Friday, November 16th, Day Seventy-Three, Dinner at the Fireside Restaurant

Friday, November 16th, Day Seventy-Three, Dinner at the Fireside Restaurant



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.
Today I figured out how to eat dinner at the Fireside Restaurant and still lose weight.


We have a moment to breathe in the flurry of getting things ready for our move.  I still have not settled on a mover, but Local Moving LLC in Denver has a 4.9 rating with 487 reviews.


My husband is going to sleep for the moment.  I am pretty tired.  I just located a store not far away that sells assembled wheelchairs.  I got some price quotes from them.

Fasting Until Dinner

I am starting to feel a bit hungry for lunch.  However, I have already eaten quite a lot, so I should probably wait until 3:00 PM to eat.  We are going to eat in the retirement complex restaurant with Jacque this evening at 5:00 PM.  I do not want to spoil my appetite for that.  I have 823 calories in my budget; I probably should save them for tonight and not even eat at 3:00 PM.
I have not fasted for a while, but I need to do it.

Physical Therapy

Now my husband is having physical therapy with Kerri.  She is super-nice.

Getting Ready for Dinner

I am now getting ready for dinner tonight (4:51 PM).  Jacque will probably be here right at 5:00 PM.  My husband has opted not to go.  He is exhausted from his therapy earlier today.  I fixed him something to eat before leaving.  I am feeling a little better than I did most of the day.

Step Son

My step son called and asked how we were doing on various things.  We have not told him about the condo.  We asked him to arrange our payment for this retirement complex.


The weekend is coming, and I feel a sense of relief.  I think I can take a breather this weekend and attend to my spiritual side.  I am so grateful we have made as much progress as we have at getting the condo.  Also, my husband still is not drinking, which allows him to make the progress I so much want for him.  I kept a record of my food in Cronometer today.




I returned from a sit-down dinner at the Fireside Restaurant and logged my meal as well as I could in Cronometer.  I actually ate within my calorie budget today.  Tonight, I did not have any breads or desserts.  My dinner was probably gluten-free.  I ate two servings of fruit: baked skinned apples and mixed fruit, including berries.  My meal included a serving of sweet potatoes, with a bit of butter and salt, and two skewers with beef, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers.  I also had a cup of tomato and spinach soup.  For a drink I had water.

Executive Director

The executive director walked up to me and talked to me before dinner when I was at the restaurant.  He asked how my husband was doing and if he was in rehab now.  He did not ask if I had plans for getting out of here.  Maybe he is going to give me a grace period.


Jacque invited me to go see a comedian with her tonight after dinner, but after we took the shuttle over to the arts and entertainment theater, we learned that the show is going to be two weeks from now instead.  We found the empty stage and walked behind it.  That was fun.  We returned on the shuttle.  That was fun too.  We visited with many people along the way.  Jacque is very popular.
I am so glad I went and so glad that for a change I did not overeat at dinner.

Sleep Medication

Mom called just a few minutes ago, asking if I got some sleep last night.  I told her that I had gone to bed without giving my husband his sleep medication and he had taken it!  He has it ready for tonight as well.

What I Want Right Now

If I can get a handle on my eating, if my husband can stay sober, if I can stay put together while we go through the process of moving, if I can get enough sleep, if I can resume this book/blog, if I can be supportive during my husband’s therapy, life would be wonderful.  It is already pretty good, but these things would be just “the thing.”
Once we get settled in the condo, our lifestyle will be different, but it will still be very good.  We will have covered parking.  That will be nice.  There will be restaurants within a short distance.  There will be a park nearby.

Saturday Morning

I lost half a pound last night.  I figured out how to eat dinner at the Fireside Restaurant:  lots of vegetables and fruits, no bread or desserts, and no sugary drinks.  I tried to fast through my snack time, but I did not quite make it.  However, the day turned out okay anyway.  I kept my afternoon snack to 167 calories.
I am ready for the weekend!

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