Friday, December 28th, Day 115, Walls

Friday, December 28th, Day 115, Walls



If you would like to join me in this journey from the beginning, please start with Day One. Today, I feel perplexed about how to decorate the walls of this condo.


My husband and I worked together on a meal of red potatoes, 90% lean ground beef, olive oil, and onions. He cut the onions, and I sliced the potatoes with the Kitchen Kutter, using the waffle-cut blade. We seasoned it with rosemary, basil, oregano, salt, and pepper, and a dash of cayenne pepper. It was delicious.


Fortunately, my husband is satisfied with the way things are right now, even though we have empty and full boxes all over the condo, the laundry is behind, there are a lot of items that do not have homes, and the mail is piling up, including bills. My husband does not want to drill holes in the walls to hang pictures. Typically I hang a lot of things up. I am not sure whether to press for my way of doing things. I have especially wanted to hang up his diplomas for his bachelor’s degree in economics, his master’s degree in forestry, and his doctorate degree in economics, as well as his CPA certificate. He has all of these things beautifully framed, but has never put them on the walls. The walls of our condo are nearly perfect. Maybe it is not a good idea to disturb them.
Today, I had high hopes of getting everything caught up, but I went to bed twice during the day and slept for quite some time. I have been exhausted for so long. If you have followed my blog, you know what grinding, tiring stress I have been through. For over a month, we slept on the floor. Thrice since living in this condo, we slept on the floor again.

Saturday Morning

Last night and this morning, I spent some time catching up my blog and posting. For Thursday, I thought I would key word on “no progress,” but after re-reading my post, I realized I was making progress. I just needed to look at things from further back. I remember that day in the rehab center when I decided to consult a realtor. I asked the cook, Deborah, if she knew of any good realtors. She said she knew a good one. She connected me with Alex. After that it was a relative breeze to find a suitable place to live. There were hurdles, of course. The biggest hurdle was making it possible for my husband to look at this condo. The rehab center would not allow him to go see a place. We had to wait until he was released.

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