Friday, January 25th, Day 143, Goals

Friday, January 25th, Day 143, Goals



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One.

Cleaning Eyes

My eyes have been very sore the past three days.  I had started shampooing them daily as the doctor recommended.  However, abrasion from the procedure is causing my eyes to hurt like crazy.  My left eye has visual disturbances as well.  Last night, I decided not to clean my eyes before going to bed.  Now I wonder what I should do.  To clean or not to clean?  Both options have bad consequences.

Eye Infection

I may be able to go back to cleaning them every few days.  That worked tolerably well.  However, I would like to have them cleaner, as I have an eye infection that hurts quite a bit.  I have had antibiotic treatment, which cleared up the infection for a while, but it came back.  Right now, my eyes are hurting, but since I am writing, I do not notice it as much.
My husband has the same infection.  I presume I got it from him, in approximately 2010, when we were together.  He has it worse than I do, but it hurts him less, presumably because I am so sensitive.  There is no cure for it.  All I can do is shampoo my eyes frequently.  The question is how frequently can I stand it?


While I am puzzling over this, let me mention that I have studied more of Psycho-Cybernetics.  I understand that I have a goal-seeking, subconscious mechanism which if fed success goals, will lead me to success and if fed failure goals, will lead me to failure.  I have probably defeated my success mechanism in the past by having too many goals, and too many conflicting goals.  How can I get my goals lined up so they 1) take me where I want to go, and 2) do not conflict with each other?  Too many goals are automatically conflicting because I do not have sufficient time or energy to work on them all.

Two Goals with One Effort

I am reminded of my senior year of high school when I realized I could use my advanced composition term paper as my psychology term paper.  I did not have to write two papers, and I aced both classes.  I need goals that reinforce each other, and are even on the same topic.

One Effort, Many Related Goals

Right now, I am blogging about my weight loss goal and in the process fulfilling my goal to blog.  My weight loss has only partially happened, but it will, and I am learning so much about myself in the process.  I have blogged about my meditation goal, and in the process meditated.  So while writing my blog, I also fulfil my other goals as well as my overall goal to write.  Therefore, blogging is an important goal that I do not think I should let go of.
Values Governing Goals
I want to do even more with my blog, such as possibly create more recipes and include more graphics, but the important thing for me right now is to develop consistency with it, as consistency is one of my top values.  Creativity and organization are also top values.  I can develop creativity through writing my blog, and develop organization as I organize my blog entries and put them on
Maxwell Maltz says our primary goal is to have more life.  If I drive my weight down too far, my weight loss goals will conflict with survival.  Being connected to my husband is part of my survival strategy, so if I have goals that drive us apart, they will conflict with my goal of life.

Saturday Morning

BP sys
BP dia
Energy AM
Energy Afternoon
Energy Evening
My sodium level was even higher yesterday, but I got the RDA (4700 mg daily) of potassium.  My energy levels yesterday were higher and my blood pressure today was lower, probably because I took high blood pressure medicine on the twenty-fourth.  I will keep tabs.
My eyes feel better today, not all better, but they are tolerable.

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