Friday, November Second, Day Fifty-Nine, Transition

Friday, November Second, Day Fifty-Nine, Transition



Today is a day of getting ready for a major transition in our lives.
If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

A Realtor to Help Us Make the Transition

Today I have an appointment with a realtor.  I had hoped this would be the very condo we could live in for years, but at this point I am not as sure of that, perhaps not sure at all.  Are we ready to make this transition?
I want to have a great day anyway.

My Weight in a Time of Transition

My weight this morning went up to 121.1 pounds because of the crackers I ate last night.  I was emotionally upset last night, and I let it get to me.  Let me cut myself some slack during this time of transition.

My Neighbor, A Support During Transition

My neighbor, Jacque, (maybe not her real name) has been extremely kind to me.  She has been there for me as I have been in transition.  The only good thing about my husband having to do more therapy here is that I will probably see her again.  Perhaps I am being blessed in that way.  Let me see my blessings in every situation.
I still remember Corrie ten Boom from The Hiding Place, where the inmates of a concentration camp expressed gratitude for the fleas because it kept the guards from interfering with their Bible study.  Can there be a blessing in every situation?
Clothing While Making the Transition to a Different Weight
I ordered some larger underwear from Macey’s to make myself more comfortable.  I may be a while in transition before I am down to the size I want to be, and I may as well be comfortable in the meantime.
If you are losing weight to fit into your clothes, you may want to consider buying some new ones now, while you are losing weight.  Sadly, sometimes we cannot fit into our old clothes even when we get down to an old weight.  Besides that, the clothes are old.  We may desire a new, updated look.  It is advisable to look as good as we can through each notch of transition, and we will need the clothes again if we ever gain the weight back.  We will inevitably gain back some from time to time.  We can get our clothes secondhand, if we wish.  Fortunately Jacque and I wear the same size of top, and she has graciously given me some very nice clothing.
I remember a lady I saw once at a meeting who was quite overweight, but she was dressed splendidly in an elegant dress with eye-catching jewelry.  She looked great.  I could tell that she valued herself.  I commented on her looks, and she said she liked to dress up.
Dressing up may be a way to feel more confident, even if your weight loss is slow or non-existent.  Weight loss if done right is always a slow process, so let us make the most of our time in transition.

Transition from a Transport Chair to a Wheelchair

The therapy meeting participants assigned me to get a suitable wheelchair for my husband.  The chair he is using at the rehab center would be suitable.  I looked it up on the Internet.  Unfortunately there are so many different options I am not sure which to choose.
I once listened to a TED talk by Barry Schwartz called The Paradox of Choice.  Barry talks about the paralysis too many options can induce.  I have narrowed the wheelchair decision down to one brand and model, and there are still so many options to work out I cannot order it yet.
I think I will go back to the Loan Closet, from which I got our transport chair, and see if we can transition to a wheelchair comparable to what my husband is using in the rehab center.  The advantage of going there is that it will already be assembled.

Saturday Morning

My appointment with the realtor flowed better than a good dream.  He was cordial, energetic, friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to serve.  As he promised, he picked me up.  We looked at the unit twice and checked out the handicap ramp and parking situation.  Then he drove me to the rehab center and spent time talking to my husband.  He blocked out quite a lot of time for us, so he was not rushed.  He is going to make this time of transition much more pleasant for us.
Transition from A Retirement Community to A Condo
My husband is willing to consider buying a condo for us even before he finishes his therapy here at the retirement center.  That will save us from wasting our money on rent and give us a more permanent solution, which I really want.  The condo price is down with a softening in this wild Colorado real estate market.  It could be a very good time to buy and make this transition.
I found a transportation solution between the condo and retirement center that is more affordable than what I have been doing.  I think I can make the transition to the different service.  It will involve some walking, but that will be that much better for me, and I love to walk.  In the past, I have put almost as much mileage on my feet as I did in my car.
Making the Transition From My Utah Apartment to a Storage Facility in Colorado
Yesterday, I located a storage unit place that is very close to the condo, so I can move my things to Colorado and rent out my place in Utah.  They are the same company I used to store my things for a year in Utah.

Making the Transition from my Ebony Baby Grand to a Digital Piano

I talked to my mother about selling my black ebony Kawai baby grand piano.  I can buy a digital piano here that will take less space and not disturb the neighbors, or my husband.

Making the Transition By Using an Armoire for Some Of Our Closet Space

The condo is short on closet space.  We could buy an armoire and put it where an armoire currently is or in the bedroom.  The residents use an armoire for kitchen stuff; we would use one to hang clothing.  Let me price armoires.
They are a little pricey, but I found a pretty one right in this town on for about one-third of the price of a new one.  It is nicer looking too.  My realtor knows some good local movers that we could probably use to move it.
I may be getting a bit ahead of myself with everything.  However, I want to get a nest and settle down.  We are on a tight deadline to get me out of here.  If we do not choose the more permanent solution of a condo, I will need a hotel room or apartment for a time.  That may still be necessary for a while, depending on long our transition takes.

Getting My Husband Released Temporarily from the Rehab Center So We Can Make This Transition

Yesterday I asked the rehab center if we could take my husband out for one or two hours to look at a place for me to live.  They granted my request so we can make this transition.

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