Friday, October 12th, Day Thirty-Eight, Bok Choy to a Cup of Nuts

Friday, October 12th, Day Thirty-Eight, Bok Choy to a Cup of Nuts



This morning, I am starting my day with bok choy stir-fried in olive oil.  This purpose of this journey is to lose fifteen pounds while keeping up my energy and mood.  If you wish to join this journey from the start, go to Day One.
I did not gain or lose yesterday.  That is good.  If I can get to my goal weight and stay there, that would be awesome.
I ate breakfast, made the bed, and took my supplement cocktail, except that I am out of glucosamine chondroitin with MSM.  I need to order that soon.  Fortunately, my joints are doing better.  There, I ordered some from Swanson’s Vitamins.  I recommend Swanson’s and their products.
Now I have dressed.  I will take a walk to the mailboxes.  Since I have some slight nausea, I will take a couple of ginger pills before I go.  I also took some garcinia cambogia and fish oil, which can help me lose weight.
I got the mail, but I still feel nauseated.  I am checking the route to my doctor’s office, which is fifteen minutes northwest of here.  Soon, I need to see a doctor.  I really need one now.  It seems that the thirtieth of October is a long time in the future.  Let me lie down for a while.  Maybe the nausea will clear up.
I am packing some nuts for today.

JV Life Tracker

I scored JV Life Tracker for two days.  I missed doing it yesterday.  The two days were different enough from each other that I was able to separate them in my mind.  My goal is to be consistent with JV Life Tracker, but this time catching up was doable.


Consistency is one of my top values.  Darren Hardy in The Compound Effect rates consistency as his top value as well and says it is one of his keys to success.  Of course, consistency in bad habits is not what we are talking about.  We want to develop consistent effective behaviors.  It seems that bipolar disorder is my biggest enemy when it comes to consistency.  However, if I develop consistency in taking my medication, going to counseling, getting social support, getting enough sleep, getting adequate nutrition, reducing stress, and doing my prayer and meditation, I can prevent future episodes.   For most of us with bipolar, that is challenging to do, especially consistently.  Let us do it though.  Let us do any behavior required for our success consistently.  JV Life Tracker is a tool you can use to develop consistency in your choice of behaviors.

Big Four

Since shortly after our marriage, I have been working on developing consistency with what I call my Big Four:
1.        JV Life Tracker
2.        Cronometer
3.        meditation
4.        journal
My journal has become a travel log for this journey on my blog, and I am developing consistency at posting an entry daily.  I have finished my meditation for today.  I am now leaving to see my husband at the rehab center.  I plan to get consistent about doing that as well.  However, I know I cannot be consistent about everything.


I stayed at the rehab center only four hours, following the plan I made Wednesday.  My husband did not complain.  He just gave me a kiss as I was leaving.  He went to the salon today and got his beard and mustache removed.   I could feel his lips as we kissed.  His son says he is talking better too.
I came home, had a few gluten-free crackers, sharp cheddar cheese, Romaine lettuce and tomatoes with olive oil, rice vinegar, and salt.   I have -22 calories in my budget.  I can usually lose in that range, even though my Cronometer is set to maintain weight.  I just need to fast until breakfast after eating dinner.


I am glad that I resumed keeping my Cronometer log.  It can not only help you lose weight, it can help you keep nutrients in balance that are important for mental health.  It also helps me manage my high blood pressure without medication.
While I was at the rehab center today, I felt fatigued.  Whether it was the sleep debt from being awakened by my husband, my reaction to driving, or not getting to bed early last night, I was, as Mom would say, “bushticated”.  I am planning to retire earlier tonight.  Wednesday, I took the day off from visiting my husband, but I was not able to sleep during the day even though I tried.  My mind and body have been on hyper-alert.
It has been less than two months since we married on August fifteenth.  I have been trying my best to be a good wife.  Perhaps I have strained myself.  I have also pushed myself with this blog.  It is fulfilling, but perhaps I do not need to write as much in a day as I do.  Now the challenges with my husband’s health are weighing on my mind, along with the very real possibility that we will have to live separately.  In addition, being away from almost all my possessions has caused me some stress, even though to some extent it has freed up my time to work on my blog.  Getting medical care for myself and my husband has involved some stress.

Nuts – Cashews and Walnuts

I took some nuts–cashews and walnuts to keep myself from eating too much of the wrong food.  I still had some of the rehab center’s food, but I kept it to a minimum.


Thankfully, I have one friend here now besides my husband, my neighbor across the hallway.  She is very sweet.  I have not yet figured out with what frequency I should visit her.  If I visit new friends too frequently, they sometimes stop being my friends.  She is 86 years old, but quite active.  She wants me to get involved in her social life.  I do not know how much I can do and take care of my husband too.  I would visit her right now, but I do not want to be in her hair.  Maybe I could do something nice for her.  The main thing she needs is rides, and right now I do not want to drive the jeep anywhere.  I do not think she wants to go out in the evening anyway.

Nuts for a Friend

She gave me a cup of peanuts yesterday.  I wonder if she would like some nuts.  I have a few.  What would be a good container for them?  There.  I used a large drinking cup, but I did not fill it completely full with walnuts, pecans, cashews, and pine nuts.  I could show her another blouse she gave me that I am wearing.

Saturday Morning

I visited my neighbor and took her a cup of nuts.  She started eating them right away.  She said she loved them.  We had a long visit.
I fasted from dinner until now.  I lost 1.5 pounds down to 118.3.  The only downside was that I was extremely tired last night.  I talked to Mom on the phone, and she recommended that I take the day off today as well.  I will have to see how I do this morning.

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