Friday, November 23rd, Day Eighty, Black Friday Bargains

Friday, November 23rd, Day Eighty, Black Friday Bargains

If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

Black Friday Morning


Black Friday Deadline

I was very tired most of the day.  We transacted a lot of business and did things in preparation for moving to our condo.  Black Friday is our last day to object based on the HOA (Home Owners Association) documents our realtor provided for us.  We told the realtor we had decided to go ahead with the sale even though the HOA will be raising its fees.


We bought a super-warm navy winter coat online from Eddie Bauer for my husband.  We got 50% off for Black Friday.  It should be delivered some time between next Thursday and the following Tuesday, which will be barely in time before our move.


I called my husband’s pharmacy.  They have to check with his doctors before they can refill his prescriptions.  They said they would call us back when that was done.  We are probably not going to hear from them today as it is Black Friday.

Black Friday Afternoon



We called a mattress place, looking for a Black Friday bargain.  They are having a sale all weekend.  They did not want to sell us a mattress over the phone, so we are planning to visit the store this weekend.

Physical Therapy

Kerri came and did physical therapy at 3:00 PM, even though it is Black Friday.  However, I did not watch the therapy this time.  I lay in the bedroom.  I was so tired.


We waited for my husband’s son to come with his wife and two small daughters.  Evening came, and he had still not come, so we called him.  He had lost track of time, hanging Christmas lights.   He had already booked most of the weekend, so we had difficulty scheduling a time for him to come.  We agreed to call him Saturday morning.

Black Friday Evening

We saved Black Friday evening by eating at the Fireside Restaurant with two elderly ladies.

Saturday Morning

I gained some weight from yesterday, but not as much as I feared.  I ate carrot cake at the restaurant last night and also had crackers and dip earlier in the day.

Breakfast with Family

This morning we are planning to meet my step-son and his family at the Flyin’ Bee Cafe for breakfast.  He is supposed to call any minute to let us know he is leaving.  The cafe closes at 9:30 AM for breakfast, so we do not have a great deal of time flexibility.
He called in time, and the six of us had a great breakfast visit.  We were able to feed everybody with four of our meal credits.  We are off to a great start this weekend!

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