is sleeping   I am waiting for my lunch to come.  The physical therapist came, and we talked to the chaplain.
The speech pathologist, several nurses, lunch delivery, case worker, and doctor came.  The doctor said my husband would not be getting out today.  The case worker said if he is hospitalized at least three days, Medicare will cover his rehab.  Our retirement complex has a rehab facility.  We can possibly get in.  We have second and third choices as well.
My husband is sleeping now.  I think he is exhausted from all the care.  I ate part of his lunch and all of mine.  I confess I ate a serving of apple cobbler.
The cognitive test the speech pathologist administered was interesting.  I think I would have scored very well on the test.  My husband did fairly well.  I do not think he had a concussion with his fall.
The chaplain talked to us about our situation.  We told her we are getting kicked out.  She said to concentrate on our relationship today and start making calls tomorrow.  She prayed for us.
The nurses and physical therapist helped my husband up with a Sara Stedy. We could probably use one of those at home.
I am so fatigued.  I would go home, but I would not want to come back.

Prayer for Help

Let me pray.
I am at the hospital in my husband’s room.  He is recovering from a fall.  I remember falling off a tow truck in December 2011 when my husband was in physical rehab.  I could not visit him for a while.  It took a while for me to recover.  Later though I saw him often and had a meal with him sometimes.

Step Son

My husband’s son, his wife, and baby daughter came in.  His son was surprised my husband was crawling to get around.  We talked about rehab and alcohol rehab.  It looks like my husband must quit drinking or he cannot live with any degree of independence.  They are out of the room now.
My husband wants potato chips.  I offered to go down to the cafeteria to get him some, but he wants me to stay here.
His son came back, and we had a discussion about my husband’s drinking.  It looks for sure like he will go to physical rehab soon.  He may go to alcohol rehab after that, but I am not certain he will be willing to go.  His son offered to pay for it.


I got home from the hospital.  I talked to Mom and my husband’s son on the phone after I got home.  My husband called me, asking me again to get him out of the hospital tomorrow.   I do not want to do that or it will blow his ability to get rehab covered by Medicare.  I think physical rehab is his only chance of walking again.  Even if they just teach him how to walk with a walker that will be an improvement.  So far my husband has refused to even talk about getting a walker or cane.
I have a lot on my mind.  I had better close and get some sleep.  I have a big day ahead tomorrow.

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